What Is The Difference Between Table Tennis vs Ping Pong?

Ping pong vs table tennis: where these two differ?

I am pretty sure that you have encountered these two terms. By all means, they are used interchangeably, and people seem not to care anymore whether you call the sport “ping pong” or “table tennis.”

Of course, it is essential that we can see the respective nuances of these two. You need to see whether or not these two actually differ.

People who are seeking for the difference between ping pong and table tennis have thought that in the end that there’s no actual wall that separates them. If this conception were made in the past, then it would have held true.

But today, it is not anymore.

Ping pong and table tennis used to be terms that are used for the same sport. Recently, this one changed, and they are treated differently by players, especially professional ones.

Table tennis and ping pong are two paths separated, but they did originate from the same stem. Right now, you have to know that ping pong has been removed officially as the moniker or informal name for table tennis.

John Jaques And The Patent For Ping Pong

Ping pong became a trademark name for the sport we knew as table tennis in 1901. It was during this time that John Jaques made a patented registration for the name “ping pong.”

In fact, the trademark was a success that a “Ping Pong Association” was organized sometime in December 1901. Interestingly, the formation of the said association took place days after the creation of the “Table Tennis Association.”

Here is a video that explains the brief history of ping pong:

Transition To The Parker Brothers

But this trademark name was only in England. After this, the rights of the name were given (it is actually sold) to the Parker Brothers. They threatened anyone with legal repercussions for those who will attempt to use the name “ping pong” without the proper reference to their equipment.

Of course, many got irked by this. Hence, an alternative name was proposed, which has given birth to the use of “table tennis.”

After that, the term “table tennis” was formalized–more than ping pong. It also started the creation of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

Didn’t you know that table tennis evolved so much? Check this video here:

Does This Mean Ping Pong Is Gone?

Is the term “ping pong” dead? Not exactly.

You see, some regions in the world, especially in the USA, still love to use the term “ping pong” due to the influence of the Parker Brothers. The name is still under the federal trademark registration of the United States, and currently owned by Escalade Sports.

Didn’t You Know?

Ping pong is also known as “whiff-whaff” if you are going to play in England.

Table Tennis vs Ping Pong: A Tale Of Two Tapes

It was agreed that before 2011, ping pong and table tennis were just the same thing. Players tend to call the game the same, especially if those who deemed themselves as enthusiasts and hobbyists.

In fact, I still call them because I am so used to it. But for professional players, table tennis is a name that is exclusive for “table tennis” itself.

In short, ping pong is for recreational and basement players, while table tennis is the technical and formal sport that involves professional players. There are certain nuances between them, but the dynamics between them are still roughly the same.

Difference Between Table Tennis And Ping Pong In The Modern World

One should know that there is an event called the World Championship of Ping Pong.” It takes place annually in England, specifically at Alexandra’s Palace.

This competition is organized by Barry Hearn’s MatchRoom enterprise.

Meanwhile, a separate event called the Table Tennis World Championship also happens yearly. This one is hosted by the ITTF and takes place in different parts of the world.

Basically, ping pong and table tennis have their respective audiences already. You gotta respect that.

When it comes to equipment, table tennis is quite versatile. A player can use a different combination of rubber, sponges, and blades. On the other hand, ping pong is just using sandpaper bats.

Players of ping pong have to use similar utility each and every game.

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In table tennis, you can win by achieving 11 points in a best-of-7 game. Meanwhile, ping pong requires you to get 15 points in a best-of-3 match.

The number of sets in ping pong increases in official tournaments (during the semi-finals and finals) where a player must ace the best-of-5 set. The “sudden point” happens when someone reaches a score of 14.

Moreover, there is also a double point in ping pong that happens in ping pong. It can be used only one time per match whenever a player is serving.

Here, a player can score two points whenever he or she wins the serve. The receiving player would get one point if he or she was able to win.

In table tennis, a set ends once a player reaches 11 points with at least a difference of two points against his or her opponents. In ping pong, a set is won if a player gets a score of 15.

Because of the sandpaper paddle being used in ping pong, the speed of the game is not fast. It usually settles on slow to medium speed, depending on the players.

Table tennis can go all out. Players can do fast-paced gameplays without missing a heartbeat; at the same time, they are also allowed to create heavy spins as they like.

Players of table tennis have to focus on either offensive and defensive techniques. Meanwhile, ping pong players can specialize in both styles simultaneously.

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Ping pong vs table tennis is a confusing topic. But now, I am pretty sure that all of you have acquired a sense of familiarity between the nuances of these two games.

Regardless of what game you choose, just don’t forget to enjoy it. You always have the opportunity to learn them both since the principles being followed by these sports are just the same.

That’s it for now. If you have questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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