Stiga Master Series ST3100 Review of 2021: Features, Benefits, And More

Table Surface 100%
Material Quality 90%
Frame and Wheel 100%
Height Adjustment 70%
Assembly 80%
Portability 80%
Accessories Set 80%

It is not difficult to tell that having a high-quality ping pong table can make a difference. If you want to harness your skills and gain familiarity over the sport, you would really need to have a competition-ready table.

Fortunately, these tables are widely available today. Among those, the Stiga ST-3100 Ping Pong Table is truly recommended by professionals and enthusiasts alike.

With this table, you will be able to play ping pong the way that it should be. You can experience the adrenaline that the game can give!

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Things To Consider Before Buying A Stiga ST3100

Before we proceed to the actual Stiga Master Series ST3100 review, we need to take a look first at the primary considerations in choosing a ping pong table.

You need to know whether or not you have space in your home or apartment where you can fit a standard-size ping pong table. By the way, the appropriate size of these ping pong tables, according to the International Table Tennis Federation is 2.74 m (length) x 1.525 m (width) x 76 cm (height).

If you deem that you can’t cater to this dimension, then you have to choose compact table tennis tables instead.

Even if you are an amateur, there’s nothing wrong with playing in a high-end or professional-grade ping pong table.

In fact, doing so is quite advantageous to you as the tables help you get acquainted with the proper platform for the sport.

Of course, you have to assess yourself and the individuals who are going to use the table. Are they tall or are they short?

Regardless of the height differentials, it is just proper that you get a ping pong table that features height adjustment. In this way, you can make anyone enjoy playing the game.

If you have the capacity, then, by all means, get a high-end ping pong table! That is not a regrettable investment because these tournament-ready tables can last a lifetime.

But if your budget is limited, then just limit your options, too. Don’t bankrupt yourself for the sake of having fun.

Introducing The Stiga Master Series ST3100 Table Tennis Table

The ST3100 was originally tailored to cater to tournaments and competitions. It has a superb construction that can leave most of its competitors in the dust.

One of the notable aspects of this ping pong table is its bounce consistency. It also excels in the aspect of stability, especially in indoor settings.

The solid construction of this unit further improved its reliability as a ping pong table. Overall, this item is suitable for those who want to get a table that can handle fast and rapid plays!

Stiga Master Series St3100 Competition Indoor Table Tennis Table: Features And Benefits

Table Surface

As I said earlier, one of the prominent features of this ping pong table is its bounce consistency. Its playing surface has a sophisticated construction that ensures that when you hit the ball on it, the latter will have correct bounce height and trajectory.

The entire tabletop is smooth and free from any dents and scratches. It is not as sensitive as other ping pong tables that easily suffer from the effects of constant use and exposure to the elements.

Specifically, the table is using a medium-density fiberboard as its primary material. It also comes with perfectly layered silk-screened striping so that the table can be as durable and playable as possible.

Of course, I should tell you that the table board of ST1300 is by no means thin. It has a thickness of 3/4 inches, which is compliant to official specifications given by the ITTF.

Furthermore, the ST3100 has a 2-inch apron that adds to its durability and capability to offer consistent ball bounces.

When you play with this ping pong table, you’ll experience the finesse that it offers. Strictly speaking, the playing surface of the ST3100 is even better than its Stiga cousins.

That alone proves that this table is for the masters. But either way, you can still enjoy it even if you are just an amateur or hobbyist!

Material Quality

Because it is a tournament-ready ping pong table, there are no qualms about the quality of materials that have been used in Stiga Master Series ST3100. From its table board alone, it is already proven that this unit is not flimsy.

The undercarriage of this ping pong table exhibits finesse on its construction. The parts of the frame made from heavy-duty steel and have been powder-coated to ensure that it won’t succumb against the elements.

By all means, I don’t recommend that you should sit on a ping pong table, even on rugged units like the ST3100. However, if your body falls on the table during a game, you’ll guarantee that it won’t collapse or break.

The chassis of this ping pong table has a secure attachment, too. It won’t get separated accidentally–a feature that is needed to ensure that the table will last long in service.

This tough guy is not suitable for outdoor use, though. After all, the material on its table board does not provide ample protection against the heat, moisture, and other elements.

Frame and Wheel

The sheer toughness of the ST3100 is clearly evident in the way that its frame and wheel are constructed.

You should know that having a good table frame is not just for the sake of establishing durability. Instead, it also contributes to the overall stability of the table whenever you are using it.

Do you like to play in a wobbly or shaky table? I bet not, right?

With the ST3100, you’ll get a frame that features two-inch steel legs for maximum sturdiness. These legs have a tubular design to ensure that they can have a proper hold to the ground.

Moreover, the table features curved braces that attached the legs and the platform where the wheels are affixed. These steel braces guarantee that the table will never collapse while you are using it.

Meanwhile, the wheels of the ST1300 is tailored with 3-inch caster wheels. These wheels are proven to be great when it comes to concrete and paved surfaces.

Overall, the stability of the ST3100 is truly impressive.


When it comes to portability, the ST3100 will not give you a hard time. After all, a competition-ready ping pong table, this unit was designed to improve its user-friendliness and convenience.

Just like other ping pong tables that are in the market today, this one has a folding mechanism. It allows you to fold the table into half for better storage and easier transport.

When you flip this table close, it is actually compact and low-profile. Moreover, it is not prone to accidental dislodging because of its locking design.

Of course, the folding design of this table is not just for its storage and user convenience. You can also take advantage of it, especially in mastering your skills.

You can convert the ST3100 into its playback mode. Even if you don’t have an opponent, this table will become one!

Accessories Set

One of the most impressive features of the ST3100 is the presence of ball holders. Each of these holders can hold up to twelve balls at once.

However, keep in mind that purchasing will not give you free ping pong balls, though. It doesn’t have a pair of paddles, too.

The only thing that you can get here is a net-and-post system. Since Stiga itself tailored the net, you can ensure that it is constructed from high-quality materials.

The net offers tautness and flexibility, too. When you stretch it, its fabrics don’t wear off.

The clamping mechanism of the post guarantees that installing and removing the net from the table is not difficult. You should also be glad that the length of the net can be adjusted, too.


Honestly-speaking, I think that ST3100 is not something that you can assemble by yourself, especially if you have no experience in assembling ping pong tables. You might need the help of someone so that you can piece this magnificent unit together.

But once you learn the ropes, you can already handle the assembly process of this table by yourself. But in hindsight, you might still require someone to assist you, especially in lifting and moving the table.

Keep in mind that the ST3100 is not a light unit. It will undoubtedly burden you if you are alone.

All the essential parts for its assembly are already included in its package. Therefore, once it arrives at your doorsteps, the only thing you need to do is assemble it.

Height Adjustment

Sadly, the ST3100 does not have a height adjustment feature. For regular players, this is not actually an issue.

However, for those who have issues in playing with standard-size tables, the absence of this feature might be a significant drawback.

Perhaps, it is for this reason why the Stiga table is ideal for indoor use only. If it doesn’t have a leg levelers, then it can never deal with uneven terrains and surfaces.

Alternative Ping Pong Tables

The JOOLA Inside is a decent alternative for Stiga ST3100.

Aside from its exceptional playability, this table also features sturdy undercarriage for guaranteed stability.

Here are some of the notable features of the JOOLA Inside:

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If you want to get an easy-to-assemble ping pong table, I suggest that you check out the Stiga Advantage. This one will arrive 95% pre-assembled already, so you don’t have to fuss anymore.

Of course, there are some other great features that Stiga Advantage has. Here are they

Impressed? Then you should get this table right away!

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Table Surface 100%
Material Quality 90%
Frame and Wheel 100%
Height Adjustment 70%
Assembly 80%
Portability 80%
Accessories Set 80%

With all of its features revealed, you can see that the Stiga ST3100 ping pong table is not a run-of-the-mill option. It is a high-quality ping pong table that you can use for competitions and professional matches.

Having this table will certainly improve your gameplay. It will serve as a stable and reliable platform where you can practice your skills and take it to the next level!

If you are searching for a tournament-ready, ITTF-compliant table, the Stiga ST-3100 is a perfect choice.

That’s it for now. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below!

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