Top 5 Best Ping Pong Table Net Reviews On 2020

The best ping pong net is really important. That’s a fact that remains indisputable until this way.

A net, despite its unmoving function, is a reminder that the sport we all love has rules. The net has to ensure that every game is legal and aligned to the rules given by the International Table Tennis Federation.

I am pretty aware that most ping pong tables out there include a net on their package. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with an upgrade, right?

Here are some options that you should consider!


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Best Ping Pong Net Reviews

Stability 90%
Material Quality 80%
Safety 100%
Ease of Assembly 100%
Durability 80%
Editor’s Pick
  • Automatically rolls without experiencing any tangles
  • Features easy clamping design
  • Rolls longer than ordinary nets
  • Rubberized posts protect the surface of the table
  • Lightweight and transport-oriented design
  • The net sags sometimes
  • It may not be the most durable option out there

There’s no denying that JOOLA is one of the most reputable manufacturers of ping pong gear these days. It has an array of high-quality equipment that ping pong enthusiasts would surely love!

The retractable net-and-post set of JOOLA is indeed a marvelous choice for you. You see, this one offers the benefit of portability, which allows you to play ping pong wherever you want.

It comes with an intuitive and reliable clamp system for stability while it is attached to the table. You can also adjust its length to accommodate various table sizes.

Furthermore, the tightening clamps of this net come with protective rubber padding. They work as a stabilizer to the post while ensuring that the table surface will be free from scratches.

Overall, this net-and-post set from JOOLA works as a reliable companion for every ping pong table out there. You should check this one out and see how impressive its qualities are.

Stability 90%
Material Quality 80%
Safety 100%
Ease of Assembly 80%
Durability 90%
  • Net is assembled in regulation standards
  • Designed to meet the USATT specifications
  • All parts are durable
  • Offers quick and hassle-free installation
  • Ensures tautness regardless of the table width
  • Posts don't have height adjustment
  • The bottom part of the net tend to lose its tautness

The STIGA Premium Clipper is one of the finest options that you have for a net and post system. After all, many touted it to offer a tournament-grade performance, whether for indoor or outdoor use.

The net for ping pong is undeniably superb. The posts have a heavy-duty construction, which makes them outdoor-worthy and highly stable.

I also appreciate that the STIGA Premium Chipper comes with a precision tension adjustment for guaranteed tightness. After all, the quality of the net is measured on how taut it can remain throughout the game.

Setup is not problematic either for this net. It comes with a spring-activated clip that allows quick removal and installation of the net across various ping pong tables.

The features of the STIGA Premium Chipper makes it one of the most desirable options for a table tennis net. If I were you, I would immediately include this net on my list!

Stability 80%
Material Quality 80%
Safety 100%
Ease of Assembly 80%
Durability 70%


  • Retracts quickly and compactly for easy storage
  • Doesn't feel cheap at all
  • Can cover various table sizes
  • Installation is not an issues
  • Remains stable when in use
  • Doesn't have a tension adjustment
  • Clamps can become rickety at some point

Sometimes, we just want a net that doesn’t cost us too much. Of course, that’s understandable as some of us are just playing ping pong for fun.

If that’s your current stance, I suggest that you get this unit from Champion Sports Anywhere. Actually, this one is a package deal that anyone would certainly consider.

Aside from the net, you also get a set of paddles and ping pong balls here. But of course, its main selling point is the high-quality net that comes with it.

The net can extend horizontally up to 6.25 feet, allowing it to encompass any ping pong table out there. The net itself is stretchable so that it won’t be impervious to casual wear-and-tear.

With these qualities, there’s no harm in getting this net-and-post package from Champion Sports Anywhere. In fact, it is an offer that is too hard to resist!

Stability 90%
Material Quality 80%
Safety 100%
Ease of Assembly 90%
Durability 90%
High-End Pick
  • Features precise tension adjustment
  • Net is stretchable and not susceptible to wear out
  • Posts are rugged and stable
  • Clamps have a tight hold to the table
  • Doesn't scratch the table surface
  • Does not excel in portability
  • Not suitable for outdoor use

It is not too difficult to get captured by the quality of this net from Butterfly. Regardless of where you look at it, the net is brimming with durability and playability.

The 6-inch net is tailored from stretchable and durable nylon. It also comes with an ergonomic tension adjuster that enables you to configurations in the smallest increments possible.

Meanwhile, the posts that come with this set are pretty intuitive. They provide stability on the net without damaging the table surface at all, thanks to its rubber protectors.

The clamps are pretty heavy-duty as well. They can provide excellent hold to the table and guarantee that the net will never move or wobble even by a centimeter.

For leisure or professional use, this unit from Butterfly is definitely an excellent choice. You’ll never regret it if you opt to get this highly intuitive net.

Stability 80%
Material Quality 80%
Safety 100%
Ease of Assembly 100%
Durability 80%

Best For Ease Of Assembly

  • Ideal for outdoor use
  • Comes with a height adjustment
  • Features decent stability
  • Clamping system has a tight hold to the table
  • Hassle-free installation
  • The net is seemingly too thin
  • Not the right choice for competitive play

Those who do not want to experience complicated assembly or installation should check out the Killerspin Aurora. As far as I am concerned, this one gives you the swiftest use.

The clamp system of the Killerspin Aurora is definitely top-notch. Aside from its tense hold, the clamp can efficiently accommodate the thickness of your ping pong table.

Meanwhile, the net comes with a height adjustment, which is pretty unique among its contemporaries. Furthermore, it also has a net tension adjustment chain to ensure that the net remains taut regardless of the application.

Of course, the steel posts that come with it are genuinely durable. They can even work in outdoor conditions, too.

The Killerspin Aurora is definitely an excellent choice. You should never miss it in your selections.


Rules and Regulations for Nets

tennis nets for sale
  • According to the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), the net for ping pong should be 6 feet long and 6 inches tall.
  • Furthermore, the net should have a dark color, specifically in the hue of black, dark blue, or dark green. It should include a 15-mm thick white stripe on its top to ensure its visibility.
  • Throughout the width of the playing surface, the net should be 15.25 cm tall. It should be supported by two posts that have the same height.
  • Meanwhile, the bottom of the net should not be distant to the surface of the table. It should be tout and close to the table at all times.

Considerations In Choosing A Table Tennis Net


net sets
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You would need a retractable net rather than a stiff one. This feature ensures that the net is not susceptible to wear out every time you stretch them.

Furthermore, a retractable net ensures quick and hassle-free storage. After all, the net rolls back automatically right after you use them.

Clip-On Mechanism

ping pong table net
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One way to install the net to a table is through a clip-on. Just like its name suggests, a net with a clip mechanism allows you to place the net on the table through the use of a specialized clip.

These clips usually extend outside the table. Most of these clips are also attached to the post for easier setup and storage.

Professional Clamps

When you are on tournaments or official matches, you will notice that the nets there are installed via professional clamps. Well, the reason for this is the stability and sturdiness that these clamps provide.

A clamp can provide a stable and secure hold to the table so that the net won’t wobble or move. Even if the pace is intense, the net remains immovable.

By the way, I suggest that you check out the best ping pong table ratings. In this way, it would be easier for you to find a net system that complements their setup.

Here is a video that shows how you can install a clamp-based net.

How To Choose The Best Ping Pong Nets?

Playing Style

the net set

There are nets for every ping pong player out there. If your skills are already advanced, you would want a net-and-post system that is rugged and taut for better playing stability.

For amateurs, you just need to secure nets that don’t sag on the bottom. After all, practicing with a proper net is still necessary even if you are just a plain hobbyist.


The rule is simple here. The net that you should use must be on the same size or longer than the table you are using.

Make it too short, and the net won’t be clamped. Too long and it will sag.


Nets owe their stability to the posts and locking mechanisms they are using. Tension adjustments are crucial to ensure that the net remains taut and tense.

Meanwhile, you need to make sure that the clamps and locks can hold the net in place regardless of how intense the rallies are. You just don’t want the net to wobble.


Fortunately, these nets are not that expensive. I suggest that you spend only the highest quality ones so that you don’t regret anything.

Tips On How To Take Care Of The Ping Pong Table Net

  • Don't stretch it too much.
  • Don't expose it to extremely high temperatures.
  • An indoor net is only usable for indoor applications
  • Have proper storage for the net


Your ping pong table must be equipped with the highest quality nets. The latter simply completes the setup and ensures that your games will be legal and properly scored.

Editor's Pick

Stability 90%
Material Quality 80%
Safety 100%
Ease of Assembly 100%
Durability 80%

Among the options I recommended, the JOOLA Net and Post Set is considered to be the best ping pong net today. It uses a professional clamp system and features a durable retractable net, which contributes to its overall playability and stability.

Whether you are a pro or not, this net would certainly satisfy you!

That’s it for now. If you have questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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