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Hello everyone, I’m Daniel Truong, the mind and hands behind the King Kong Pong!

Right now, I’m in my mid-20s, and hopefully, I won’t grow any older. But kidding aside, we know that’s impossible. Living in Seattle, Washington, has made my life enjoyable, so I feel younger at the very least.

But one of the things that makes my body young, and fresh is playing ping pong. Seriously, this sport is incredible–both for my mind and body.

Of course, my endeavour for this game led me to create this blog. Here, I think that I can encourage people to try to play table tennis. 

Moreover, it is an excellent way to introduce you to some of the ins and outs of the sport, including proper techniques and selection of equipment.

Many of you might be curious as to how I got into ping pong. Well, I won’t be specific about the details by I’ll give you some important milestones in my journey with this sport. 

My dad taught me how to play ping pong when I was nine. It was on my birthday when he gifted me a basic ping pong set: a table, paddle, and some balls.

Of course, at first, I was quite reluctant to play. But after several days, I realized that I was being “absorbed” by the game.

I began to enjoy the game. I always look forward to holding my paddle after I come back from school. 

Soon, I began to start some formal training. My grade school gym teacher is quite good at the sport, so he was able to teach me some techniques as well. 

Years passed, and I started to join some competitions during my middle school and high school years. Although it is true that I don’t have a blazing career back then, I was still able to win some of those school-based tournaments. 

However, some unfortunate incident took place when I was 17. While I was on my way to my training center, I got involved in some minor vehicular accident. Sadly, that my left leg broke. Although I kept telling myself that I was okay, things are already different. Doing my usual serves became hard, which eventually pushed me to retire early in my dream to become a professional player. 

But don’t fret. I still play ping pong even after that. I just stepped out from the competitive scene. I still play the game during my free time for recreation, exercise, or whenever I am feeling stressed and bored.

Sure enough, I want you to feel the same enjoyment that I do when holding a paddle and ball. The intensity that a fast-pace rally can give is definitely riveting to the senses. 

By playing this sport, I was able to make good friends and long-time acquaintances. And even if I rarely go to the gym, I feel that I’m quite physically fit. Without any sense of boasting, my body is lean and agile due to this sport. 

The sport shaped me to become a better person. I learned how to become patient and focused on everything that I do. The discipline that ping pong gave me allowed me to succeed in my academics and other endeavours in my life.

For me, ping pong is also a great way to relieve stress. Whenever there’s a lot of strain in my workplace, A quick break with this game and I feel fine and motivated again.

As I said, this blog was created because I still have a strong passion for the sport. And I know that you people are feeling the same, too.


Therefore, if you are interested in the ping pong or if you are already playing but want to be a part of my growing community, you are free to join and subscribe in my blog!

The KingKongPong is a website dedicated for every ping pong enthusiast and individuals that are interested in learning the sport. It is the culmination of all the skills, experience, and knowledge that I acquired over the years of playing ping pong.

Here, people will get to learn all the fundamentals about the game. I also taught in this blog some of the essential skills that you need to master so that you can improve in ping pong.

I want to emphasize as well that the proper gears can make a difference in your performance. Hence, don’t be surprised if I included a myriad of gear reviews on this site. Don’t worry. They are there to help you out. 

So what are you waiting for? Explore KingKongPong now!