Best Small Ping Pong Table Reviews For Limited Indoor Spaces

Are you looking for the best mini ping pong table? If that’s the case, then this guide is for you!

Let’s be honest here. Not all of us have enough room space to accommodate a standard size table tennis table.

If you have this problem, then the following ping pong tables I listed would be of great help!


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Best Mini Ping Pong Table On The Market

Bouncing 90%
Material Quality 90%
Sturdy Frame 100%
Safety 90%
Ease of Assembly 100%

Editor’s Pick

One of the most excellent ping pong tables that you can get is the STIGA Space Saver Table Tennis Table. It is a high-grade table that offers exceptional construction so that it can provide the best playing experience for you.

Despite being downsized, this table offers the same playability and bounce as the standard STIGA tables. It has a 5/8-inch thick roller-coated tabletop that has been constructed from MDF material to ensure a flat playing surface.

Also, I am impressed that there is a powder-coated tubular steel apron beneath the corners of this table. The apron provides added support to the table and ensures the correct bounce of the ball.

Meanwhile, this compact ping pong table has a sturdy frame for guaranteed stability while playing. The 1.25-inch square welded steel legs are powder coated so that they can form a reliable, robust base for the table.

There are also leg levelers in the table so that your floors won’t be scratched at all. The table height is also adjustable so that players across sizes can play with it conveniently!

Aside from being compact, this unit can be halved thanks to the independent chassis construction on each of the table half. With this particular setup, there is no need for you to worry where you should store this table tennis table after using it.

With all of these features, I am not surprised anymore that many people prefer this folding ping pong table. If you want to experience the utmost playability without sacrificing too much space, you should check this STIGA!

Bouncing 90%
Material Quality 80%
Sturdy Frame 80%
Ease of Assembly 90%
Height Adjustable 90%


It is not difficult to recommend the JOOLA Midsize for those people who are living in small spaces and apartments. Aside from its manageable size, the table also offers exceptional construction for better playing experience.

Specifically, the JOOLA Midsize is just the 2/3 of the size of the standard ping pong tables. But since it is a regulation table, its height is still similar to those regular size units; the height of the table is adjustable, too!

Meanwhile, the tabletop of this unit is exceptionally flat and smooth. The MDF material has been finished and coated properly so that it can guarantee the correct ball bounce every time you play with it.

There are independent chassis on each half of the table, which allows you to separate it for standalone use or for quick storage. Unlike other table tennis tables, this one is not too aggravating so that you can transport it wherever you want.

Of course, the frame of the JOOLA Midsize table is reliable because of its given strength and durability. I tried on sitting on the top of the table, and the legs didn’t budge even slightly!

Based on its qualities, it is easy to adore the quality of the JOOLA Midsize. You should check it out if you want a high-grade regulation table tennis table!

Bouncing 80%
Sturdy Frame 80%
Durability 80%
Ease of Assembly 80%
Accessories Set 80%


Do you want a ping pong table that is small in size and cost? Then you should check out that the Goplus Ping Pong Table!

This unit features a 1/2-inch thick MDF table surface that has been coated and finished to achieve the desired level of flatness. The ball bounces here correctly without any flaws on their trajectory.

Meanwhile, the frame of this ping pong table has been engineered to withstand constant use and severe punishments. Even if you slide to the table, the steel frame construction of the Goplus table will not collapse or even wobble.

There’s a locking mechanism on the frame of the Goplus Table Tennis Table to further improve its strength in handling heavy loads. It also adds to the overall durability of this item.

With the presence of reinforced legs and rubberized grips, the table is stable enough for various uses without compromising your floor. Meanwhile, the halving design of the table enables you to put it on a playback or folded position for quicker storage.

The features of this table prove that it is more than enough that what you will pay for. So if I were you, I would definitely check out this cost-friendly ping pong table!

Bouncing 90%
Material Quality 90%
Sturdy Frame 90%
Safety 100%
Ease of Assembly 100%

Premium Option

The Butterfly Junior is definitely a perfect choice for anyone willing to spend for a compact size ping pong table. Minus the size, all the hefty components of a tournament-grade table are present in this unit.

The tabletop surface of the Butterfly Junior is perfectly flat. It doesn’t have any slight warps or dents, which ensures that its playability is top tier.

I noticed that the tabletop of this ping pong table is significantly thicker than other miniature tables. In short, it can offer a better bounce to the ball without any inconsistencies.

Coupled with a sturdy frame, this strong table tennis table guarantees its users that it won’t collapse or break during use. The legs of the table have a slid-free design and ensure that your floor will be protected from scratches.

Speaking of protectiveness, the corners of the table have been padded. You don’t have to worry anymore, even if you press your body on the edges of the table while you are playing.

Storage is not a problem for the Butterfly Junior. It can be folded down to 5 inches thick, and there is a set of wheels so that there’s no need for you to lift the table.

Of course, cumbersome assembly is not a part of the tradeoffs of the Butterfly Junior. It is already pre-assembled, and the only thing that you need to do is to attach the net and posts.

Overall, you will never regret if you are going to invest in the Butterfly Junior. Trust me on that!

Bouncing 80%
Material Quality 80%
Sturdy Frame 90%
Safety 90%
Accessories Set 100%

Best Table With Complete Accessories

Investing in a ping pong table that comes with the essential amenities for playing is always a great idea. It is a frugal move and saves you from the hassling of shopping paddles, balls, and nets separately.

The AceLife Ping Pong Table offers this particular deal. The price of one gets you a table and the gears you need to play ping pong right away.

But of course, its main selling point is its high-quality, regulation height compact size table. It is an excellent option for players who are looking for a tournament-specification table without the bulkiness.

The surface of the tabletop, just like all the mini table tennis tables here, is flat and smooth. You can expect a smooth and satisfying ball bounce every time they hit the table.

Meanwhile, the steel frame provides the playing stability that you need. It has rubberized feet and locking mechanism to ensure the reliability of the table whenever you are using it.

You can fold the table into half, thanks to its separate chassis. It has a slim fold, which enables you to store it on rooms that have limited space.

Furthermore, the AceLife Ping Pong Table is already pre-assembled. You don’t need to fuss over its assembly; instead, you just need to play right away.

Are you impressed by the quality of this table? Then you should check it out now!


What Are The Advantages Of Having A Mini Ping Pong Table?

mid size ping pong tables

It is quite inevitable if people would ask if these compact ping pong tables are worthy investments. I mean, if you can just pursue those standard size table tennis tables, why you should still get a small one?

Well, the following reasons will give elucidation on this particular issue.

If you have limited space in your office or apartment, but love to play ping pong, a compact ping pong table is the best option for you. With this particular ping pong table size, you don’t have to worry about the availability of a spacious indoor room!

You see, even if they are small, these ping pong tables still possess are still versatile and can be used in various applications. You can flip them for playback, use them as a recreational table, and so much more!

Do you want to discover other high-grade, multi-functional ping pong tables? Then you should check this link:

Because they have a small size, the amount of money that you need to get them is not big. The price of a high-quality compact ping pong table doesn’t even go up to $300!

These portable ping pong tables have a manageable size, which allows quick and hassle-free transport. They are easy to store, too, because of their significantly smaller frames and surfaces.

The (Not-So Notable) Disadvantages Of Folding Ping Pong Table

For me, these compact ping pong tables don’t have significant disadvantages. But in some cases, these following issues might arise.

Some players, especially professionals, will not use small tables whenever they are not playing. They cannot fully unleash their skills on these platforms since of their significantly smaller tabletop surface.

Notably, most of these mini table tennis tables don’t have an adjustable height. Even if these are designed to have regulation height, some players (like kids) might encounter difficulties when playing with them.

Things To Consider In Buying A Portable Ping Pong Table

mini table tennis

So you already decided to get a mini table tennis table. The next process is to know every essential consideration whenever for this particular type of ping pong amenity.

Here are some of them:


Needless to say, if you lack interior space in your home or office, it is just appropriate that you get a downsized ping pong table.

Unless you are willing to play outdoors, smaller tables are the immediate solution for people who don’t have enough room in their area.

Level of Experience

how much room do you need for a ping pong table

Even with mini ping pong tables, the height of the player still matters. Therefore, you need to choose a unit that is suitable to your height or has a height adjustment feature so that it can cater to the differing needs of players.

Height of Player

The height of the table should complement the height of the player. At this point, it is crucial that the legs of the table tennis table you choose can be adjusted so that it can match your height requirements.

How To Choose Best Mid Size Sing Pong Tables?

Not all mini ping pong tables have been made the same? For you to get the right one, make sure that the following factors are taken into account.


mini ping pong balls

The thicker the table surface, the better the bounce of the ball. Specifically, the minimum thickness for the tabletop is 19 mm, while those that are used in tournaments have a thickness of 25 mm.


The entire table should have been constructed with sturdiness in mind. You don’t want the frame, the table, and other accessories to be flimsy; otherwise, you will have a bad time with them.


used ping pong table near me

Make sure that the edges of the table have protective covers so that potential injuries can be avoided. Also, make sure that the frame has a locking mechanism so that the table won’t collapse under heavy load and use.

Don’t forget that the legs should have a firm grip on the ground. If it is wobbly, it is susceptible to being toppled, especially when you are playing.

Ease of Storage

The table has to come with a halving mechanism so that you fold it flat. Once in that position, storing the table even in the smallest storage room would never become a problem.

Here’s an overview of choosing a ping pong table!

Tips On How To Take Care Of A Ping Pong Table


Editor's Pick

Bouncing 90%
Material Quality 90%
Sturdy Frame 90%
Safety 90%
Ease of Assembly 90%

Among all the options that I listed here, this STIGA Table is indeed the best mini ping pong table.

Playing with this table always gives the ball a flawless bounce. Moreover, the utter convenience in the assembly and storage of the STIGA Space Saver are convincing reasons why it is an excellent option to invest

I hope that you learned from this guide! If you have questions about ping pong tables, feel free to drop them in the comment section below!

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