Top 5 Best Cheap Table Tennis Table Reviews For Thrifty Players in 2021!

Are you looking for cheap ping pong tables? Then you are just on the right part of the internet!

You see, I believe that there’s nothing wrong if you want to be frugal even in your favorite sport or pastime. We can’t push the economy to bend to our wants, so we have to yield down on whatever resources available.

Playing ping pong is fun, but it is a lot more enjoyable if you can do it without spending too much. As for that, the following ping pong tables should be a good investment for you!


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Top 5 Best Cheap Ping Pong Table Reviews

Bouncing 90%
Material Quality 90%
Sturdy Frame 80%
Ease of Assembly 100%
Accessories Set 90%
Editor’s Pick

The primary reason why this table tennis table is cheap is because of its size. It is actually a compact unit, which is designed to fit small spaces with ease.

Despite that, you should not be too doubtful about its performance. It is still a regulation height table, so you can expect that it possesses the same level of playability as those standard size tables.

The table board of this unit is exceptionally smooth and flat; no visible unevenness is present. When you hit the ball here, it will bounce where you intend it to go.

Because the table is already pre-assembled, erecting it for a game is quite a convenient task. No loose screws or components can be seen, too.

Meanwhile, you can expect that this table provides the stability that you are looking for. The legs have a sturdy build and grasp them tightly so that they won’t move while you are playing.

Storing the table is not a problem either due to its halving design. Once folded, it can stand upright, which allows you to save as much space as needed.

Overall, I have no doubts that the JOOLA Midsize will satisfy your requirements despite its entry-level price. If I were you, I would check this table now!

Bouncing 90%
Material Quality 90%
Sturdy Frame 80%
Durability 80%
Ease of Assembly 80%

Another option that you should consider is the STIGA Space Saver. Aside from its inexpensiveness, this table is also notable because of its impressive construction.

Just like the JOOLA Midsize, the STIGA Space Saver is for people who have small spaces in their homes, apartments, or offices. It has a lightweight design, too, to ensure that you can handle it by yourself.

The table can be halved, and each of them can stand alone independently. Because of this particular feature, the table became a decent choice for multifunctional use and recreation.

Of course, nobody can downplay the quality of the table. It offers correct bounce due to the flatness and smoothness of its playing surface.

Moreover, the table board has been engineered to ensure that it will not be prone to the element. It also comes with a tubular steel apron that improves the rigidity and consistency that it can provide.

Meanwhile, one of the most notable aspects of the STIGA Space Saver is its set of leg levelers. Aside from ensuring stability to the table, it also protects your floor from scratches.

As a cheap table tennis table, the STIGA Space Saver offers more than its price. It is for that reason why I highly recommend that you experience its actual capabilities!

Bouncing 80%
Material Quality 70%
Sturdy Frame 90%
Safety 90%
Ease of Assembly 90%


Do you want to get the best ping pong table under 300? Then I suggest that you pick up the MD Sports Table Tennis Set.

This one is far from being ordinary. Aside from the tournament-size table, it also includes all the essential ping pong accessories such as the net-and-posts, paddles, and the balls, too.

Furthermore, the table itself is suite for compact uses. Whether you are in your garage or game room, this table works pretty flawlessly.

You can also appreciate its tabletop that guarantees optimal and consistent ball bounce. The surface is smooth and flat; no areas are seemingly off or damaged.

There’s also added support that surrounds the table through the form of tubular steel apron. With this apron, you can guarantee the table surface remains stable while you are playing.

Assembly is never cumbersome with the MD Sports Table Tennis Table. You can set it up in just a matter, even without anyone’s help due to its pre-assembled design.

If the going gets tough, you can still remain safe with this table. Its edges have corner caps so that you can play without minding any dangers.

Meanwhile, the halving design of this unit allows you to convert it to playback mode. Well, you can also use the same features so that you can fold it conveniently.

With all these features, it is quite surprising that the MD Sports Table Tennis Set is still an entry-level option. But of course, it is an opportunity that you need to seize now.

Bouncing 90%
Material Quality 90%
Sturdy Frame 90%
Ease of Assembly 100%
Accessories Set 100%
High-End Pick

By saying “high-end,” I am not saying that this table is expensive. Instead, it is just a way of describing the premium quality of the Butterfly Junior.

Sure enough, the Butterfly Junior is almost at the mid-market range. However, it still remains affordable for hobbyists and pros alike.

This table is excellent for serious plays despite being just 3/4 of the regulation size ping pong tables. It has a thick tabletop that offers excellent bounce, while its surface is considered flawless.

Meanwhile, the net-and-post set that comes with has an exceptional construction, which improves your overall experience with this table. Also, there are corner caps on the edges of this table so that you can remain safe while playing.

Unlike other ping pong tables, this one can be transported easily. Aside from its compact fold, the table has wheels on each of its half, which allows you to roll it wherever you want.

There’s no need for you to bother too much with its assembly. After all, it will arrive pre-assembled in your doorsteps.

When it comes to stability, I have qualms for this table. It has an innovative leg design that sits flat parallel to the floor so that the table won’t wobble while you are playing.

With all of these features, anyone would really be glad to acquire the Butterfly Junior. If this unit impressed you, then you should acquire it now!

Bouncing 80%
Material Quality 80%
Sturdy Frame 90%
Safety 100%
Ease of Assembly 70%
Best Pick For Ergonomics

Some don’t think that these inexpensive ping pong tables do not possess any ergonomic design. Given that they are cheap, it is quite understandable that such a notion exists.

Fortunately, the EastPoint Sports EPS 3000 Table Tennis Table proved that wrong. It is an intuitive option that you can get within the entry-level category.

The existence of a ball-and-paddle holder on its side is proof that the table is engineered to provide convenience to its users. Aside from that, it also comes with lockable roller wheels on its legs that enable quick and hassle-free transport.

The innovative approach to the construction of this table is also seen on its side aprons. They hold the table board consistently in place for more stable gameplay.

And if that’s not enough, this table also provides protective covers on its edges. You can go all out here without any fears of getting injured. 

Of course, the table also features a folding design. Since it is not compact, the table can be flipped for playback mode.

Also, it is also a good thing that the table can be locked while it is folded. It gives you the peace of mind that it would collapse accidentally while in storage.

These are the exceptional capabilities of the EastPoint Sports EPS 3000 Table Tennis Table. Get it now if you are serious about this sport!


Advantages Of Cheap Table Tennis Table

cheap table tennis table

The best price-friendly ping pong tables are produced by notable manufacturers like JOOLA and STIGA. They are not run-of-the-mill units that you can simply ignore.

Furthermore, their appearance and construction are pretty reminiscent of high-end and professional tables. Therefore, having them around is definitely worthwhile in your part.

Another exciting aspect of these inexpensive ping pong tables is their diversity in function. Because they can be folded, you are free to use them for playback or other recreational purposes.

Needless to say, the most significant advantage of these entry-level ping pong tables is their low price. You can get decent tables already within the $100 to $400.

If you are living a frugal life, these tables suit you best.

Some (Not So Notable) Disadvantages

Of course, you cannot compare the quality of an entry-level ping pong table to a premium one. The latter offers better construction, features, and other ergonomics.

However, keep in mind that you are going after these affordable tables because they don’t hurt your pocket. That’s our primary consideration in the first place.

If you want the finest options, these ping pong table reviews are for you!

Most of these budget-friendly tables have compact dimensions. If you want to get a standard-size table, you might need to spend a little higher.

But of course, these compact tables have a set of perks, too. One of these is that they are great for indoor areas that have limited space!

General Considerations Before Buying A Ping Pong Table


table tennis table sale

Before buying a ping pong table, make sure that you have enough space to accommodate it. If your area is somewhat restricted, you have to downsize your option to compact ping pong tables.

Height of the Player

A ping pong table has to match the height of its player. A little too low, and it is comfortable for adults; if the opposite, your kids can’t play with it.

At this point, it would really be great if the table has a height-adjustment feature. It allows you to configure the height of the table depending on who is using it.

How To Choose The Best Cheap Ping Pong Tables?

ping pong table cost


You have two options here: to go with the standard size units or to opt for the compact ones. Either way, you should always see if you have enough space where you can place them.

Most of the inexpensive ping pong tables have a compact design. Therefore, you might be left with no choice but to deal with them.


how much is a ping pong table

The playing surface of the ping pong table should not go below 3/4 inches or 19mm for an optimal bounce. Meanwhile, the tabletop should be at least 1/2 inches.

If these requirements are met, the table can provide a real bounce to the ball.


The table should be sturdy enough that it won’t get damaged by blunt force or the elements. Furthermore, all of its parts should be rigid, especially the frame and the table board.

Any defective parts might deteriorate your playing experience.


ping pong table price

I play ping pong for fun. But of course, I am also aware that it has some risks as well, especially when I am playing on the edges.

The best way to counteract this is to ensure that the corners of the table board have protective covers. They can efficiently prevent injuries.


Finally, you will want your table to last for as long as it could. Just because its cheap doesn’t mean that it has the excuse to break or wear-off quickly.

How To Take Care Of A Ping Pong Table?

Here is a short video about Table-Tennis Table Cleaning


Ping pong is a great sport, even for those who are lacking in your financial means. After all, there is a myriad of ping pong gears that are not going to break your bank account.

Editor's Pick

Bouncing 90%
Material Quality 90%
Sturdy Frame 80%
Ease of Assembly 100%
Accessories Set 90%

I have proven that here in this list of cheap ping pong tables. A notable example is the JOOLA Midsize that possesses both playability and stability of most high-end table tennis table.

This particular table is quite abundant in hefty features that can improve your game. It has a sturdy frame, flawless table construction, and the essential accessories so that you can play right away!

That’s it for now. If you have questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below!

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