Table Tennis Dimensions: The Things You Need To Know [Infographic]

Aren’t you curious about the exact and correct ping pong table dimensions? If you are, then this guide is just for you!

You see, the existence of different table tennis tables out there can make anyone believe that any size is okay. But if you want to be good in this game, you should be aware that the appropriate ping pong table size does matter.

Let’s discuss more of this stuff in the following infographic.

ping pong table dimensions

Here’s my take on the ping pong dimensions insights from the infographic:

I should make things clear here first. The “size” that I am talking about here is the “official” requirements for ping pong tables.

In this way, I can provide more specific details about these regulation size ping pong tables. Of course, it would be really beneficial for you as it can help you determine which commercial ping pongs you should get.

According to the International Table Tennis Federation, the following specifications are the exact dimensions for a standard-size table tennis table.




Playing Space

The dimensions of a ping pong table should also match your selected playing space. Since we are using the official ping pong table sizes, our playing space should be able to accommodate such specifications, too.

The following is a list of the minimum space needed for a single table per given setting or competition.

46 feet (length) x 23 feet (width)

40 feet (length) x 20 feet (width)

33 feet (length) x 16.6 feet (width)

30 feet (length) x 16.6 feet (width)

28 feet (length) x 13 feet (width)

Minimum Room Space Dimensions

We love ping pong because it is a sport that you can play indoors. But if you are planning to do so, you have to be reminded that the table for this game consumes a good amount of room space.

Specifically, you need enough space at both ends of the table so that you can do a rally back and forth. For a table that is 9 ft x 5 ft, the ideal room space should not be less than 19 feet long and 11 feet wide.

Such a dimension would allow players to play as efficiently as possible without feeling too cramped. It is a requirement that you have to meet; otherwise, you’ll have to go with compact units instead.

Other Considerations

Aside from knowing the right ping pong table dimensions, it is also crucial that you know some of its other aspects, too. Later on, this will help you decide which ping pong table you should invest next.


The minimum thickness for the tops of a table tennis table range from 1/2 inches to 1 inch. Meanwhile, the playing surface should not go lower than 3/4 inches or 19 mm in thickness.

The thicker the playing surface, the more it can achieve a true bounce. This means that in these platforms, the ball can bounce correctly in your desired height and trajectory.

Meanwhile, here are some of the finest outdoor tables for ping pong! Check here now!


You also have to mind the weight of the table, especially if you are planning to move it from time to time. Heavy tables mean that the materials that are used on them are not shabby.

But at the same time, you might need some extra help in moving or lifting them. To give you a better picture, here are some popular tables in the market and their corresponding weight.



Our Review

Half Table Dimensions

Most of the ping pong tables today have a halving or folding mechanism. This means that the table can be separated into two pieces.

The purpose of such a design is simple. It allows quick storage (because the tables fold compactly) and it ensures that the table can be used for playback and other recreational purposes.

The size of a ping pong table when it is folded is 60.25 inches (length) x 22 inches (width) x 65.75 inches (height). Keep in mind that I am referring to standard size table tennis tables here and not the other way around.

Room Temperature

Temperature is also crucial for ping pong players and the entire sport in general. The ideal temperature for a standard match ranges from 59 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit (15 to 20 degrees Celsius).

The cold temperature is necessary to minimize the sweating of the players, which in turn, will allow them to hold the paddles tightly. Meanwhile, humidity should be at 50% so that the performance of the table would be maintained.

To fully protect your table while it is idle, I do suggest that you invest a table tennis cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, because these two sports are just the same thing. Some may argue with this, but one should know that the table used for “ping pong” and “table tennis” are practically the same.

When talking about standard size tables, their folding height is around 64 inches. It should give you an idea for the appropriate room space for their storage.

Most of the mid-size ping pong tables out there have a size of 71 inches (length) x 36 inches (width) x 30 inches (height).

Meanwhile, mini ping pong tables can go smaller than these specifications. But usually, they vary in sizes.

Obviously, no. Based on the rules and specifications provided by the International Table Tennis Federation, the tables that should be used in international tournaments should be those that have standard size.

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Now that you are aware of the correct ping pong table dimensions selecting the right one would never be a difficult task for you. It would be easier for you which table can fit your requirements and the space available in your home, office, or apartment.

Sure enough, you still have to select those tables that are brimming with quality and features. After all, size is just one of the factors in choosing the right ping pong table for you!

That’s it for now. If you have questions, feel free to smash them in the comment section below!

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