Top 5 Best Table Tennis Table Under 500 Reviews in 2021!

In this post, we will be looking at the best ping pong table under 500. I am pretty sure that some of you have a limited budget; hence, preferring for cost-friendly but high-quality tournament size tables.

Ping pong is one of the most enjoyable indoor sports that you can learn. It works as an excellent holistic exercise to the body and mind, too.

Furthermore, the investment that you need to be able to play this game is not that expensive. For instance, acquiring a good ping pong table is not that difficult, as there are entry-level to mid-level models that can surely satisfy you.

Are you ready to meet them? Here they are!


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Best Ping Pong Table Under 500

Bouncing 100%
Material Quality 90%
Sturdy Frame 100%
Safety 90%
Ease of Assembly 90%

Editor’s Pick

Arguably, the best table tennis table under 500 that you should try is this unit from STIGA. Specifically, their competition-ready indoor table tennis table offers exceptional playability and easy assembly.

The quality of materials being used to the table is downright impressive. The 5/8 inch thick tabletop features multiple roller coat finish and silk-screen striping so that balls can bounce here smoothly and correctly.

Of course, the entire table tennis is made from high-quality materials. No parts are flimsy and disappointing, which can be proven by some of its well-crafted components.

This table is multi-functional. The halves of the table can be used separately because they come with independent casters, which allow them to become free-standing tables. And because of this design, the table can be collapsed so that you can space upon storing it.

Meanwhile, a 72-inch heavy duty net is one of the key features of the STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table. It is coupled with a post set that includes premium construction and extra tension adjustment capability.

A spring clamp system is integrated into the design of this ping pong table to ensure that it remains upright for added safety. Aside from that, this ping pong table has lockable casters for ease of transport and storage.

Overall, it would really be great if you can own this table as soon as possible. It has been rated well by professionals and enthusiasts alike. I have experienced its wonders, and I think that you should experience it, too!

Bouncing 90%
Material Quality 90%
Sturdy Frame 100%
Safety 90%
Height Adjustable 90%


The brand JOOLA is not a stranger in the world of table tennis as it can be seen used in different tournaments in the world, such as the Olympics and U.S. Open. An excellent example of the JOOLA tables is Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table.

The assembly process is quick and easy; from out of the box, you can fully assemble the table for less than ten minutes! Because this table is regulation size, you can easily place it in indoor areas such as in your home, office, or school.

It comes with a 15mm MDF table that ensures the smooth and good ball bounce. It is coupled with a 72-inch net that can be easily attached to the table, thanks to its intuitive clamp system.

The table top surface is UV cured and features tube aprons to improve its smoothness. These aprons also help in preserving the flatness of the table even as the years pass by.

Meanwhile, the durability of this table is pretty outstanding, too. Even amidst strong smashes and continuous plays, the structural integrity of the table will remain unfazed.

There are no sharp edges and corners in any part of the table that could injure its users. A safety latch system was also included in this table tennis table, which prevents it from accidental folds.

Notably, the table offers portability and easy movement due to the presence of lockable wheels and casters. In cases of earthquakes, you can guarantee that the stable legs of the table can prevent it from collapsing and toppling other people.

Aside from its well-engineered casters, the JOOLA Inside table has a set of sturdy powder-coated steel legs. The legs also come with well-crafted rubber levelers so that your floor will remain scratch-free.

If you are tired of using a flimsy table tennis table, switching to the JOOLA Professional MDF table tennis table would be a great idea!

Bouncing 70%
Material Quality 80%
Sturdy Frame 80%
Safety 90%
Ease of Assembly 90%


Another budget-friendly but high-quality ping pong table is this unit from Butterfly. This table is notable for its good bounce, which makes it a fantastic choice for people who wants a cost-friendly platform that they can use for practice and other recreational purposes.

One of its key features is its preassembled construction. No rigorous work is required before you can play with this table.

As a 3/4 junior-size unit, it is pretty obvious that it is a compact table. It is a great use for kids and in areas where space is limited.

The material quality is pretty decent, as the entire tabletop is made from medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Meanwhile, it is noticeable that the table top is thicker than most tabletops of miniature ping pong tables.

It is quite assuring that the corners of the table have been padded. It serves as added protection so that even in your play in the edges, you won’t get scratched or bruised by the table.

Durability-wise, one could say that this table is not the toughest out there. But for recreational uses, it should be a decent choice already.

Again, its compact size makes the table easy to transport. It is also lightweight and features a halving design, which ensures that you can move outdoors and indoors without any problems.

Furthermore, the portability of the Butterfly Ping Pong Table gives you the ability to store it properly even if your room has a limited space to move. Considering that it has wheels on its middle portion, there’s no need for you to lift it anymore once it is folded.

For a budget-friendly but efficient ping pong table, I really recommend that you put the Butterfly Ping Pong Table at the top of your list! You’ll never regret it!

Bouncing 100%
Material Quality 100%
Sturdy Frame 90%
Safety 90%
Durability 100%

Best High-End

If you are looking for a definite tournament-quality table, make sure that you check out the Head Summit Table Tennis Table. So far, this is one of the finest professional-grade table tennis tables that I’ve tried.

The table ensures a consistent ball bounce even after constant use. The table top is engineered to provide smooth and even surface so that balls will bounce the way you expect them to be.

Moreover, the table halves conveniently. It is an excellent mechanism that allows single playback use and quick storage.

Despite its halving design, the table remains stable when full, thanks to its anti-tilting locking devices. A deluxe competition quality net and post set are included in the table so that you can play with it immediately.

Installing the net to the table is pretty easy due to its intuitive clamping attachment. Similarly, removing it from the table should not pose any problem, too.

This ping pong table features a sturdy frame. Its powder-coated steel legs with rubberized levelers have been precision-engineered so that the table can be stable and consistent throughout your play.

Meanwhile, the presence of casters ensures that you can move the table easily. Of course, I am not saying that this table is light, but with the casters, transporting it should be something doable.

This USATT, regulation height table tennis table is something that you need if you are serious in enhancing your ping pong skills. You can do all your move sets on this platform without feeling hindered or restricted.

Keep in mind is pre-assembled already. Therefore, assembling should be the least of your concerns.

Investing in the HEAD Summit Table Tennis Table is definitely a brilliant idea. For its price, you are getting more than what you will pay for.

What are you waiting for? Check it out now!

Bouncing 80%
Material Quality 80%
Sturdy Frame 90%
Safety 90%
Accessories Set 80%

Best Choice for Outdoor

Are you looking for a ping pong table that you can take outside? The Harvil Outsider Table Tennis Table is the perfect choice for you!

This outdoor table has a weather-proof construction. It can withstand the elements without compromising its stability.

Regardless of the weather condition, the table can remain playable and durable. It is equipped with an aluminum tabletop and powder-coated steel legs, so rust and corrosion will not be part of your worries.

Even if it has an aluminum tabletop, it can still provide an impressive bounce to the ball. After all, its surface is smooth and flat!

The portability of the table has been emphasized rightly by its compact construction. Taking it out outside is not a problematic errand thanks to its regulated weight and presence of well-engineered lockable casters.

The same as other tables here, the Harvil Outside can be folded for playback and storage purposes. Needless to say, the table is both sturdy and durable since it is intended for outdoor use.

Standard ping pong net and posts are included in this table. Their installation and removal are hassle-free, thanks to their user-friendly clamping system.

Meanwhile, the chassis of the outdoor table is large and durable. They ascertain that even you stand or flip on this table, it will remain structurally uncompromised.

Now that you know the Harvil Outsider, I am pretty sure that you don’t need to search for other outdoor ping pong tables for now. It is better to check this unit first before you hope to other options.


What Are The Advantages Of A Ping Pong Table Under 500?

regulation ping pong table

There are several reasons as to why you need to consider getting a ping pong table under $500:

For people that have a limited budget, ping pong tables that are under $500 are already a decent choice. They don’t need to spend big for playable and tournament-quality units that are comparable to high-end ping pong tables.

Within this price category, you can guarantee that most of the ping pong tables have sufficient safety features. From rugged chassis down to covered table edges, all of them are present on these tables!

The best ping pong table under 500 is designed for everyone. Regardless if you are a professional or someone new to the world of ping pong or table tennis, these cost-efficient tables can accommodate your needs and skill level.

Don’t ever think that ping pong tables on the budget are flimsy. The best ones are made from materials that fit tournament specifications; hence, making them sturdy and durable.

Sure enough, these ping pong tables have been manufactured to ensure that their tabletops are smooth and even. They can guarantee that balls bounce on them correctly.

Some (Not-So Notable) Disadvantages

It is not quite proper to call these disadvantages. Still, the following are some “considerations” that you should be aware of when buy ping pong tables or tennis tables within this specific price category.

There are entry-level models of ping pong tables that does not come with the essential accessories. In fact, some of them only provide the table.

Again, the price of the product could dictate the quality of materials that have been used on it. Although there are some exemptions, it is undeniable that the most high-end ping pong tables used better materials in their construction than entry-level units.

Consider These Things Before Buying The Best Ping Pong Table

ping pong table measures

The ping pong table is one of the most important ping pong products that you should acquire. Therefore, it is crucial that you can get a unit that suits your needs, experience, and overall preferences.


Before you are going to buy a ping pong table, make sure that you have enough space in your home or office to install it.

The ideal room for playing ping pong or table tennis should have at least a clearance of 19 feet (length) x 11 feet (width). That is just the minimum dimension; you can always find a bigger space if you don’t want to feel restricted.

Level of Experience

top rated ping pong tables

You don’t need to invest in expensive tables if you are just an amateur. But if you are practicing for competitions, you might get those tables that have costly price tags because they offer professional-grade construction.

Height of Player

The height of the table should complement the height of the player. At this point, it is crucial that the legs of the ping pong table you choose can be adjusted so that it can match your height requirements.

How To Choose The Table Tennis Table Under 500?

I will make things brief and straightforward here. Finding the right ping pong table is easy as long as you take the following factors into account.


black ping pong table

The standard size of ping pong tables is 9 feet(length) x 5 feet (width) x 2.6 feet (height). With this given specification, you should already know if you haven’t space in your home or office to accommodate the table.


I always pay attention to the thickness of the tabletop of the ping pong table because they always vary. However, the ideal minimum playing surface for the tops is 3/4 inches thick.

Tabletops that are not thick are susceptible to warping. They don’t produce consistent bounce, too.


franklin sports easy assembly table tennis table

Next, I recommend that you assess the sturdiness of the table tennis table. Commercially speaking, most of the ping pong tables in the market today are constructed from particleboard.

However, not all particle boards have the same quality. I suggest that you look for a medium density board because it is durable and offers better resistance to warping.

If you are outdoors, don’t get those tables that have wooden playing surface because they are weak against the elements. Instead, you need to pick tables that have aluminum playing surface because they are generally weather-proof.


I don’t pick a ping pong table that has edges that have not been covered. After all, these corners are sharp and getting wounded by them will never be out from the realms of possibilities once they left exposed.

Make sure that the casters have a locking mechanism as well. You don’t want the table to move unexpectedly while playing because that could spell disaster.

The legs and chassis should be firm as well so that once you hop on the top of the table, it won’t collapse.

Net & Posts

space needed for ping pong table

High-quality tables have integrated post system that is directly attached to the frames of their table. This particular mechanism enables the net to be instantly deployed once you fold the tables open.

By the way, the standard size of the net is 6 feet (length) x 5 feet (height). The posts should correspond to this given specification.

Tips On How To Take Care A Ping Pong Table

Here is a link on how you can clean a ping pong table:


With all of these things started, I am pretty sure that you got a good grasp about ping pong tables and how you should take care of them. After all, you cannot enjoy the game if you don’t have a high-quality ping pong table at your disposal.

Editor's Pick

Bouncing 100%
Material Quality 90%
Sturdy Frame 100%
Safety 90%
Ease of Assembly 90%

Among all ping pong tables that I listed here, it is undeniable that the STIGA Advantage is the best ping pong table under 500. This one offers a tournament-grade construction, which could satisfy professionals and enthusiasts alike.

The built of STIGA Advantage is pretty impressive–from the materials that were used down to the technology being employed on its construction. The table is highly stable, playable, and downright safe to use!

If you have other questions about ping pong tables and other related products, ask me in the comment section below.

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