Killerspin JET 600 Review: The Ping Pong Paddle for 2021

Speed 90%
Spin 80%
Control 90%
Durability 90%

The Killerspin JET 600 is an impressive bat. If you are an intermediate or advanced player, you should really consider this paddle at all costs.

While it is true that you can opt for other paddles, you should still check the JET 600 first. It has exemplary features graded for tournaments and competitive plays.

It is better if you can see the construction and design of this unit. This review is dedicated to ensuring that you can get to know this high-octane ping pong paddle.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Ping Pong Paddle

In choosing a ping pong paddle, one should be aware of the nuances of different bats. This means that one paddle was constructed for attacking, while another one is for defending.

Here are some of the essential considerations that would determine the overall physiology of ping pong paddles.

Playing Style

Players who want to play aggressively should get light and rigid paddles. Their blades should be composed of five to seven layers of materials–the higher the number, the more impactful the paddles become.

You should also inspect the rubber of the paddle. A firm rubber is designed for aggressive playing style.

For players who specialize in defense should get a paddle with heavy blades. Moreover, the blade should be constructed from slightly soft material so that it can offer impact negation.

Of course, the rubber should be tacky and soft. Such a design will enable you to hold the ball for enhanced maneuvering.

Those who can either play offensively or defensively can get any paddle that they want. However, it would really be best if the paddle they acquire strikes the perfect balance between speed, power, and control.

After all, these players require optimal balance in their playing style.


Another deciding factor in choosing ping pong paddles is the grip. Specifically, the way you hold the handle influences the type of paddle that you should get.

Right now, there are two types of grips being used by players: Shakehand and Penhold.

A Shakehand grip is when you hold the handle like you are shaking hands; meanwhile, a Penhold is when you are holding the handle like you are about to write with a pen.

People who use the Shakehand grip are recommended to get a flared or straight handle. Those who are doing the Penhold should opt for an anatomical handle or the Chinese Penhold (CPen)

Introducing The Killerspin Jet600 Table Tennis Paddle

This time, let’s check out the capabilities of the Jet 600. This particular ping pong paddle is rated high by ping pong players because of its competition-grade qualities.

It features a 5-ply wooden blade construction, with an overall thickness of 6.00mm. It is incredibly compact and rigid so that it can provide a distinct balance between aggressiveness and control.

Moreover, it also utilizes the ergonomic Nitrx-4Z rubber that is oozing with tension. With this rubber, you can maximize your power output for stronger and more forceful shots.

Overall, you will like this paddle for its impressive craftsmanship. None of the materials feels shabby, and that’s an assurance you will really want from a ping pong paddle.

Killerspin Jet 600 Review


The handle of this paddle is an obvious testament to its overall quality. Its flared design suits well for players who specialize in Shakehand grip.

You can also see that the handle is not hollow. Hence, it is capable of resisting vibration and shock, enabling it to hit accurately regardless of how fast your game becomes.

Moreover, the handle is not difficult to hold. It has a smooth surface, which effectively prevents your palms from getting sore.


The ability of this paddle to make spins and loops is genuinely remarkable, thanks to its Nitrx 4Z rubber. Both blade sides are equipped with the rubber, which ensures its overall affinity to make powerful shots regardless of where you hit.

This rubber is known for its tackiness, which is essential for making spins. But at the same time, it has elevated tension, too, which means that it can bounce pretty hard.

If you are an aggressive player, you would really chase this kind of rubber. However, since it has a bouncy capability, amateurs have the difficulty of using this paddle.


The JET 600 is also known for its high-quality sponge. It works hand-in-hand with its rubber to ensure that it can maximize the rubber’s full potential to generate impactful smashes and looping spins.

The quality of its sponge is something that I expected from Killerspin. Most of their paddles are equipped with ergonomically-crafted sponges for optimal performance.

The sponge is attached to the blade and sponge with tautness. Unlike ordinary paddles, it doesn’t wear off easily.


The power of the JET 600 is definitely not as strong as other paddles out there. However, it still has a considerable amount of force to unleash.

The reason for this is quite simple: this unit only features a 5-ply wooden blade construction. Had it been constructed to be a 7-ply unit (a combination of carbon and wooden layers), this paddle would be downright peerless.

But just like I said, this minimal downside didn’t hold the paddle back. The compact 6.00-mm blade is still a useful arsenal for aggressive players.


The overall construction of this paddle is far from being flimsy. All the materials that we used on its setup are carefully chosen and tailored, ensuring that users won’t get disappointed.

The paddle is assembled by expert paddle makers. You will feel and experience the quality of their craftsmanship once you have taken hold of the JET 600.

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What many disliked about this paddle is its weight. Despite being a low-profile paddle, the JET 600 is somewhat heavy.

It is not actually that heavy, but for its size and design, its 8.8-ounce weight is quite surprising. You might need to practice with this paddle from time to time to get used to it.

Alternatives Table Tennis Rackets

An excellent alternative to the Jet 600 is the STIGA Supreme Performance. Just like the JET 600, this unit is an ITTF-approved paddle, which is suited for competitions.

The paddle has good construction. It also features a balance between its power, control, and speed.

Here are the key features of this paddle:

The JOOLA Blizzard & Blackout is a pair of table tennis paddles that are worth acquiring. Aside from their given quality, the paddles are also affordable considering that they come in a package!

These are the unique features of these paddles:


Speed 90%
Spin 80%
Control 90%
Durability 90%

The Killerspin JET 600 is definitely an awesome paddle. It offers a balance between speed and control, which makes it an excellent option for players that know a thing or two about the game already.

Trust me when I say that it is a paddle worth acquiring. It is a high-quality racket that is tailored for great ping pong games.

That’s it for now. If you have questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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