Stiga Advantage Indoor Table Tennis Table Review: Feature, Benefits, and More!

Table Surface 100%
Material Quality 90%
Frame and Wheel 90%
Height Adjustment 70%
Assembly 80%
Portability 90%
Accessories Set 90%

With all the years of playing, I came to realize the value and quality of the Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table. It is not just because I have preferences for this particular brand; rather, it has something to do with its quality.

Explore its features now!

Things To Consider Before Buying A Ping Pong Table

Not all ping pong tables are the same. With this dilemma in the equation, a ping pong player has to pick a table that suits a particular requirement.

The following considerations should help you choose your next ping pong table.

Make sure that the table fits in your recreational area. Otherwise, you might need to downgrade to a compact unit.

All ping pong tables can provide an individual “feel” to users. If you want something that can help you elevate your game, then a professional-grade table should be the right choice.

You also have to consider the height of the user. At this point, it is better if the table you choose has a height adjustment feature.

A table that is too tall is a difficult field for small players like kids. Make it too short, and you will have a hard time playing on it.

If you want the best from the start, you should not hesitate to spend a little higher. Premium and high-grade tables are durable and can last long in service.

Introducing The Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table

The Stiga Advantage is a ping pong table designed for every enthusiast out there. The table has competition-ready specifications, which make it a solid choice for people who want a highly playable and functional table.

Stiga Advantage is available in three models: the Advantage, Advantage Lite, and Advantage Pro. Each of these units has their respective specifications, but for this review, I am going to focus on the Stiga Advantage alone.

Playing with Stiga Advantage is quite an experience. It has the right features that can accommodate official matches and recreational games at the same time.

It is not a surprise anymore why some ping pong players are so desperate to get it!

Stiga Advantage Indoor Table Tennis Features And Benefits

Table Surface

Because it is made for tournaments and official matches, the table surface of the Stiga Advantage is completely flawless. It is smooth and flat, which improves the consistency of the bounce and the correctness of its trajectory.

Specifically, the tabletop has a thickness of 5/8 inches, which is the appropriate size to ensure that the table will remain durable and playable. It accommodates players of various skill levels because of the “standard” platform it provides.

The table surface has a starking blue paint since it is compliant to International Table Tennis Federation standards. It also has been applied with repeat roller coating and UV treatment for enhanced durability against different weather conditions.

I also noticed that the surface had been lined with silkscreen striping, which doubled the smoothness that you can feel from this table.

The edges of the table have protective caps to prevent unwanted injuries while playing on the corners.

Material Quality

There’s so much to talk about when it comes to the structural quality of the Stiga Advantage. This unit is not just some run-of-the-mill option, after all.

For instance, the table itself is made from rugged material. I mentioned it earlier, but it is worth pointing out the playability of the table board has something to do with the thickness and durability of the material used on it.

But things don’t end there yet; the table also includes e1.2 inch steel tube aprons that support the entire table. With these aprons, the table remains in an erect position for as long as you want without losing stability.

Meanwhile, the frame and legs of the table have no shortcomings. They are sturdy and impervious to various physical and chemical damages, thanks to their powder-coated steel construction.

Investing in theStiga Advantage is a cost-efficient decision since it is a ping pong table that has an extensive shelf-life even with minimal maintenance.

Only a few options can match this capability. You can check them on these table tennis table reviews.

Frame and Wheel

This time, allow me to indicate the stability and portability of Stiga Advantage. Needless to say, the table owes these perks to the steel frame and set of caster wheels.

I already emphasized that the frame of these wheels are robust and can take a beating. Its steel part is not the ones that could wobble once you are playing an intense rally.

Because of its “unmoving” design, the table becomes a staple choice for competitions that require high levels of stability. There are also levellers attached to the legs to prevent the table from sliding and damaging the floor.

Meanwhile, the caster wheels can help you move this table easily. Of course, the design of the wheels are ideal for indoor use, but that’s more than enough to keep things convenient on your part.

Eight 3-inch wheels accompany this table. All of them are lockable, which, in turn, eliminates unnecessary movements.


Despite its tournament specifications, you would really be surprised that this table is portable. Well, aside from the convenience that the wheels provide, the table also has another intuitive feature: it can be halved.

Specifically, the chassis of its frame enables you to separate the table into half. And yes, the halves are independent of one another.

Because of the caster beams, the table halves can be used separately as free-standing platforms. This means that you can use them for other recreational purposes.

However, the best function that this feature serves is playback. Even if you are alone, you can still practice the precision of your serves and smashes with this table.

Sure enough, you can nest the table with one another for a more optimized compact storage. Pretty convenient, isn’t it?

Accessories Set

When you invest in the Stiga Advantage, you are not only getting a premium table. You also get a professional net-and-post system.

Specifically, Stiga used a premium cotton-blend 72-inch net for this table. It is not only durable but taut as well, ensuring that it would not sag on the table surface.

The performance of the net is also due to its heavy-duty posts. It is not only durable, but it also features an intuitive clamping mechanism.

Once attached, the net and posts will really serve their purpose, and that’s to make your games compliant to the ITTF rules!


Don’t ever worry if you are new to ping pong table assemblies. As far as I know, the Stiga Advantage is already pre-assembled; hence, there’s no need for you to fuss anymore about setting this table up.

It is estimated that this table can be assembled for less than ten minutes. However, it still might take longer, depending on how familiar you are with ping pong tables.

It is one of the reasons as to why many ping pong players are eager to get this unit. It lets them play whenever they want!

Height Adjustment

Upon closer inspection, I haven’t seen any mechanism in the table where you can adjust its height. Well, it is not a problem for most adult and teenage players, but for kids, it might be an issue.

Of course, children can still play on this table. However, they just have to deal with the learning curve of playing a regulation-size table.

I’m not sure if you are looking for a table that comes with a height-adjustment mechanism. If that’s the case, then this table might not be suitable for you.

But fret not. Stiga Advantage remains to be an excellent table tennis table despite that.

Alternative Ping Pong Tables

I like to include JOOLA Inside on the list of the possible alternatives for this Stiga Advantage. Just like the latter, the JOOLA Inside features a tournament-grade construction, which offers the following capabilities:

If you want an excellent alternative for the STIGA Advantage, the JOOLA Inside should be on the top of your list!

I consider the STIGA ST3100 as a step-up version of the STIGA Advantage. Well, here’s a short breakdown:

I sincerely recommend that you should also check out the STIGA ST3100! You will never regret a thing about this ping pong table! 


Table Surface 100%
Material Quality 90%
Frame and Wheel 90%
Height Adjustment 70%
Assembly 80%
Portability 90%
Accessories Set 90%

Based on the specifications of the STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table, it is undeniable that this offers exceptional features and ergonomics. The construction of the table had the ping pong players in mind.

The table is not only tough but also displays insane levels of stability when in use. All of its parts contribute to its overall playability, which is something that you can’t get from run-of-the-mill tables.

I would never be embarrassed to recommend this ping pong table to anyone. Even if you are professional, you will come to respect the qualities of STIGA Advantage.

Do you have any questions? Drop them in the comment section below.

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