iPong V300 Review: Table Tennis Training Robot for 2021

Ease of Use 80%
Easy to Set Up 90%
Feature 70%
Portability 90%
Durability 70%

The iPong V300 is a valuable ping pong robot. It possesses qualities that you would want from a ball trainer minus the cost.

Of course, I am pretty aware that most of you are reluctant to purchase these table tennis robots because of their given price. While it is undeniable that they are useful, the mere fact that most of these machines are expensive to prove that not all are acquiring them.

But what if you are presented with an inexpensive option? Well, that’s all the iPong V300 is all about.

Things To Consider In Buying A Ping Pong Robot

Investing in items that you cannot classify as inexpensive requires serious consideration. Specifically, you need something that you wouldn’t regret sooner or later.

Ping pong robots perfectly fit in these predicaments. Hence, the following fundamentals should be taken into account.

These table tennis robots are designed for everybody. After all, their primary purpose is to train players in the various aspects of the sport.

However, you must pick a robot that is within your capabilities. It is quite impractical if you are going to get a sophisticated unit if the only thing that you want is to practice hitting serves.

If you are a professional or a serious enthusiast, you need something loaded with capabilities. From the ball frequency rate release down to the precision of the throw, all of these aspects should be present.

The budget is also a matter worth discussing here. As I said, you need to be prudent in what you get, regardless of how badly you want it.

For ping pong robots, you can either go for luxury and budget-friendly options.

A luxury ping pong ball machine is definitely an exceptional choice for professional players as it is loaded with useful features and capabilities. It works best for players that want to sharpen their skills and overall proficiency in the sport.

On the other hand, pick a budget-friendly robot if you think that having a high-end machine is too overwhelming. It is a safer and economical choice.

You can discover more of these options in these ping pong robot reviews, check here now!

Introducing the iPong V300 Table Tennis Training Robot

One of the most sought table tennis machines in the entry-level category is the V300. There’s no doubt about it.

It is not that expensive as compared to its counterparts. Furthermore, it provides decent features that any players–even professionals–would really like.

The V300 is equipped with updated software so that it can think and move like a human player. It can shoot balls with exceptional precision and consistency.

With its wireless setup, using this robot is never a painstaking process. You can configure all of its controls and features with its responsive remote; a digital display is also included to ensure that you can keep track of its settings.

Overall, using the iPong V300 is downright beneficial. For starters, this unit will provide a superb means for you to practice your skills and hone your techniques in the sport.

iPong V300 Review: Features And Benefits

Spin Type

The V300 is surprisingly versatile when it comes to the spins that it can produce. Of course, this is an important factor as we want a machine that can shoot balls with a human semblance.

Human players put a spin on their shots. Fortunately, this training equipment can do the same, too.

It is equipped with side-to-side oscillation so that it can shoot balls in different trajectories. While doing so, the balls that it releases can spin in the following manners: topspin and backspin.

Sadly, it doesn’t have a sidespin.

This particular capability enhances your affinity in dealing with various spin techniques. It is a fantastic feature that would deliberate up your game even if you don’t have a human opponent.


When it comes to ball capacity, the V300 is pretty hefty. It can hold significantly large numbers of balls in a single instance.

Specifically, this machine can load a hundred balls in one go. This capacity already rivals those high-end units, which is a huge plus, especially if you don’t want to load balls from time to time.

Moreover, the V300 has an adjustable shooting frequency. You can adjust the number of balls that it can shoot per minute from 30 to 70.

If you are good enough in the game, you would be able to handle the highest frequency setting. For starters, the lowest setting should be more than enough.

Portability and Storage

The portability of this robot is pretty decent. Since it is not too bulky and it has a streamlined frame, you will be able to bring it anywhere that you want.

This machine doesn’t weigh too much either. Specifically, it has a weight of around 2.5 pounds.

However, once this unit is placed on the table, its movement would be limited. After all, it is operated via a power outlet.

You will not have a problem with its storage either. As long as you have a little room for it, this budget-friendly ping pong machine can fit.

It would really be great if you can buy a bag or cover for it. In this way, dust and grime won’t harm it.


I am pretty sure that ping pong machines are not meant to be abused. But at the same time, some players just want to go all-out in playing for extensive periods.

You wouldn’t worry about the V300 if that’s your intention. This one is engineered to last longer in service.

Admittedly, the structure of this ping pong robot is not the best out there. However, given its price, such minimal drawback is an acceptable tradeoff.

Alternatives Table Tennis Robots

If you want a massive upgrade of the V300, then you should pick the Butterfly Amicus Professional Table Tennis Robot.

This one includes a plethora of extremely useful features for professional players, such as adjustments in speed, spin, and frequency.

Here are some of its key features:

Another upgraded version of the V300 is the Newgy Robo-Pong 2040 Ping Pong Robot. It is designed to cater to the needs of both pros and amateurs alike.

The robot is complete with essential features and accessories so that you can use it the way you want it. These are some of the key capabilities of this machine.


Ease of Use 80%
Easy to Set Up 90%
Feature 70%
Portability 90%
Durability 70%

The iPong V300 is an excellent choice for a budget-friendly ping pong ball machine. It has the fundamental features that users can use to improve their gameplay.

While it is true that it is not as good as those premium robots, no one can deny that the V300 can do its job right.

That’s it for now. If you have questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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