Top 7 Best Outdoor Table Tennis Table Reviews of 2021

Ping pong can be played outside the realms of your four-cornered room. But of course, you need to have the best outdoor ping pong table first.

Needless to say, the platform in which you are going to play this game is quite essential. A shabby one can leave you stressed and disappointed.

If you are looking for a great ping pong table that suits the external space, then the following list can really make you happy!


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Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table Reviews

Table Surface 100%
Material Quality 90%
Frame and Wheel 80%
Accessories 90%
Assembly 90%

Editor’s Choice

It is my habit to introduce the best right from the start. For outdoor games, you need to have the Stiga XTR.

By far, this ping pong table offers exceptional playability, thanks to its solid construction. Even in outdoor settings, this table can make you feel that you are playing in a room!

The durability of this unit is quite impressive. It was engineered to last long since it is impervious to various harms caused by external elements.

It is not flimsy, either. I can confidently say that this is one of the most robust table tennis tables that I’ve encountered.

Meanwhile, the playability of the XTR is downright alluring. Specifically, it offers an aluminum composite top that is perfectly smooth and weather-resistant.

The table board generates accurate and consistent bounce. It gives you the feeling that you are playing on a wooden or an MDF table.

The stability of the Stiga XTR is excellent, too. You’ll never see it wobble even in uneven terrains or windy conditions.

It features a set of sturdy steel legs with welded cross brace. This kind of frame construction ensures that the table will remain stable.

Furthermore, you will appreciate that it comes with rubber levellers on its legs. With these levellers, the table becomes levelled across any surface.

Also, the 3-inch lockable wheels of the Stiga XTR allows you to transport it anywhere. However, keep in mind that these wheels are small, so it is difficult to get them on rough grounds and jagged terrains.

But sure enough, the Stiga XTR is an excellent choice for players who like to play outside. It comes pre-assembled, too, so there’s nothing that you have to fuss about except winning a game.

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Table Surface 90%
Material Quality 90%
Frame and Wheel 80%
Portability 90%
Accessories 80%

Runner up’s Pick

When it comes to outdoor ping pong tables, it is impossible if the JOOLA NOVA not to be included. In fact, this list won’t be complete without it.

We all know that many competitions and tournaments out there use JOOLA tables because of their quality. Therefore, there’s a lot of things that we can expect from the JOOLA NOVA.

Since it is an outdoor table, expect that it offers an all-weather table board. It also has a 6-mm table surface that is made from aluminum-plastic composite, which is virtually resistant to chipping and warping.

The table board is sitting on a rust-resistant undercarriage. The latter has exceptional durability and even applied with powder-coating to ensure that the elements won’t be able to breach it.

The quality of the frame and legs are outstanding, too. They are thick and feature ergonomic braces to improve the stability and playability of the table.

Just like the Stiga XTR, the JOOLA NOVA features adjustable leg levellers. These components are useful in adjusting the height of the table when you put this unit on uneven surfaces.

Transporting this table is a convenient errand, thanks to the presence of four caster wheels. You can lock these wheels in place to ensure that the table won’t move while you are playing.

The portability and ease of storage of this unit are enhanced through the double anti-tilt locking devices. When the table is folded, these locking mechanisms activate automatically to prevent accidental unfolding.

This table also includes a waterproof net. Meanwhile, the screw-on posts ensure net tautness and stability.

You’ll never regret if you choose this outdoor ping pong table. See the JOOLA NOVA now!

Table Surface 90%
Material Quality 80%
Frame and Wheel 80%
Portability 90%
Accessories 90%


For those who are trying to save some money, the Harvil Outsider can be a perfect choice for them. This outdoor table tennis table can give them an excellent playing platform despite having an affordable cost.

The table board of this unit is a weatherproof aluminum and is being supported by a powder-coated steel frame. It ensures optimal ball bounce, regardless of the weather condition.

Furthermore, its surface is smooth and free from any flaws. It is not susceptible to warping; even the paint is not easy to scratch or wear off.

It has been touted as well that this ping pong table offers a vibrant playing surface. Even if there’s glaring, the outlines will remain visible to the eyes.

Since it is an outdoor table, you can expect it can give you the portability that you need. This item is equipped with a set of locking wheels that allow you to traverse various terrains with ease.

Of course, the table can also be converted into playback mode. You can use this feature to practice your skills and hone your serves.

The folding mechanism of the Harvil Outsider has been consistently smooth. It provides a better user experience by allowing you to store the table tightly and securely; it doesn’t eat up too much space, too.

Meanwhile, its stability when in use is quite outstanding, too. It has a durable and rugged frame that ensures that the table won’t shake or move while you are using it.

If that’s not enough, the Harvil Outsider also offers an all-weather net-and-posts system. You can easily clamp the net to the table board and adjust it for the appropriate tautness.

With these features, it is quite surprising that the Harvil Outsider is at the entry-level range. But that’s something that we have to be thankful for.

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Table Surface 100%
Material Quality 100%
Frame and Wheel 90%
Portability 80%
Accessories 90%

High-End Pick

The Kettler Champ 5.0 is pretty hard to miss, especially for the fact that it is one of the best outdoor table tennis tables out there. This unit is so good that you might not want to replace it once you have it already.

One of the excellent features of this table is its anti-glare playing surface. The table board doesn’t reflect light, unlike most of its counterparts, which improves its overall playability.

Sure enough, this table features an aluminum top construction to ensure that it won’t succumb to the elements. It also has an ALU-TEC underside so that it will remain impervious and protected against various weather conditions.

Kettler is a German company, so there’s no need to question the durability of their tables. For instance, the frame of the Kettler Champ 5.0 features a powder-coated, galvanized steel construction for guaranteed corrosion and rust-resistant.

There’s also an apron that surrounds the board to prevent it from warping. Even extreme heat cannot affect the quality of this item.

Kettler implemented a patented locking mechanism to this particular table. It is a highly reliable locking component that no accidental fold or closure will happen to the table.

The stability and portability of this unit are due to the presence of large caster wheels. This is the one that you choose if you are planning to play ping pong in some unfamiliar terrains.

Meanwhile, the presence of levellers ensures that you can achieve an even playing platform across any surface.

Make sure that you don’t forget this outdoor ping pong table!

Table Surface 90%
Material Quality 100%
Frame and Wheel 100%
Portability 90%
Accessories 90%

Premium Pick

You’ll never get wrong if you get the Cornilleau 500M Crossover. It is not as affordable as other units here, but the quality and performance that it can provide are undoubtedly worth investing in.

The playability of this table is pretty impressive due to its thick table board. It can generate exceptional and consistent bounce regardless of where you are going to hit the ball.

Its playing surface is tailored from thick resin laminate. Aside from being weather-resistant, the material can also resist damages caused by shock and impact.

The durability of the 500M Crossover is also due to the sturdy aluminum/ zinc alloy frame. It supports the table and prevents it from collapsing and breaking.

Furthermore, the frame also strengthens the stability of the table. When you are using it, you will never sense any sign of shaking or unnecessary movements across the entire platform.

Of course, the legs of this ping pong table is relatively thicker than most of its counterparts. Hence, you can expect that it can support the table regardless of where you are going to put it.

Not only that, but you’ll also enjoy the fact that the legs have ergonomic braces that improve its structural strength. Even under heavy load, the table will never collapse.

In the middle of the bottom of the 500M Crossover is a set of large wheels. They are designed to tackle rough and rugged terrains so that you can move the table wherever you want it.

The patented compact technology of this outdoor ping pong table is also reliable. From transport down to its storage, this unit will never become a burden to you.

You should always consider the Cornilleau – 500M Crossover in your list of selections. Yes, you will miss a lot if you choose to ignore it.

Table Surface 90%
Material Quality 80%
Frame and Wheel 80%
Portability 90%
Accessories 90%
Best Pick For Ergonomics

The cool and sleek aesthetics of the Killerspin MyT7 BlackStorm are definitely among the many reasons why it is a solid choice for an outdoor ping pong table. By just even looking at it, you’ll eventually know that this ping pong table will never turn you down.

This table will let you enjoy the sport regardless of where you are. It has an uncomplicated assembly that enables you to use it as immediately as possible!

Of course, its playability is great, too. After all, it features an aluminium-plastic top that offers exceptional responsiveness whenever you strike at it.

Killerspin MyT7 is also resistant to various outdoor elements. It is not susceptible to warping or glaring, too, which makes it an ergonomic choice for different outdoor settings.

The “play anywhere” aspect of this table is also due to the fact it comes with four leg levellers. These leg levellers will allow you to adjust the height of the table so that even if you are in uneven surfaces, you can still make the table flat and equal.

When it comes to stability, I have no qualms about this ping pong table. The frame and legs of this are made to be extra rugged to ensure that it will remain stable while you are playing here.

There is also a locking mechanism integrated on the table board. Once it is activated, it will prevent the table from crashing or collapsing.

You should not worry about its portability. As far as I am concerned, this table can be moved with ease, thanks to its superb wheel construction.

Once folded, the table remains compact and tight. It is a helpful feature that simplifies its storage and security.

With all its capabilities, the Killerspin MyT7 BlackStorm deserves to be on this list. In fact, the word “excellent” is simply an understatement for this ping pong table.

Better check it out now!

Table Surface 80%
Material Quality 90%
Frame and Wheel 90%
Portability 90%
Assembly 80%
Best Pick For Portability

An outdoor table has to be portable. For me, that’s an essential requirement since you are going to take the table to different places from time to time.

Well, if you want an option that has excellent portability, you might want to check the Butterfly Playback Rollaway. Although it might step to the level of some of the ping pong tables I listed here, it still gives you convenience.

It has a simple assembly. It folds tightly and compactly so that when you transport or store it, you’ll never be burdened.

It also owes its portability on the set of rotating wheels that come with it. They are large and omnidirectional, which makes them a great deal if you are going to traverse hard-to-reach locations.

Of course, this table is still an excellent venue for playing ping pong. The laminate top is not only smooth, but it also offers resistance against various outdoor elements.

It can generate decent bounce consistency, which is already great for recreational purposes. You don’t have to worry about its stability, too, since the rust-resistant frames are thick and robust.

However, let me remind you that this table has a one-piece design. Although you can fold it, the board is not detachable.

Some people would detest such an approach to its construction. But apparently, the manufacturer wanted to create a single-piece unit that removes the “quirkiness” of two-piece designs.

Nevertheless, this table from the Butterfly will give you an exceptional time playing ping pong. You’ll never regret it if you are going to check this item!


What Are The Advantages Of An Indoor Outdoor Ping Pong Table Cover?

ping pong table covers waterproof

Although it is true that ping pong is not a demanding game, it is still essential that you can meet its minimum requirements. You don’t want to affect your playing experience by using the wrong equipment or gears.

Of course, many have asked me why they can’t use an indoor ping pong table for outdoor purposes and recreations. My answer is simple: indoor and outdoor ping pong tables are different.

Here are the specific reasons why an outdoor ping pong table is great for outdoor use.

You see, an outdoor ping pong table is designed to withstand the volatile outdoor elements. If it gets too hot or too cold, these outdoor tables wouldn’t be damaged at all.

They offer better ground stability, too. And in playing ping pong, we all know that the stability of the table is one of the factors that determine its overall playability.

If the ground is not levelled, these tables have unique mechanisms to adjust their height. In this way, they will still be able to adapt wherever you will take them!

Furthermore, there’s the durability that we can’t exclude. The harsh outdoor environment is not forgiving, especially if you are going to use a table tennis table that is meant for indoor use.

In this video, you can see how these outdoor ping pong tables are uniting a community:

Things To Consider In Buying The Best Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Weather Condition

Not all tables are created equal! Therefore, you should expect that some units cannot tolerate harsh elements without showing deterioration in their structure.

If it is too hot or too moist in your area, you will need a table that has ample protection against these odds. From the material of the board down to the paint, the table should be able to resist the elements.

Level Of Experience

best table tennis table

When choosing a ping pong table, it is crucial that you consider yourself as a player. Specifically, you will need to pick a table that can give you a good feel.

Some ping pong tables out there are designed for amateurs and hobbyists. Others are tailored to accommodate the quirky need of professionals and self-proclaimed pros.

Just think which table can serve your preferences and skill level!

Height Of The Player

Most of the tables today are patterned in the ITTF standards. You should expect that their height is most likely the same.

But if you are quite short or tall, you need a table that has a height adjustment mechanism. In this way, your playing experience won’t be inhibited.

How To Choose The Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table?


joola nova dx

If you want the best right from the start, you should go for ping pong tables that are compliant to the ITTF requirements. Specifically, the appropriate ping pong table dimension is 2.74 m (length) x 1.525 m (width) x .76 m (height).


One should know that a ping pong table should not have a random thickness. Most importantly, it should be too thin.

A thin table board does not generate consistency in ball bounce. When choosing a table, its board thickness should have a minimum thickness of 19 mm.


tiga ping pong table

Since the outdoor environment is more volatile and unpredictable than a controlled indoor setting, you’ll never know what’s coming next. Therefore, you need to ensure that the table you get can withstand severe punishments without breaking.


First, the table should never collapse while you are using it. There should be a locking mechanism on the wheels and the table board to prevent this accident from happening.

Second, the corners of the table board should have protective coverings. If they are exposed, these sharp edges can potentially harm or injure you while you are playing.


outside ping pong table

The ping pong table should withstand the test of time. In my case, I want my tables to last at least five years before I consider replacing them.

Since we are talking about outdoor tables here, a lot of factors can affect deteriorate them. As much as possible, you need a unit that can endure these harmful elements.


Don’t hesitate to invest in an expensive table if it means that can give you the best possible features. But of course, don’t go overboard to your budget, too, especially if you are trying to be frugal.

Frequently Asked Questions

size of a ping pong table

Absolutely. Ping pong tables require protection, too, even if they are built toughly

If you are not using them, make sure that they encased in a cover so that the elements won’t affect their structural integrity.

It depends on the quality of the used item. If it shows signs of deterioration and notable damages, you should not get it.

But if you see that the table is still in good shape, you can always consider purchasing it. If you don’t want any trial-and-error, just settle on brand new units.

Surely, as long as you have a reliable cover that protects it!

You can also consider storing it in your garage to make sure that it won’t be compromised.

Tips In Caring For Your Ping Pong Table

best indoor ping pong table


At this point, you are already aware that the best outdoor ping pong table is a substantial investment. It is necessary equipment who love to play on the field, beaches, or in their own backyard.

Editor's Pick

Table Surface 100%
Material Quality 90%
Frame and Wheel 80%
Accessories 90%
Assembly 90%

In the list that I’ve given, the Stiga XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table is deemed to be the best option.

It offers exceptional stability and rigidity, which in turn, allow the table to provide stellar playing experience for its users.

Before checking other units, make sure that you see the Stiga XTR first! For questions and suggestions, just drop them in the comment section below.

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