Top 5 Best Kettler Outdoor Ping Pong Table Reviews for 2021

Kettler ping pong table is definitely exceptional. Both professionals and amateurs have taken a liking on these tables because of their outdoor-ready performance.

I am among those individuals who have first-hand experience in using the tables of Kettler. And trust me, you will never regret if you give a thought on trying them.

Curious? Here are some of the opuses of this brand!


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Top 5 Best Kettler Ping Pong Tables

Bouncing 90%
Material Quality 90%
Sturdy Frame 90%
Durability 100%
Height Adjustable 100%

Editor’s Pick

The first one that I am going to introduce to you is the Kettler Champ 5.0. This one, as its name suggests, is an outdoor table and features lovable features that are worth investing in.

The Champ 5.0 offers excellent weatherproof construction. The galvanized steel frame and legs have a powder coating to improve their durability and resistance to corrosion and rusting.

Since it is an outdoor table, you can expect that it features a plethora of adjustment features so that it can adjust to various terrains. The legs also come with leg levelers to further ensure that you can manipulate their height.

Playability-wise, I don’t have any qualms about this Kettler table tennis table. The entire board is durable and has been made flat and smooth for a guaranteed bounce consistency of the ball.

The table features a halving design, which allows you to separate the table into two for more accessible storage and transport. And if that’s not good enough, you will be happy that it comes with a locking mechanism that prevents the table from collapsing.

With all of these things offered, it is not a surprise anymore why many people love the Champ 5.0. If you are searching for an excellent outdoor table to play ping pong, this one is right for you.

Bouncing 90%
Material Quality 100%
Sturdy Frame 90%
Safety 100%
Height Adjustable 80%


Another fantastic table from Kettler that you should know is the Kettler Outdoor 4. Trust me when I say that this one is a superb option if you are a huge fan of playing ping pong outdoors.

I did not encounter nuisances when I played with this table. It has great stability even on rugged terrains, which somehow testified that it is excellent for outdoor use.

Spousing its wheels are galvanized steel legs and frame. These parts of the table are tough and can sustain heavy beating from various outdoor elements.

I also like the base support in the middle of this table, where the wheels are connected. Unlike other outdoor ping pong models out there, the base is evidently broad, which means that the stability of the table is always present.

Kettler Outdoor 4 also features a weatherproof table. The tabletop is using the ALU-TEC surface that encapsulates a resin treatment to the aluminum board.

The combination of wood and aluminum enabled the table to generate a bounce-friendly platform. Hit the ball on the table and expect that it will go to your intended trajectory!

The folding system of the Kettler Outdoor is distinct and intuitive. Specifically, the patented safety-fold with a dual-lock system ensures that the table will remain closed or open, depending on how you intend it to be.

Check the table now and experience its wonders!

Bouncing 80%
Material Quality 90%
Sturdy Frame 90%
Durability 90%
Height Adjustable 90%


It did surprise at first when someone told me that Kettler Top Star is not that expensive. Regardless of where I look, the table has a superb construction despite its entry-level price.

Just like the first two on this list, the Kettler Top Star is perfect for outdoor use. A good proof of this is the aluminum composite table board that has been coated with a water-based paint that is both UV, scratch, and fade resistant.

Of course, the treatment did not decrease the playability of the table. You can still enjoy the smoothness and flatness of the surface that is notorious for giving off excellent and correct ball trajectories.

I also appreciate the stability and durability of its frame. The latter is not susceptible to warping, dents, and other harmful weather conditions.

The patented safety-fold and dual-lock system employed on the table guarantees that the latter will remain erect while you are using it. I haven’t encountered any instances where the table wobbled or acted flimsy.

If you are tight in a budget but still want a great outdoor table tennis table, I suggest that you check this out this unit from Kettler. From its construction down to its performance, everything is fantastic!

Bouncing 100%
Material Quality 100%
Sturdy Frame 100%
Safety 90%
Durability 100%

Best High-End

Are you hesitant to spend big in exchange for a professional-grade ping pong table? If so then, then the Kettler Outdoor 10 is the perfect choice for you!

The Outdoor 10 is the upgraded version of the Outdoor 4 that I featured a little while ago. Needless to say, the capabilities and design of this table have been improved, allowing a more fluid performance for its users.

The table, once fully assembled, is a top-notch platform for playing ping pong. The entire surface has weather protection and robust defense against physical damages.

I got the opportunity to play on the Outdoor 10 twice, and it did not fail me at all. The tabletop ensures that the course of the ball goes to where you intended it to be.

Stability is out of the question on this table. One way or another, it will not shake or wobble, even if it gets windy outside due to its highly stable base.

The frame and legs are by-products of a powder-coated, high-gauge galvanized steel construction. They were designed intuitively so that the table can remain balanced and even across different terrains.

Meanwhile, there are also floor levelers attached to the legs of the Outdoor 10. These components allow its users to adjust the height of the table as quickly as possible.

These are some of the key features of the Outdoor 10, but they are not the only ones that you can stumble upon on this table. I suggest that you check this table by yourself and see why professionals like it very much.

Bouncing 90%
Material Quality 80%
Sturdy Frame 80%
Safety 90%
Durability 90%

Best Choice for Safety

Sure enough, the quality of the Kettler Champ is quite known in the realm of table tennis. It is not a shabby unit and possesses distinct capabilities that set it apart from its contemporaries.

However, most benefits from this table are beginners who want to learn the ropes of ping pong. After all, the table is engineered to have a user-friendly design.

You can see this quality on the net-and-post system of the table. The latter, aside from having a tournament-grade construction, has an easy setup, installation, and adjustment.

Furthermore, the assembly process of the Champ 3.0 is not cumbersome. It is already pre-assembled, and the instructions that come with it are easy to follow.

Needless to say, this ping pong table can withstand different weather conditions. All the parts of this unit are weatherproof and durable at the same time.

The reliability of its surface is due to its UV and scratch-resistant coating. Coupled by its natural smoothness, the tabletop is indeed a perfect platform to hone your skills in table tennis.

Meanwhile, the frame of the Champ 3.0 is also sturdy and resistant to the elements. The galvanized steel construction ensures that regardless of the weather condition, its reliability will not be affected.

With all these capabilities, I am pretty sure that amateurs would easily love the Champ 3.0. If I were you, I would definitely check this table out!


About The Kettler Brand

Kettler is one of the most prominent builders of various ping pong tables in the market today.

It was an enterprise based in Germany, which certifies that all of its products are brimming with quality and durability.

The brand does not only specialize in table tennis but also on other outdoor sports such as cycling and general fitness.

Here is the short video introducing the Kettler

Advantages Of Kettler Outdoor Ping Pong Tables

Nobody can question the strength of the tables manufactured by Kettler. Since the tables are produced in Germany, you can guarantee that they can last for a long time and can withstand constant and rugged use.

When it comes to the outdoor niche, only a few brands can match the quality of its tables.

Elements like heat, water, and moisture cannot compromise the structure of the table. It is practically seamless and impervious to changes in the external environment.

There are several aspects that you can find in the Kettler tables that make them ideal for outdoor use. For instance, the presence of lockable and rugged caster wheels enables you to move them across different areas.

This brand is using composite aluminum as the material of choice for its table boards. It optimizes the bounce consistency without sacrificing its defense against various outdoor elements.

Some Disadvantages Of The Kettler Tables (That You Can Totally Ignore)

kettler indoor outdoor table

A lot of people have complained about the difficulty of the assembly of Kettler Tables. Users tend to consume a lot of time to assemble any of their tables.

However, once you learn the ropes, this process becomes easy. After all, things will always be tricky at first.

I noticed that most of Kettler ping pong tables are not exactly friendly when it comes to their weight. You will need the help of several people to lift and move these tables.

You can always take advantage of the caster wheels if you have problems in transporting the tables.

How To Choose The Best Kettler Ping Pong Table?

kettler outdoor


This should not be a problematic aspect, given the fact that you will use the Kettler tables in the outdoor setting.

But if you are planning to use these table tennis tables indoors, you need to allocate a large space for them.

Keep in mind that Kettler doesn’t have compact units to offer.


Most of the Kettler tables have table boards with appropriate thickness. They have a surface that goes beyond the baseline of 3/4 inch, which allows them to provide a certified right bounce.


kettler table tennis net

Again, all of the ping pong tables offered by this brand are sturdy and durable. Their capability to withstand any outdoor setting without sustaining damages is among their redeeming factors.

Check the construction of the frames and legs of any Kettler table. I guarantee that they are far from being flimsy.


While it is true that all Kettler tables are safe to use, make sure that the unit you will get from them has removable edge covers. These simple accessories will prevent accidents while you are on the corners.


All parts of the table should have a durable build. They should be immune from warping, denting, and common damages caused by the elements.

The more durable the table, the longer that it can last in service!

For more suggestions on table tennis tables, you can check out here!

Tips On How To Take Care Of A Ping Pong Table


The Kettler ping pong table is definitely a step ahead of the competition. They are an excellent choice for people who love to play in the open fields.

Editor's Pick

Bouncing 90%
Material Quality 90%
Sturdy Frame 90%
Durability 100%
Height Adjustable 100%

Among the tables that I featured from this brand, the Kettler Champ 5.0 is the most noticeable. If you want to get a tournament-grade table without spending too much, then this championship-level unit is a perfect choice.

Champ 5.0 is not only made to be weatherproof. Kettler also designed it to become a training ground for individuals who want to become competent in this sport!

That’s it for now. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below!

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