Stiga Evolution Table Tennis Racket: The Review for 2021

Speed 90%
Spin 90%
Control 80%
Durability 80%

Acquiring the Stiga Evolution is like acquiring an arsenal that you can use to win each of your table tennis games. This paddle has a suitable construction that makes it a powerful utility of aggressive playing styles.

Of course, the correct racket can spell the difference between a successful game and a bad one. If all paddles are all the same, then there’s no point in doing reviews like this.

This time, let us check the quality of Stiga Evolution, and see if it is the paddle that you are looking for.

Considerations In Choosing A Ping Pong Paddle

Here are the specifications that you need to consider whenever choosing a ping pong paddle:

Playing Style

Paddles for offensive playing paddle would enjoy units like the Stiga Evolution. It is light and rigid at the same time.

For this particular style, it is essential that the paddle comes with a number of plies, as well. The standard is five layers; but if you can find a 7-ply blade, then the better.

Always inspect the rubber quality, too. Pick those that are firm so that they can generate more powerful smashes.

A defensive playing style requires optimal ball control. Hence, the paddle of choice should be weighted so that you can have a better “feel” to it.

The blade should not be too stiff; otherwise, it will be too difficult for you to hold and manage incoming balls.

Players who specialize in this style can do virtually anything–from striking aggressively to defending carefully. Therefore, they are allowed to get any paddle they opt.


Two gripping styles are being used commonly in ping pong; the Shakehand and the Penhold. Knowing how you hold the paddle enables you to determine the kind of paddle that you need.

Shakehand is a gripping style similar when you are shaking someone’s hands. Meanwhile, Penhold works by gripping the handle in a way that is similar to holding a pen.

Shakehand gripping style works best if you have a flared or straight handle. Penhold will need you to have a paddle with Chinese Penhold (CPen) handles.

Presenting The Stiga Evolution Table Tennis Racket

If you are looking for a performance-level table tennis racket, the Evolution of Stiga should become your optimal choice. It has been rated to excel in the speed and spin department; however, this doesn’t mean that it is an uncontrollable racket.

This unit features high-quality construction that fits the standards of the ITTF. Hence, you can always use it in competitions and tournaments and ensure that your performance will not be on shambles.

For instance, it comes with a shock dispersion technology that helps you mitigate the impact of incoming attacks, and return them with utmost precision.

As far as I am concerned, this paddle will give you a fine time while on the table. It won’t become a disappointment.

Stiga Evolution Review


The handle of this paddle encloses a shock dispersion tube, which is essential in the efficient transfer of energy. It allows a certain degree of control, especially if the user has a good foundation in handling.

Its handle is flared and features a tacky surface. Therefore, gripping it should never be an issue.

At the same time, it is smooth and doesn’t have any rough edges. You can hold it for long hours without experiencing any discomfort.


You can also appreciate the rubber used on this table tennis paddle. You see, the Evolution is equipped with an ITTF-approved premium rubber, which is one of the many reasons why you should check it out.

The rubber extends the sweet spot of the paddle. It has an even surface with sufficient tackiness so that you can attack and defend with it simultaneously.

Moreover, the rubber is not that thick; it is well-suited for making spins and other fast-paced attacks. Of course, I can vouch that the rubber is not shabby; it is not susceptible to quick wear-and-tear.


The Evolution features a 2-mm sponge. It is appropriately embedded between the blade and rubber and acts as a shock-absorption agent.

Interestingly, the rubber and sponge of the Evolution are tailored to work hand-in-hand together. They are designed to optimize attacks and ensure that you can execute your techniques conveniently.

Unlike other ordinary paddles, the sponge of Evolution is taut; it is not prone to peeling off, which reduces the need for you to find constant replacements.


I am lying if I say that I am not impressed with the way its blade has been constructed. Specifically, this unit boasts the Crystal Blade, which is a 6-ply utility made from high-grade hardwood.

This particular blade is ultra-tough, but notoriously lightweight, thanks to its nanocomposite technology. As a result, you will not have a difficult time carrying and swinging this paddle.

I can say that the quality of the blade of Evolution is quite at par with the blade of the Stiga Pro Carbon. These two are definitely matched when it comes to this department.


Overall, I have no qualms about the quality of its construction. As a pre-assembled ping pong paddle, this one is brimming with finesse.

All parts are made from high-quality materials. They were merged together by expert craftsmen, which ensure that they will form a paddle that will improve your performance significantly.

You can check this post from so that you can compare the quality of Evolution to other professional-grade table tennis paddles.


I didn’t encounter any difficulties in getting used to the weight of this paddle. As I said, this unit is designed for attacking; therefore, it is a given that it will not strain your hands due to excess pounds.

In fact, I can even recommend this paddle to beginners who want to use a racket that is lightweight and maneuverable at the same time.

Alternatives Table Tennis Rackets

This is an excellent alternative to Evolution if you think that the latter is not suitable for your playing style.

Similar to Evolution, this one has a superb construction and has been rated to excel in competitive settings.

Here are its key features:

The Butterfly 401 is an excellent substitute for Evolution for those who are looking for a well-balanced paddle. Its control, speed, and spin ratings are almost equal.

Below are its notable capabilities:


Speed 90%
Spin 90%
Control 80%
Durability 80%

Overall, the Stiga Evolution is a table tennis paddle that is great for competitions and practices. It is a tool that showcases the correct combination of technology, high-quality parts, and excellent craftsmanship.

Based on its ratings, this paddle works best for a highly-aggressive playing style. But at the same time, it gives you adequate control to ensure that your shots will not go out of bounds.

That’s it for now. For other related questions, feel free to ask me in the comment section below.

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