Top 12 Best Table Tennis Table Reviews for 2020 [Indoor & Outdoor]

What is ping pong without the best ping pong table?

You cannot play this game on any platform except in a high-grade, standard table. Of course, one should know that not all units sold in the market are the right option for you.

Fortunately, buying ping pong tables is not a daunting task. In fact, in this ping pong table reviews, I have listed all the finest choices that you have!

We’ll start with the best outdoor tables!

Best Ping Pong Tables - Outdoor Edition Reviews

best outdoor ping pong table

Playing ping pong outdoors? Then the following tables can suit your needs!


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Premium Pick


High-End Pick


Best Pick for Indoor Outdoor

Bouncing 100%
Material Quality 90%
Sturdy Frame 90%
Safety 90%
Durability 100%

Editor’s Pick

  • Comes with a professional-grade table surface thickness
  • Durable and outdoor-ready galvanized steel frame
  • Rugged casters and legs provide stability to the table
  • Enables impressive bounce consistency
  • Efficient and hassle-free storage and assembly
  • The table is undeniably heavy
  • The clamping system of the net requires improvement

The JOOLA NOVA offers an all-weather performance that only a few ping pong tables can match. It is a professional table that any outdoor players would really love!

The table features a 6-mm aluminum plastic composite surface, which is resistant to chipping and warping. The table top, aside from being durable, offers exceptional bounce quality because of its smoothness and flatness.

Its outdoor quality is further cemented due to the presence of caster wheels and leg levelers for easier transport in various terrains. The legs are made from powder-coated steel, so you can guarantee that it is tough and weather-resistant.

Of course, the table comes in a regulation dimension. Even if it has a halving design, its dimension is suite for professional applications, making it an excellent choice for serious players.

Meanwhile, all parts are constructed with safety in mind. The corners are covered, and the height is adjustable so that young players can play with it as well.

As I said, you can fold the halves of this table for compact storage and playback uses. Each of the halves has its trolley systems, which allows you to move them individually or when they attached together.

This ping pong table is pre-assembled already and will only require little time for its setup. It also includes a tournament standard net and post with a classic screw clamp that is suited for outdoor uses!

For outdoor, the JOOLA NOVA deemed to be an excellent option. Once you get it, you’ll realize that the things that I said about the table are all true!

Bouncing 90%
Material Quality 90%
Sturdy Frame 90%
Durability 100%
Ease of Assembly 90%


  • Features an all-weather performance
  • Flat table surface offers consistent bounce
  • Adjustable rubber levelers ensure an even playing surface regardless of the terrain
  • A high-quality net set included in the package
  • Frame durability is impressive
  • White outline on the table is easily scratched
  • The weight of the table is a burden

The STIGA XTR Outdoor is another excellent option for an outdoor ping pong table. This one features an aluminum table top that is capable of withstanding various weather conditions without getting damaged.

The construction of the table is durable, as can be seen on its thick surface. Furthermore, it is resistant to warping and rusting and features steel apron support.

Needless to say, the table top is downright playable. It optimizes the bounce quality every time you are playing with it.

Of course, the other parts of the table has been designed for outdoor usage. The 1.25-inch steel legs feature a set of welded cross brace, which improves its stability regardless of the terrain.

Meanwhile, there are rubber levelers that you can adjust to ensure that the table will attain a perfectly even playing surface. The self-opening feature was also integrated on table legs that automatically deploys whenever you are opening or closing the table.

It is entirely possible for the table to lock in place. After all, it has 3-inch lockable ball-bearing wheels. The wheels also enable the table to be transported anywhere without the need for you to lift it.

A standard, high-quality 72-inch net and post set with string tension adjustment also come with the table. The net is made from all-weather material for guaranteed durability, while the post has a threaded clamp attachment system.

When it comes to storage and assembly, you will not encounter any problems with this table. It can be adjusted in different positions, thanks to its halving design.

It is also notable that the table can flip flatly so that you don’t have to worry about your storage space. Of course, the assembly process for this table is not that arduous.

Whenever checking for an outdoor table tennis table, you should never miss adding the STIGA XTR Outdoor in your options. You’ll never regret doing it.

Bouncing 80%
Material Quality 80%
Sturdy Frame 80%
Safety 90%
Accessories Set 90%

Best Under 500 Pick

  • It features minimal assembly time
  • Affordable price matches high-quality assembly and construction
  • Ball-bearing wheels are lockable
  • Compact storage space-saving design
  • Playability is not affected by its size
  • Not as sturdy as other tables
  • The table top surface is susceptible to scratches

The best ping pong tables don’t have to be expensive. Of course, it is a notion that price determines the quality, but it is not always an absolute truth.

For instance, Harvil Outsider offers exceptional performance without killing you with its price. It has an affordable price but can ensure that each of your games is utterly satisfying.

The table is designed for outdoor use. The aluminum table top has an all-weather construction that further elevates the consistency of the bounce of the ball.

Furthermore, it has a table thickness that gives you the confidence that it’s not made to be flimsy. A powder-coated steel frame is supporting the entire tabletop, ensuring that the latter will not flop while you are using it.

However, one should know that the Harvil Outsider is a compact table. While it is true that the outdoors have no limit in space, this table was designed to accommodate players that are bothered by burly and heavy tables.

Other than that, you can ensure that the table has excellent portability and stability. It comes with lockable wheels that have a reliable size so that they can transport the table without sacrificing your convenience.

Because it can be folded, the table becomes a compact and storage-friendly table. The same feature also enables you to transition the table into a playback position if you want to practice your paddling and smashing skills.

One of the notable features included in this table is the vibrant lines that surround its tabletop. They help in establishing visible boundaries, regardless if it too bright or dim.

Assembly-wise, this price-friendly table will never give you a problem. It simply doesn’t have downtime in assembly, as compared to other cheap tables out there!

Therefore if you are looking for a ping portable for sale that has a balance in price and quality, the Harvil Outsider is an excellent choice. Meanwhile, if you are interested in the best ping pong table under 500, then you should check out this post!

Bouncing 100%
Material Quality 100%
Sturdy Frame 100%
Safety 90%
Durability 90%

Premium Pick

  • Good choice for people who prioritizes table stability
  • A tournament-grade net set included.
  • Adherent to the official size of professional of ping pong tables
  • Features strong frame and adjustable legs
  • Smooth table surface guarantees proper ball bouncing
  • Assembly time is quite exhausting
  • Undeniably heavy; shipping weight tells it all

Are you willing to spend big for a premium outdoor ping pong table? Then I recommend that you should check the Cornilleau 500M Crossover Outdoor Table.

The 500M Crossover is actually designed for extensive rallies. It’s a stable platform where balls can bounce the way they should be.

It has flawless playability because of it its tournament standard table thickness, which boosts its performance when in use. Moreover, it features a laminate table top surface with an anti-glare feature so that you can play on it even on sunny days.

The entire frame that supports this unit is definitely solid and durable. The galvanized steel legs are powder-coated so that it can resist warping, corrosion, and other damages that can be induced by the elements.

It is also noticeable that this table has curved legs. This innovative design allows better stability and placement in various outdoor terrains.

The legs with height adjustment feature ensure that despite its burly size, it’s versatile and can be used by any player height. Overall, I can consider as one of the finest regulation tables because of its strong but adjustable frame.

Meanwhile, the double wheels of this unit are significantly larger than other outdoor ping pong table. They are almost 8 inches tall, and feature notched tread so that they can traverse in various terrains without wearing out.

Surprisingly, the table has a halving design. This means that you can fold this table compact for a means of more convenient transport and more accessible storage.

Practicing for tournament plays and other professional leagues is really a good idea. After all, its foldable design ensures that you can do a single player playback mode!

Overall, I have nothing to say about the built of the 500M Crossover. It is insanely, beautiful, and functional at the same time!

For outdoor purposes, I consider it among the best options out there. Check it by yourself, and you’ll see that I am right!

Bouncing 90%
Material Quality 100%
Sturdy Frame 100%
Durability 100%
Height Adjustable 100%

High-End Pick

  • Designed to withstand various weather conditions
  • Comes with galvanized steel legs with height adjustment
  • Board surface is smooth, flat, and impervious to warping
  • Features include the essential accessories
  • Multi-functional ping pong table
  • Assembly instruction is confusing, especially for first-timers
  • The shipping weight of the table indicates that it's not easy to carry

Another outdoor model that you should see is this unit from Kettler Champ. This outdoor stationary table features excellent construction so that it can withstand the various elements.

The entire table has a waterproof aluminum composite, which also has a non-glare capability. Rain or shine, you can expect that this table is usable.

Durability and weatherproofing are among the best features that you can spot on this ping pong table. The presence of ALU-TEC climate control technology on the table ensures that the board will remain impervious against the harsh elements.

Needless to say, the flat and smooth surface of the tabletop enables consistent ball bounce. Meanwhile, the net and post that come with it are made from outdoor-friendly materials and feature a secure clamping mechanism.

Another impressive thing about this table is its sturdy frame. For instance, its galvanized steel legs are ultra-tough and can’t resist dents and corrosion. There is also a 2.25-inc resin apron that protects the entire frame from warping.

Despite its large size, you can still convert it to become a compact table. With its user-friendly and intuitive folding design, you can always flip it open or fold it close whenever you want it.

The mag wheels with locks of the Kettler Champ is coupled with a reliable locking mechanism so that it will become a highly stable platform for ping pong. Meanwhile, this thick table is surprisingly great for single player playback mode.

Aside from its easy assembly feature, this table also boasts complete accessories. It comes with ball holders, ball storage, paddles, and premium table cover to give convenience to its users.

While it’s true that the Kettler Champ is not the cheapest out there, I still consider it the best table. You should see this table and be mesmerized by its tournament-grade quality.

Get to know more tables from Kettler Champ in this review!

Bouncing 80%
Material Quality 90%
Sturdy Frame 100%
Safety 100%
Durability 90%

Best Pick for Indoor Outdoor Table Tennis Table

  • Engineered to become a weatherproof table
  • Ensures consistent and correct ball bounce
  • Extremely rugged frame with added support for enhanced stability
  • Provides fast and easy assembly
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor uses
  • The wheels are somewhat small; they can't traverse rugged terrains
  • The table surface is prone to developing air bubbles

The Killerspin MyT7 BlackStorm is more than just your ordinary ping pong table. The sleek but compelling design of this unit establishes its quality as one of the most elegant options that you have for an outdoor table.

This table thickness offers a bounce quality that cannot be replicated by most of its ordinary counterparts. Moreover, it provides unparalleled smoothness so that the ball can also go the trajectory that you want.

People will find this one as the right choice if they want convenience and functionality. Aside from being highly stable, it also portable due to the presence of caster wheels that can be locked in place.

The entire frame of the table, including the table top, are resistant to warping and deterioration. Even if the part of the table is exposed to the elements, there’s a guarantee that they would never be brittle or flimsy.

The steel legs are powder coated to maximize its strength in handling heavy loads. Moreover, below the board is an additional frame supports to ensure that it will not flip accidentally while in play.

Another admiring aspect of the table is its easy assembly. Being a pre-assembled unit, you only need approximately fifteen minutes to set it up.

Furthermore, it’s downright friendly to your kids and to anyone who has the height disadvantage. The legs have an adjustable feature so that anytime, it can cater to the needs of its players.

Let me reiterate that the table has a classy appeal, which is suited for indoor games and recreations, too. Players who are looking for an indoor outdoor table tennis table should seriously consider this unit.

Overall, this table from Killerspin has proven that it is worth acquiring. Try this table, and it will let you experience ping pong that you have never felt before!

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Best Indoor Table Tennis Table

table tennis table walmart

This ping pong table review won’t go on without me introducing the best indoor tables. See them now!


Product Names


Check Out

Editor’s Pick


Runner Up


 Best Under 200 Pick


Premium Pick

Best Pick For Indoor And Outdoor Use
Bouncing 100%
Material Quality 90%
Sturdy Frame 100%
Safety 100%
Height Adjustable 100%

Editor’s Pick

  • Minimal assembly time, as it is already pre-assembled
  • Absolutely flat and warp-resistant table surface
  • Individual tables can be used separately
  • Height-adjustable leg design
  • Comes with high-quality tube aprons for added stability and playability
  • This table is undeniably heavy
  • Folding mechanism is a little bit rough

Again, the STIGA Advantage takes the spotlight in these indoor ping pong tables reviews. One way or another, it is easy to say that this one of the best ping pong tables that exist today, and I have no qualms about it.

After all, the construction and quality of this unit have been proven in numerous games and competitions. It’s an perfect option for those who are looking for an indoor tennis table that offers consistent bounce and stability.

It also comes with a tournament-ready 72-inch net set that clamps to quickly and conveniently. The net also has tension adjustment to ensure its optimal performance while in play.s

Meanwhile, I can appreciate the fact that it comes with a safety latch system on its underside. This particular feature ensures that the table remains upright while preventing it from accidentally folding.

Needless to say, the quality of its frame and legs are downright impressive. The steel legs with height adjustment allow you to make the table become a playing platform for your kids and players with height issues.

Of course, the construction of its 5/8-inch tabletop has been impressive. Not only it has been made durable, but it also has been coated repeatedly so that it can achieve optimal smoothness and flatness.

The STIGA Advantage can serve various purposes. You can use it for playback mode or for other recreational uses.

Check out this article and see how it can put you at the top of your game.

Bouncing 100%
Material Quality 90%
Durability 90%
Ease of Assembly 100%
Height Adjustable 100%


  • Features quick and easy assembly despite its size
  • Complete with all the essential ping pong accessories
  • Highly stable and not susceptible to accidental collapsing
  • The frame and legs have a sturdy built
  • Table surface is smooth for guaranteed bounce consistency
  • The bolts in the legs are difficult to screw on
  • The edges of the table only have minimal protection

In this guide to the best table tennis table, we have seen a lot of tournament-worthy options. But I bet that they will never be complete unless the JOOLA Inside Table is included.

There are several high-quality features included in this unit, which in general, improved its playability and stability. The table board is tailored from authentic MDF, which, in a sense, optimize the trajectory and bounce of the ball.

I should also not forget that this table is available in different thicknesses. If you have a particular preference in the table thickness, the JOOLA Inside should be able to accommodate you.

One should know that despite being a regulation size table, this unit is still suitable for various indoor uses such as in your office, home, or recreation facility. Overall, its playability has been approved and recognized by USATT.

Durability-wise, the JOOLA Inside was made to be tough and resistant to various damages. Its frame, for instance, is capable of supporting heavy loads without collapsing.

The undercarriage of the table includes foldable 1.5-inch steel legs and a set of locking wheels. When deployed, the table remains to be an immovable platform that makes it ideal for intense rallies.

To improve its stability even further, the table has employed a safety latch system on its underside. This component keeps the table from free from accidental collapse.

This might not be a compact table, but you can always fold it so that it can be compact enough for storage. Again, just like the other tables here, you can fold and convert it to a playback position.

As a ping pong table for sale, the JOOLA Inside offers professional construction and user-friendly performance at a price range that doesn’t rip your wallet. You should check this one right now!

Bouncing 80%
Material Quality 80%
Sturdy Frame 90%
Safety 90%
Ease of Assembly 90%

 Best Under 200 Pick

  • Assembly time is non-existent; it's fully assembled already
  • Frame and legs have decent durability
  • Includes a complete ping pong net set
  • Tabletop is not lacking in surface thickness for optimal bounce
  • Fully compact indoor table tennis table
  • The locking mechanism of the legs requires improvement
  • Not as durable as other units here

Are you looking for a compact table that can give you the best value for money? Then the JOOLA Midsize is the perfect choice for you!

Of course, all of us here are no longer strangers when it comes to the quality of the tables manufactured by this brand. The JOOLA Midsize, for instance, offers full functionality despite having downsized dimensions.

Among all the indoor models out there, Midsize is the one that provides maximum playability, thanks to its high-quality table top construction. It guarantees correct and clean bounces every time your ball hits the surface.

Despite being a regulation unit, this table was built for kids and teenagers who want to learn the ropes of ping pong. Therefore, it is quite understandable that there are no height adjustments on its legs.

Of course, I am not saying that this indoor ping pong table has the toughest construction out there. But definitely, I can assure you that it’s durable, and all of its components, especially the frame, have decent build.

Among the cheap tables out there, it is quite amusing that the JOOLA Midsize belongs to the few that come fully assembled. It simply cuts the chase-allowing you to play whenever you want it.

Since the table can be halved, storing it is definitely a breeze. It’s a beautiful design that emphasizes its intent to cater to users that have limited storage space.

The JOOLA Midsize struck the perfect balance between simplicity and functionality. Seize the opportunity to bring home this ping pong table now!

Bouncing 100%
Material Quality 100%
Sturdy Frame 90%
Safety 90%
Accessories Set 100%

High-End Pick

  • Possesses high levels of stability especially on indoors
  • Enables consistency in the bounce and trajectory of the ball
  • Table board is sturdy and mark-resistant
  • Includes complete ping pong accessories
  • Guaranteed hassle-free assembly
  • Doesn't have height adjustment
  • The entire table requires a large storage room

This indoor tennis tables review will also showcase some of the most impressive tables in the higher price range. The first one that I’m going to introduce in this category is the Killerspin Revolution SVR Red1.

This table has caught the attention of many because of its solid construction, functional design, and user-friendly assembly. It doesn’t fail in any aspect, especially in giving you a platform where you can play conveniently and freely.

One of the most alluring aspects of this table is its frame. Specifically, the latter is attached to an arched aluminum base, which allows it to become extremely stable and flat.

Of course, with such kind of design, you can expect that this one doesn’t have height adjustment. But in exchange, it allows players to play in an unmoving table.

Meanwhile, the board of this table is noticeably thick. It is also made from high-quality material, which has been further refined so that it can resist warping, bubbling, and denting.

Playing with this professional indoor table tennis table is definitely worth looking forward to. The surface of the table is purely smooth so that every hit you make, the ball will bounce the way you want it to be.

Also, it is a good thing to know that it comes with the essential accessories for playing. It got a good net-and-post set, table-cover, and ball holders.

The board can be separated into half in just a matter of seconds. With its bolt-lock mechanism, attaching and detaching the table are relatively straightforward tasks.

While it’s true that the table is quite difficult to store because of its given design, it is compensated by its impressive build and quality. It is the among the best ping pong tables that I’ve tried, and you should experience it, too!

Bouncing 90%
Material Quality 90%
Sturdy Frame 100%
Safety 90%
Durability 100%

High-End Pick

  • Features an ITTF-approved tournament-ready construction
  • Can be delivered fully assembled
  • Includes the high-quality Europa net set
  • The ball bounces correctly and consistency on it
  • Legs can be adjusted individually for outdoor use
  • Requires muscles when transporting the table because of its weight
  • You need ample storage space for this table

It is quite understandable that the ping pong table prices are part of our biggest considerations. Some can afford expensive units, while others can’t, right?

But for people that are looking for the “best value for money,” they should never fear to spend a little more. For instance, the Butterfly Centrefold 25 might not be exactly cheap, but it can give you a performance that is worth every penny you have.

This indoor table tennis table features a 1-inch tabletop, which is ITTF approved. This means that it is a tournament-ready platform because it can provide a consistent and reliable bounce.

Getting this table leveled is quite easy, too. This is due to the presence of individual height adjusters on each of the outer legs.

These features alone justify the claim of many players that this unit is among the best indoor table tennis tables that exist in the market today. It simply has the playability and stability that are needed for a competition-ready table.

Of all the indoor models here, this one is among the few that offer fold-and-roll design for easier storage and setup. With its safety latch system, this unit can be opened or closed without the fear of it suddenly crashing or collapsing.

In fact, I cannot blame some people if they see this unit as an indoor outdoor table tennis table. After all, stability and adjustability are not only its strongest points; its weatherproof construction also makes it great!

The Butterfly Centrefold did not disappoint when it comes to its assembly. The instructions are not fuzzy, and most of its parts are already factory-assembled.

You can transport the table anywhere, too, with the presence of large locking wheels. Essential ping pong accessories, including the net and posts, are also included.

Choose this table now, and you will never regret spending on it!

Bouncing 90%
Material Quality 90%
Sturdy Frame 90%
Safety 100%
Durability 80%

Best Pick For Indoor And Outdoor Use

  • Premium table board construction for enhanced playability
  • Extremely stable in both outdoor and indoor setup
  • Locking wheels ensures that you can transport it anywhere
  • Legs have individual height adjustments
  • Assembly is minimal and not time-consuming
  • One of the heaviest tables out there
  • Difficult to clean

The Cornilleau – 500 Indoor Table is another “best value for money” option here. Primarily, the table was designed for indoor uses, but because it has excellent stability and portability, many used it for outdoor purposes as well.

One of the most noticeable aspects of this table is its durable frame. It is sturdy and provides seamless support to the table through its locking mechanism.

You can notice that the frame, including the galvanized steel legs, has an arched shape. This kind of setup doubled the stable level of the table regardless of where you are going to put it.

When you are it, the board of this table will give you an excellent time playing. The table is made from a high-density chipboard that has been refined so that it can become a reliable and fluid platform for ping pong.

These features alone justify the claim of many players that this unit is among the best indoor table tennis tables that exist in the market today. It simply has the playability and stability that are needed for a competition-ready table.

Of all the indoor models here, this one is among the few that offer fold-and-roll design for easier storage and setup. With its safety latch system, this unit can be opened or closed without the fear of it suddenly crashing or collapsing.

Since the table can be folded, you don’t need to fret too much about its storage. This mechanism also enables you to turn it into its playback mode–a feature necessary for players who want to hone their ping pong skills.

Don’t feel daunted if the table looks like it has a complicated setup. Honestly, it is just a breeze to assemble it; most parts are already are factory attached, and only minimal installations are required.

With its versatility and high-quality build, it is not a surprise if many professionals are in love with it. I think this is the right time that you should try this table, too!

Why Should We Play Table Tennis?

In this guide to the best ing pong tables, I have highlighted all the finest options that you have for this particular sports amenity. As you have seen, the market is flourishing with these tables, and your selection is not actually limited.

However, only a few people have ever thought of the benefits of table tennis or ping pong in general. Is this sport really worth delving into?

Well, here are some reasons that might compel you to jump into the bandwagon.

fold up ping pong tables

It Is Free For Everyone

You don’t really have to become a technically or physically gifted person to play table tennis. This is a sport that is open for everyone (from young kids to elderly people)!

If you are looking for a way to be active but shy away to most sports, then table tennis is the best option for you. You will love every second you spend on this game!

It Is A Social Game

One of the biggest perks of table tennis for me is that it allows people to interact and have fun together. You can play with anyone in the table–literally!

The game doesn’t discriminate anyone; even if you are a kid that wants to play with a pro, nobody will bat an eye. You don’t have to step-up your game just to have fun with your paddles.

After all, table tennis is something that is designed for people to have fun in the first place. You can play it with your friends, family members, co-workers, or even with a stranger you just met!

A Good Way To Stay Fit

Of course, table tennis and ping pong are among the sports that can help you stay in shape. It has a lot of health benefits, especially in improving your cardiovascular health and burning your fats.

Furthermore, table tennis is also an excellent way to exercise every joint and muscle of your body. The sport will help tone your body so that it will not rot even as you age.

Compared to other sports, there’s a minimal chance that you’ll get injuries while playing. For me, that’s a solid reason to be involved in this wonderful sport!

It Is Mentally Uplifting

Just like any other sports, table tennis can help your brain feel sharper.

While it is true that it is not an intellectual exercise, table tennis can still improve your brain’s mental work. After all, table tennis incorporates planning and strategies on its equation.

With that being said, this particular sport can also relieve your stress and worries inside your head. You will immediately feel relief and excitement the moment you hit that ball!

Here is a TedTalk video that explains the benefits of table tennis!

Considerations In Choosing The Best Ping Pong Table

size of a ping pong table

Now, it’s time to decide to invest in this sport, one of your priorities is to acquire a table where you can play with your balls and rackets. Having a well-made table tennis table can make a huge difference in your playing experience.

If you want to avoid these inconveniences, the following considerations should always be taken into account.

Indoor or Outdoor

Where do you usually play? Or where do you want to play ping pong?

Do you want to do it outside where space is limitless? Or do you want to play inside the comforts of your home or office?

Regardless of your preferences, there are ping pong tables that can suit your needs. As you have seen already, this particular post was divided into two sections: one for outdoor tables and one for indoor units.

However, this doesn’t mean that there are no “hybrids” in the realm of tables. You can always get an indoor and outdoor model to improve your versatility without taxing your pocket (you don’t need to spend on two separate tables).

The Stiga ST3100 is one of the exceptional tables that can suit indoor or outdoor uses. Discover more about it here!

Space To Play

Of course, space is always a consideration whenever you are playing for ping pong or table tennis. Even if it is true that this sport doesn’t require a full-size basketball court, ample space is necessary for you to be able to play it conveniently.

If you are going to put the tables outdoors, then there should be no problem. However, if you deem that your recreational space is somehow limited, you should get a compact unit instead.

Level of Experience

If you are still an amateur, it is quite alright to acquire entry-level units. As long as the construction of the critical components (e.g., table board and frame) are great, then the table is worth getting.

People who are experienced in this sport will prefer those tables that are highly stable, secure, and playable. They will look for units that have an excellent net-post system, flat tabletop surfaces, and complete accessories.

Here’s an instructional video that shows the basics of ping pong!

Height of Player

You need to realize that not all tables out there can match your height requirements. Some units might be too tall, while others might be too short.

Therefore, if you want to exclude height as a deterrence to your plays, make sure that the table comes with a height adjustment setting. Specifically, this component is typically installed in the legs of the table or to its frame.


For me, your budget is the ultimate factor that decides the kind of ping pong table you can get.

I have seen people search for the term “ping pong tables cheapest” over various search engines, and that’s quite understandable. After all, there’s nothing wrong if you want to be frugal–even to your guilty pleasures.

If you are searching for the cheapest tables, check this post now!

New or used ping pong table? My rule is pretty simple when it comes to this matter.

Get a used table tennis table if it is still in good condition. As long as there are no parts that are deteriorated or damaged, you can always opt for a pre-used option.

How To Choose The Best Table Tennis Table?​

table tennis tables for sale


Whether you are a simple hobbyist or someone who wants to become good in the game, it would really be great if you can get a standard size table. The latter can give you an enjoyable playing experience without experiencing limitations or awkwardness.

But at the same time, I know that not all of you have the space to accommodate tournament-size units. Fortunately, opting for a compact option still remains a decent route to take.

This post from KingKongPong showcased some of the most admirable mini ping pong tables! See them now!


We want a thick table because it is the one that is not susceptible to warping and faulty bounces. But how thick is thick?

In tournament specifications, a table tennis table should have a minimum thickness of 1/2 inch to 1 inch. Meanwhile, the playing surface should be at least 3/4 inch thick.


best outdoor table tennis table

The material of the table should be of high-quality. A poorly-made table will just be a sorry excuse for a table.

For indoor uses, I do recommend that you get a table that has been made from a medium density board with a high resin percentage. This is the one that can give you excellent bounce without being too brittle or susceptible to warping.

For outdoor uses, I suggest that you get a table that is made from aluminum. The latter is weatherproof and resilient to the volatile weather conditions and other harsh elements.


If you don’t want to have a bad time, make sure that your table is sturdy.

Specifically, the sturdiness of the table is directly related to how its frame and support are made. Make sure that the frame is tailored from sturdy material (e.g, steel) and must have a protective coating so that it doesn’t warp or get dented easily


If you are not entirely familiar with the process of assembling a table tennis table, you should avoid those that have a DIY setup. Doing so will help you prevent accidental damages to the table (if you are clueless about what to do).

Instead, get those units that are pre-assembled or fully assembled already. They can give you the convenience that you deserve.

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The ease of assembly also includes the smoothness of its storage. A table that can be disassembled and folded without any issues is definitely worthy of your attention.


Playing table tennis or ping pong is definitely enjoyable. But you shouldn’t disregard your protection here.

Of course, the risk in this sport is virtually minimal. It can get risky if you have a terrible and poorly made table because the latter will never give you an assurance.

Make sure that the table edges have protective covers. When left exposed, they can harm players, especially small kids.

Also, the frame should have a reliable locking mechanism. It should not collapse accidentally while you are using it.

Furthermore, the base (including the wheels) should be immovable. If it wobbles, then it simply screaming the fact that it is not safe for use.


The durability of the table speaks about its structural against the test of time and some other elements. At this point, you would need a table that has self-protective capabilities.

A good example is the powder coating of the frame or the finishing of the table surface. Also, you should consider getting a cover for the table that can keep the item from various harms.

Check the best covers for your ping pong table right here:


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How would you know if you are getting the most out of your money whenever purchasing for a ping pong table? For me, it is the completeness of the “package.”

When buying a table tennis table, one should realize that it is not only the table that is included in the deal. Essential accessories should be part of it, as well.

One of the crucial amenities that should come with the item is the table tennis net for table. Specifically, the net and the post should be tailored from high-quality materials and should feature exceptional clamping and adjustment mechanism.

Aside from this, it would also be great if the table comes with ball storage, paddle brackets, and even covers. Most high-quality brand tables have these things included.

Tips To Care Of A Ping Pong Table

Here are some good ways to take care of a ping pong table.

  • First, you need to clean it regularly. The cleaner it is, the less susceptible it is to damage.
  • Never step, sit, or lie in the table board. While it is true that the table is sturdy, it is not designed to be used in any of those ways.
  • Have proper storage for the table. If you are going to invest in this item, make sure that you can house it properly as well.
  • When assembling the table, make sure that you follow the instructions religiously. Skip a step, and your table will not be conducive for playing ping pong.
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Wrapping it Up​

At this point, I am pretty sure that you have learned a lot about these ping pong tables. With this guide I made, I am hoping that you can make the selection by usefully and end up with a unit that you are satisfied with it.

In my opinion, I am confident that I have listed all the best ping pong table reviews here. However, if you have some additions or other extra thoughts in your head, then feel free to share them in the comment section below.

I will be more than happy to help you out!

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