Ping Pong 101: What Material Ping Pong Tables Made of? [Infographic]

What are ping pong tables made of?

I am pretty sure that many of you have asked this question already. Of course, if you are invested in this game, a point will come where you’ll be curious enough to know specifics about your gears and equipment.

But for me, knowing this stuff is crucial, since it sharpens your senses in the art of choosing a high-quality table. Read on this following infographic to learn more about this important matter.

Here’s my take on the ping pong materials insights from the infographic:

One of the most important aspects of a ping pong table is the table itself. You can call it the board, panel, or whatever you want.

Of course, you can’t just choose ordinary or random ping pong table materials. When the International Table Tennis Federation indicated that the ball should bounce at least 23 cm when it is dropped from the height of 30 cm, manufacturers realized that bounce quality is a must.

The material used in the construction of the ping pong table is crucial for this matter.

For ping pong table materials for indoor use are either plywood, particleboard, and medium-density fiberboard.

For outdoor tables, you can see table boards that are either made from metal, concrete, fiberglass, or plastic.

Meanwhile, here are some of the finest ping pong tables out there and the materials used on their tabletops.




Thickness Of The Table

Aside from the material being used in the table board, its thickness also matters. One way or another, you have to realize that thin table boards will not generate enough bounce.

I am not saying that the table board should be extremely thick. Basically, the minimum thickness of the table should be 12 mm while the maximum is 30 mm or 1 inch.

The best units of ping pong tables that I know have a board thickness that plays between 25 mm to 30 mm.


Another essential aspect of ping pong tables is their frame. When the frame is weak, the table gets wobbly and shaky, which is not a good thing, especially for sports like ping pong.

Stability is crucial in the playability of a ping pong table. Therefore, you need to get a table that has a frame that can work like an unmoving rock–once mounted, it will never move at all!


The undercarriage is the one that supports the table board from below. It is expected that the construction of this component should be durable and robust.

Inexpensive tables have aluminum undercarriage. This material might sound tough, but it is actually shaky and susceptible to wearing off.

It would be best if you get a table that has an undercarriage made from heavy-steel tubing for unquestionable durability and stability. If possible, they should have powder-coating to resist any form of deterioration.


When it comes to the legs, durability and sturdiness are also necessary. Even if they shake a little, they could already compromise your game pretty bad.

Fortunately, it is not that hard to distinguish a set of poorly-made legs from high-quality ones. You just need these legs to have a tubular construction.

Furthermore, they should be made from heavy-gauge steel with powder-coating. This specification enables the legs to withstand constant use and abuse without losing their quality.

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Paint Type

One important aspect that we need to discuss to further elucidate the question “what are ping pong tables made of?” is the paint used on this particular equipment.

Paint Color And Gloss

Painting the table is a must, according to the regulations given by the ITFF. And it is not just about aesthetics.

The table has to be painted to improve the smoothness of the playing surface. As much as possible, it should have a matte finish with 60 degrees specular gloss to ensure that the ball will bounce correctly with it.

The standard paint color is either green or blue. They should be dark enough to provide better visual contrast.

Paint Color And Gloss

Keep in mind that alkyd paint is the usual type of paint that is being used to ping pong tables. They can provide extra smoothness and sufficient resistance against abrasion.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that the legs of a ping pong table are generally not painted. It is enough that they have powder-coating to guarantee that they will not rust or corrode.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, they are not. As what you have read here, each of these layouts has a different construction to ensure that you can use them conveniently in their intended settings.

For instance, indoor ping pong tables should have a wooden or composite construction, such as MDF. Meanwhile, outdoor tables have to be sufficiently rugged and weather-resistant so they have to be made from metals such as aluminum.

Either way, you’ll just know the importance of this difference whenever you played in both settings already. I just suggest that you get the right type of table for your intended application.

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Ping pong nets can be made from different materials. Examples are synthetic plastic, cotton cloth, and nylon mesh.

Regardless of the material, you need to ensure that the construction of the net is durable and taut. You need them to be slightly flexible, too, so that when you adjust them, they won’t tear.

Aside from its construction, you should check the adjustment and clamping mechanisms of the net. You will never want a net that you cannot adjust or difficult to install.

Here are some examples of those high-quality nets:

Absolutely! Even if you are indoors, you need to clad your ping pong table with an encompassing table cover. Usually, they are made from polyester or other similar materials.

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You have already explored what are ping pong tables made of. Next time you choose a ping pong table, make sure that you follow all the recommendations that I listed here.

Your search for the most suitable ping pong table will be a lot easier if you keep these critical details in your mind!

That’s it for now. If you have questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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