Joola Inside 15 Table Tennis Table With Net Set Review in 2021

Table Surface 100%
Material Quality 90%
Frame and Wheel 90%
Height Adjustment 90%
Assembly 80%
Portability 80%
Accessories Set 90%

The Joola Inside 15 is among those gems that you can find within the treasure trove. After inspecting it, you’ll realize that this unit can meet all your requirements for a ping pong table.

If you are tired of using flimsy tables, then you might need to check its features and qualities right now!

Things To Consider Before Buying A Table Tennis Table

Before we proceed to our Joola Inside Table Tennis Table review, it is just proper that we discuss first the things that you need to look at when searching for a ping pong table.

Sure enough, options like Joola ping pong table would appeal to a lot of people. But it doesn’t mean that it could be the same as you or others.

Therefore, the following considerations could help clear your qualms.

Not all of us have large recreational rooms where we can put regulation size ping pong tables. If you are dwelling in an apartment or in a limited-space area, it is best to opt for a compact unit instead.

These ping pong tables don’t discriminate your skill as a player. Even an amateur can play a tournament-grade table.

However, it is still best if you can use a table that suits your needs and preferences.

Tables are too high or too low for you are quite difficult to play with. Find something compatible with your height because that’s one of the keys to playing comfortably.

Alternatively, you can look for units that have height adjustments on them.

Always play within your budget. Don’t be pressured to get something that is way beyond your means.

Keep in mind that playing ping pong is generally for fun and recreation. It should remain that way, unless you want to upgrade your skills or lift your competitive gameplay.

Introducing The Joola Inside 15 Table Tennis Table With Net Set

This time, we can already examine the features of the Joola Inside 15mm. Based on my research, this particular unit has been a popular one since it was released on the market.

For me, that did not come as a surprise. With its robust and stable build, I can say that this table is one of the most playable options out there.

It is perfect for those who want to learn the ropes of ping pong. But definitely, it is excellent for professional use, too.

After all, the construction of this table follows the standards of the International Table Tennis Federation. That alone saves you from a lot of worries, already!

Joola Inside Ping Pong Table: Features and Benefits

This section will provide you a rundown of the necessary capabilities of this particular ping pong table

Table Surface

Some people have said that the bounce of the Joola Inside is not as good as other units. But based on my experience on using this table, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The unit is using a 15-mm MDF on its table surface, which gives enough correction to the bounce and trajectory of the ball. Whenever I hit the surface with my smashes, the balls go to the expected direction and height that I want.

That alone is proof that the table surface of this unit is more than enough to impress anyone–even the professionals. Of course, the table surface is also smooth and free from any flaw.

Overall, the table board of the Joola Inside has a thickness of 5/8 inches, which is within theITTF standards. It is durable, impervious to common damages, and offers tournament quality.

The painting of its table surface has undergone intricate procedures. Its white strip has been silkscreened on the dark blue table surface; it was then cured with UV light to enhance its durability and smoothness.

Material Quality

The durability and sturdiness of the Joola table tennis table are definitely outstanding.

In fact, it is one of the reasons why it is a cost-efficient choice. Once you have purchased this table, there’s no need for you to buy another one in the foreseeable future.

An excellent way to assess its durability is by inspecting its undercarriage. The entire frame is made of heavy-duty steel and was applied with powder-coating to improve its defenses against the elements.

Even the table board itself is sturdy, too. It can withstand constant use without showing any sign of deterioration or defect.

In fact, the table is supported by 1.5-inch steel tube aprons. Aside from optimizing the ball bounce, the aprons also help in keeping the table flat and durable for years to come.

I don’t see any “suspicious” components that were used on this table. Right from the start, it was engineered with only high-quality materials.

If you are looking for ping pong tables that have the same constitution, I suggest that you check out the article at KingKongPong. We have several lists of high-quality tables for table tennis!

Frame and Wheel

Like I said, only high-quality materials were only used on the Joola Inside. By far, it is one of the most appealing aspects that this equipment has.

The manufacturer of this table did not go shy in constructing a highly robust frame. You can notice that the black powder-coated legs are thick and free from any dent or blemish.

Aside from the legs, there are also rubber leg levelers that optimize the stability of the table. They can prevent the table from sliding across the floor, which can cause serious accidents.

Of course, these leg levelers can keep your floor from those nasty scratches, too.

I also like the fact that the wheels of this table have a locking mechanism. Even if they are deployed, you can ensure that they won’t move an inch.

Such a feature helps prevent unnecessary accidents while you are playing intensively. Ping pong, after all, is an absorbing game, and it can make you lose your awareness of your surroundings once you are engaged in it.


The portability of the Joola Inside is a class of its own. It has an innovative folding mechanism that allows you to transport it with ease.

The wheels and supporting frames of the table are located in the latter’s center. When you fold the table, both of the halves will flip on the middle, which in turn, enables balance and portability.

Furthermore, the wheels are evenly spaced, which, in turn, helps in supporting the weight of this unit.

Despite the rigidity of the table, you can actually separate it in half and use them independently from one another. For recreational activities, such as card and board games, these tables work best.

However, the most innovative function of the Joola Inside is its single-player playback mode. You can flip one part of the table so that it would be vertically perpendicular to its other half.

Once erected, you already have a reliable platform where you can practice your serves and smashes.

Accessories Set

The Joola Inside is almost a complete package. If it has a racket and ball holder, this piece of equipment is already flawless!

Fortunately, it compensated these inadequacies by having a tournament-quality net-and-post system. Specifically, getting this table will also give you a 72-inch long clamp-style, heavy-duty net.

The net itself is rugged and taut. It is not susceptible to sagging, especially on the bottom.

If that doesn’t satisfy you, the net-and-post system of this table features tension adjustments.

Furthermore, assembling and installing the net and posts are quite convenient. It will only take less than a minute before you can install and adjust the net according to your specifications.

Pretty decent, right?


Unlike other ping pong tables out there, the Joola ping pong table with net set does not come fully assembled. Well, if you have a lot of patience and craftsmanship with you, this particular aspect should not be too problematic for you.

Assembling this table is not straightforward, although there are claims that anyone can do it quickly. Honestly, you need someone that would help you in structuring the item, especially that the instruction might not be that user-friendly.

You also have to pay attention to the screws of the frame. They are difficult to attach and lock.

The package doesn’t provide you with a screwdriver. Therefore, you need to look for one that is compatible with its screws.

Height Adjustment

The floor levelers of this table tennis table are not just for providing stability. It can also allow you to make some custom height adjustments.

Perhaps this particular feature is one of the reasons why the Joola Inside stands out in the competition. Other premium ping pong tables out there don’t have height adjustments, which is an issue for some players.

However, keep in mind that there’s a limit as to how short or tall you can set this table. But in hindsight, that’s better than nothing!

Alternative Ping Pong Tables

The STIGA Advantage is an excellent alternative to the Joola Inside. It is an impeccable unit that offers stability and playability for every ping pong player out there.

Putting it into contrast with Joola Inside, STIGA Advantage features the following perks:

Another alternative for Joola Inside is the STIGA ST3100. It can be considered as a step-up version of the Advantage Series and Joola Inside.

The STIGA ST3100 has a better frame balance and stability, which is quite evident in the presence of multiple undercarriage supports:


Table Surface 100%
Material Quality 90%
Frame and Wheel 90%
Height Adjustment 90%
Assembly 80%
Portability 80%
Accessories Set 90%

Regardless of your playing preferences, you cannot discount the fact that a good ping pong table can really make the difference. It is one of the reasons why I am not hesitant to recommend the Joola Inside 15.

As you have read, this unit has all the features necessary for you to play ping pong smoothly and conveniently. It is an excellent long-term investment, too, given that it is not a flimsy unit!

That’s it for now. If you have questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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