Top 5 Best Sportcraft Ping Pong Tables in 2020

When it comes to ping pong, having good table matters. After all, you’ll never enjoy the sport if your playing platform has poor construction and inadequate features.

The Sportcraft ping pong tables are an excellent fit to satisfy this need. These tables feature have been engineered to ensure that players like you and me can play ping pong without a fuss!

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Editor’s Pick


PX400 4-Piece




Game Master 2-Piece

Best Pick For Stability

AMD Fury


Top 5 Best Sportcraft Ping Pong Table Reviews

Table Surface 100%
Material Quality 90%
Frame And Wheel 90%
Portability 80%
Accessories Set 80%

Editor’s Pick

  • Compliant to the standards of ITTF
  • Offers a sturdy undercarriage for optimal stability
  • Comes with locking caster wheels for ease of transport
  • Features a smooth and flat playing surface
  • Includes a PVC apron for added support on the board
  • Does not come with height adjustment
  • It is difficult to store

I can’t help but adore the VICTORY Table Tennis Table of Sportcraft the moment I saw it. Even without inspecting its parts, I was sure that it is a high-end unit that will never disappoint.

The table board is smooth and flat. There are no flaws, and it is not susceptible to warping and scratches either.

The undercarriage of the VICTORY Ping Pong Table is notably rugged and durable. The legs bend slightly so that they provide more ground stability, which is highly crucial for the sport.

Get the Sportcraft VICTORY now!

Sportcraft PX400 4-Piece Table Tennis Table

Table Surface 90%
Material Quality 90%
Frame And Wheel 80%
Portability 90%
Accessories Set 90%
  • Offers a sturdy undercarriage
  • Can be folded easily in half
  • Comes with smooth-rolling lockable caster wheels
  • Includes net-and-post, paddles, and balls
  • Tournament-size ping pong table
  • Assembly process is difficult
  • It is somewhat heavy

Another Sportcraft ping pong table that you should see is the PX400. This one has been received well in the market, considering that it has tournament-grade specifications that ensure enhanced playability whenever you use it.

Just like the Sportcraft VICTORY, this table offers a smooth table board for guaranteed bounce consistency. Moreover, it can be folded easily, too, for playback and storage needs.

You’ll love the fact that this unit has aprons that sustain the stability and sturdiness of the board while you are using it. There are also caps on the corner, too, so that unwanted injuries won’t happen.

Getting the Sportcraft PX400 will be a great investment in your part. It is a high-grade ping pong table that can handle fast and intensive rallies!

Sportcraft Pipeline Table Tennis Table

Table Surface 90%
Material Quality 70%
Frame And Wheel 80%
Portability 90%
Accessories Set 90%


  • Includes a highly responsive playing surface for spins and bounces
  • Sturdy undercarriage provides stability
  • Complete with basic ping pong accessories
  • Table edges are capped
  • Caster wheels are lockable
  • The frame is not as durable as other Sportcraft tables
  • Assembly instructions are still not good

You’ll be surprised that the Sportcraft Pipeline is a ping pong table that you can acquire for less than a hundred bucks. But at the same time, it can awe you as well its unmatched quality.

The table features a thick and durable table board. Hit your ball on its surface, and you can guarantee that it will bounce that you expect it to be.

Specifically, the playing surface of the Pipeline is 100% laminated and integrated with a textured layer. This setup allows the board to become a platform for dynamic bounces and technical spin shots.

So what are you waiting for? See the Sportcraft Pipeline now!

Sportcraft Game Master 2-Piece

Table Surface 100%
Material Quality 90%
Frame And Wheel 90%
Portability 80%
Accessories Set 80%


  • Superb undercarriage durability
  • Comes with a thick and rugged table board
  • Ensures stability
  • Can be folded compactly
  • Playback mode is not as quirky as other Sportcraft tables
  • It is heavy
  • Requires two or more people before it can be assembled

The Sportcraft Game Master was designed to take the sport to a whole new level. This heavy-duty unit is packed with features that guarantee its playability, especially during matches and competitions.

The table excels in providing a good bounce to your ball. The playing surface is smooth and flat; whenever the ball hits here, it will bounce with precision and accuracy.

Furthermore, the table board is extra thick. Aside from the bounce consistency, the thickness of the board ensures that it will remain durable and impervious to various kinds of damages.

Get this table and be amazed by its qualities!

Sportcraft AMF Fury Table Tennis Table

Table Surface 90%
Material Quality 90%
Frame And Wheel 90%
Portability 70%
Accessories Set 70%
Best Pick For Stability
  • Excellent stability, especially when placed indoors
  • All parts are rugged
  • Edges are covered in caps to protect players from injuries
  • Includes eight locking caster wheels
  • Great bounce consistency
  • Does not include replacement parts
  • Remains to be a heavy unit

When it comes to stability, the Sportcraft AMF Fury is indeed the finest choice. This unit features an extra thick frame and legs, which indicates that it is ideal for competitive plays.

It also comes with eight locking caster wheels that maximize its portability — moving it from one play to another will just be a breeze.

Meanwhile, the playability of this table is great. The table surface has a full laminate for enhanced bounce consistency.

The board has a notable thickness and is supported by sturdy aprons. Once assembled, it will never collapse at all.

Check the AMF Fury now!

An Overview Of Sportcraft

Sportcraft is a known manufacturer of various sporting goods–ranging from ping pong tables to utilities for various tailgate games. Established in the United States, Sportcraft has been consistent in creating high-quality sport-related amenities.

The units that have been listed here are among the best Sportcraft table tennis tables so far. It would really be great if you can check them out.

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How To Choose The Best Sportcraft Table Tennis Table?


A ping pong table, regardless of its brand, has to have a thick table board. The International Table Tennis Federation specified that tables should have a minimum thickness of 3/4 inches or 19 mm.


Furthermore, the entire table is sturdy and durable. You have checked the undercarriage and see if the frame and legs are made from heavy-duty steel construction or not.

If this is not the case, then such a ping pong table will not provide stability and longevity in use. Meanwhile, check this link: and see the sturdiest ping pong tables out there.

best outdoor table tennis table


Playing ping pong does not pose any harm. However, the edges of the board must have protective caps; otherwise, potential injuries might take place.

How To Take Care Of A Ping Pong Table?

  • Do not step or sit on it
  • Store it after use
  • Encased it in an appropriate cover
  • Clean it regularly

Meanwhile, here are some mistakes that you need to avoid whenever playing ping pong.


It is not a wrong move if you are going to try a Sportcraft Ping Pong Table. In fact, investing in their table is a sound decision, considering the quality, features, and price that they have.

I can say that the units of this particular manufacturer can become great alternatives for JOOLA, Stiga, or other popular ping pong tables. If I were, I would definitely check the selection of Sportcraft.

That’s it for now. If you have questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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