Stiga Pro Carbon Review: The Table Tennis Racket Review for 2021

Speed 100%
Spin 90%
Control 80%
Durability 90%

The Stiga Pro Carbon is one of the top choices for ping pong players who specialize in aggressive plays. This particular racket is packed with tournament-grade features that enable its users to execute powerful and speedy shots.

Of course, if you are at it, you are already aware of the importance of high-quality ping pong equipment. For instance, a good paddle can ensure the accuracy and “correctness” of strikes and loops.

A solid reason why Pro Carbon is popular is because of the finesse of its construction and performance. In this review, we will be exploring the capabilities of this paddle, and why should it become your next arsenal.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Table Tennis Racket

Knowing how to choose a ping pong paddle is actually crucial. Keep in mind that not all rackets out there can suit your needs and preferences.

Here are some of the key considerations in choosing a table tennis paddle.

Playing Style

If you are an offensive player, you need paddles like the Pro Carbon. Specifically, the paddle should have a light but rigid construction.

It is also necessary to have multiple plies on the paddle. Five layers are the minimum; try to go for a 7-ply blade as it is packed with speed and power.

Don’t forget to inspect the rubber. Go for those that have firm rubbers, as they are designed for producing impactful smashes.

If you like to play defensively, it is essential that the paddle you get is heavy. But at the same time, the blade should not be too hard, as it would become difficult for you to control and take hold of the ball.

An all-rounder is someone that does anything on the surface of the table. Hence, they are entirely free to choose any paddle that they want.

However, it would really be great if they can get a paddle that strikes the perfect balance between attacking and defensive. It is the very unit that they need to excel in the game.


There are two primary types of grips used in ping pong: the Shakehand and Penhold. By knowing how you grip the handle, you will eventually have an idea of the specifications of the paddle that you need.

Shakehand is a gripping style where you are holding the handle similar to shaking hands. On the flip side, the Penhold is holding the handle like you are holding a pen to write.

For starters, the Shakehand grip is the most recommended since it is easier to execute. Meanwhile, professionals are usually using the Penhold because of its intricacy and finesse when mastered.

Chinese ping pong professionals are among the known users of the Penhold.

For Shakehand, the paddle that you should get must have a straight or flared handle. For Penhold, the obvious choice is the Chinese Penhold (CPen) handles.

Introducing The Stiga Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket

As a performance-level ping pong paddle, the Pro Carbon is far from being disappointing. It is one of those “select few” that is capable of executing tremendous professional quality, especially when used by seasoned players.

Of course, this unit is designed to tackle such extensive games and rallies. It is durable and carefully made, ensuring that it will not wear out easily.

Even its parts were patterned to the standards of the ITTF, which is something that you should be delighted about.

One of the critical aspects of this ping pong paddle is its excellent delivery for speed and power. As I said earlier, the paddle is suited for aggressive players, thanks to its rigid and lightweight Carbon Technology construction.

While it is true that controlling paddle might become an issue for novices, this doesn’t mean that they can no longer go for it. This paddle is also great for practices because of its consistency and accuracy.

Overall, the Pro Carbon is a ping pong gear that you shouldn’t miss out. It is a paddle worth taking in!

Stiga Pro Carbon Review


The handle of the Pro Carbon solidifies the expectations that it is for players who are into the Shakehand grip. It is also a testament that this paddle is for starters and intermediates alike.

The Concave Pro handle of the Pro Carbon features a finely shaped flared cut. It has a smooth surface, ensuring that you can hold it for extended periods without getting discomforts.

I also like that the handle also includes a Shock Dispersion Tube. The latter prevents vibrations from ruining the accuracy of the paddle; it takes the excess energy and disperses it away from the handle.

Of course, the handle is made from premium Balsa wood. It is light, rigid, and downright durable!


STIGA made sure that the handle of this paddle is suitable for executing different types of attacks. Specifically, it is equipped with the proprietary S5 rubber, which is definitely geared for offensive playing styles.

You see, the S5 Rubber features ACS Technology. This one added extra grip and firmness to the rubber, which, in turn, enables the latter to become a tool for spins, loops, and smashes.

Interestingly, the thickness of this rubber hits the perfect spot; its compact size guarantees that it can optimize your performance. It delivers relentless speed and power to your games.

Furthermore, S5 Rubber has been designed to be a full platform for sweet spots. Regardless of where the ball lands on it, the effects will be the same: a total display of consistent force.


The Pro Carbon ping pong paddle will never excel if it doesn’t have a well-engineered sponge. Perhaps, it is something that the manufacturers in Stiga kept in mind when making this paddle.

This table tennis racket features the use of a 2.0-mm sponge. It is embedded properly between the blade and the rubber of the paddle.

It has the right kind of thickness for making strong attacks and accurate catapults. You will be able to perform spins and loops whenever necessary.


I am hands down when it comes to the blade quality of the Pro Carbon. The blade of this unit is specifically tailored to overpower and outpace your opponents.

Its 7-ply blade anatomy directly tells that you can use it for high-speed and extensive rallies. Right from the get-go, it is rigid but never heavy, which provides extra advantage for players who want to maximize their energy output.

The central body of this blade features five layers of Balsa wood. It is a premium material known for its sturdiness and lightness.

Meanwhile, its exterior is sandwiched between two layers of carbon. They improve the reaction time of the paddle while ensuring that it can manage shock and vibration.

Overall, the blade of the Pro Carbon is genuinely sophisticated. It highlights that it is possible to create an attacking paddle without sacrificing the durability and weight departments.


You have already seen the impressive architecture of the Pro Carbon ping pong paddle. I guess it would really be unfair if it will be labelled as something shabby.

Of course, the way this table tennis racket has been designed is far from being an entry-level. Since it is a pre-assembled paddle, its makers ensure that no parts are loose.

Even the way the handle and paddle were tailored is truly impeccable. All the edges are smooth and refined so that chips and flaws will be vanquished.

You can find other exceptionally constructed ping pong paddles here in KingKongPong!


Right from the start, you will encounter no problem with the weight of the Pro Carbon. It only weighs around 7 ounces, which is already beginner-friendly.

I deem that this paddle will not give anyone a hard time. Even if you are new to the sport, you will enjoy using this ping pong paddle.

Alternatives Ping Pong Rackets

One of the finest alternatives for the Pro Carbon is the Killerspin JET200. This well-made paddle is tailored for beginners who want to learn the ropes of ping pong.

Here are some of the known features of JET200:

If you want a highly balanced ping paddle, you better opt for the Butterfly 401. It features a unique harmony between control, speed, and spin, which are all essential for competitive plays.

These are the reasons why you will like this paddle:


Speed 100%
Spin 90%
Control 80%
Durability 90%

Overall, the Stiga Pro Carbon ping pong paddle is an excellent equipment. It is an embodiment of masterful craftsmanship that is only seen on a handful of table tennis rackets.

You will never regret it if you are going to invest on this ping pong paddle. After all, this lightweight and rigid unit has the essential ergonomics that can help you maximize your performance.

That’s it for now. If you have questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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