Top 5 Best Table Tennis Paddle for Spin and Speed Reviews 2021

At some point, a player will definitely look for the best ping pong paddle for spin. The more techniques a person learns in this game, the more he/ she will realize that the spin is a vital factor for winning a set.

By spinning the ball in a very unpredictable manner can catch your opponents off-guard. Besides players’ skill, the paddle almost contributes to the kind and quality of spin that formers can make.

Shabby paddles will disappoint you–keep that on your mind! Here, we are going to explore some of the paddles that can generate exceptional spins!


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Best Ping Pong Paddle For Spin

Speed 100%
Spin 100%
Control 90%
Durability 90%

Editor’s Choice

STIGA is one of the most reputable makers of ping pong equipment. When a particular paddle or table is made by them, you can guarantee their quality.

The STIGA Evolution Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket is an opus of this maker. It is a high-quality ping pong paddle that is designed to exhibit insane levels of control and precision.

Here are some specification features of STIGA Evolution Performance:

+ Handle – Flared
+ Rubber – Evolution Rubber
+ Sponge – 2.0 mm
+ Blade – 6-Ply
+ Weight – 6.4 ounces

However, the most notable feature of the Evolution is its ability to create impressive spins. Because the bond of the rubber is tight and strong, it is capable of optimizing the speed and direction of the ball spin.

The rubber used on this paddle features nanocomposite technology. With that, its surface became tacky, enabling its users to perform their techniques without experiencing difficulties.

If that’s not enough, let me remind you that the STIGA Evolution features a rugged body. It comes with a 6-ply light blade to provide a better feel and control to the player.

It also has the brand-new SDT technology, which uses an advanced composite rod and integrates it to the handle and blade. This particular setup enables the vibration and shock coming from ball contact to be transferred to a tube, which, in turn, keeps the stability of the paddle.

You should never ignore the STIGA Evolution. It is one of the best units you can use for making spins!

Speed 90%
Spin 100%
Control 90%
Durability 90%

Runner up

JOOLA Infinity Overdrive is another paddle that can elevate your technique and performance. The paddle excels in making intricate spins, making it an excellent choice for every technical ping pong player out there.

In fact, many consider the Infinity Overdrive as the best table tennis paddle for spin. While such a claim is arguable, let’s not discount the fact that a paddle is indeed a high-quality unit worthy of being respected.

Here are some specification features of JOOLA Infinity Overdrive:

+ Handle – Flared
+ Rubber – Micron 48 Table Tennis Rubber
+ Sponge – 2.0 mm
+ Blade – 7-Ply with Caron Kevlar
+ Weight – 9.9 ounces

Just like the STIGA Evolution, the JOOLA Infinity Overdrive is an ITTF-approved paddle, which makes it usable for tournaments and competitions. It features a flared grip handle for optimized control.

Moreover, there are two layers of carbon Kevlar reinforcement on the blade of this paddle. They drastically reduce the vibration, while ensuring that the item has a huge “sweet spot” for strong and speedy attacks.

The rubber used on this paddle has a superior design as compared to its counterpart. It is tacky and tout, which guarantees that its users will be able to execute their well-practiced spin techniques with precision.

Given that there is PVC tape on the sides of the blade, it is definite that the paddle can survive long. It is suitable for both practice and competitions, which, in a sense, gives you a cost-efficient paddle to play it.

You will never get wrong if you are going to put your money to the JOOLA Infinity Overdrive. For making impactful and powerful spins, this paddle is definitely the right choice!

Speed 80%
Spin 90%
Control 80%
Durability 80%


Fortunately, there are ping pong paddles that are not that expensive. If you are searching for an affordable paddle that can make exceptional spins, you should consider the Sport Game Pro.

Specifically, this paddle is for amateurs who want to learn the basic ping pong techniques. It is simple, lightweight, and sufficient “feel” to its users. It can help improve your skills and ensure that your proficiency in the game will never be brittle.

Here are some specification features of Sport Game Pro:

+ Handle – Flared
+ Rubber – Sport Game Pro Rubber
+ Sponge – 2.0 mm
+ Blade – 5-Ply
+ Weight – 6.4 ounces

This paddle features a high-quality rubber that has a tacky surface. It is slightly thick, which ensures that you can have control over the projectile and spin of the ball.

The speed department of the Sport Game Pro is not that exceptional. However, it is pretty high for executing technical shots.

Furthermore, the paddle has a 2-mm sponge to ensure that it can provide a good bounce. Because of this, this unit will be able to assist beginners in their way to become seasoned players.

The durability of the Sport Game Pro Ping Pong Paddle is quite satisfying. Besides, the blade is made from lightweight 5-ply wood, while its flared handle is sturdy and smooth when being gripped.

Moreover, the handle has a slip-free performance, ensuring that it won’t escape while you are being absorbed by the game. You can actually “feel” this paddle every time you swing and stroke it.

Overall, the construction of this paddle is well-defined for beginners. It can hone the familiarity of a person over the game.

See the Sport Game Pro now!

Speed 90%
Spin 90%
Control 80%
Durability 90%

High-End Pick

It is undeniable that the Killerspin Jet 800 is one of the finest ping pong paddles for making technical shots. Nobody would argue if someone would label it as the best table tennis racket for spin and speed because of its intuitive construction.

This professional-grade equipment generates exceptional grip to the ball, thanks to its sticky rubber surface. It is capable of producing massive spins that are quite useful during competitions and tough plays.

Here are some Specification features of Killerspin Jet 800:

+ Handle – Flare
+ Rubber – Nitrx Rubber
+ Sponge – 2.0 mm
+ Blade – 7-Ply Extra Light
+ Weight – 9.4 ounces

The Nitrx rubber that has been used in the Killerspin Jet 800 is above the cut, too. It is among those professional-grade rubbers that can assist players in controlling the trajectory and direction of the ball.

Besides, the blade quality of this paddle is far from its competitors. Specifically, the latter consists of 7-ply composite wood and carbon fiber material, ensuring that you can use the paddle for aggressive and fast-paced plays.

It is also noticeable that the paddle has a smooth and premium finish. By just looking at the handle alone, you can see that it is free from rough spots and tarnishes that are common on ordinary ping pong paddles.

Aside from these perks, the Killerspin Jet 800 includes a personalized memory book where you can store the item. You can also use the book for stowing signatures, personalized messages, and game records.

Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to try the Killerspin Jet 800. Experience it and change the way you play the game!

Speed 90%
Spin 90%
Control 80%
Durability 80%
Best Composite Blade Paddle

You will never put money into risk with the Gambler Custom Professional Table Tennis Paddle. This unit has tournament-quality and gives a reliable performance, whether on practice or official games.

Here are some specification features of Gambler:

+ Handle – Penhold
+ Rubber – Gambler Zero Professional Rubber
+ Sponge – 2.1 mm
+ Blade – 5-Ply
+ Weight – 6.3 ounces

The blade of the paddle is created from the Zebrawood and features a core made from Kukai wood. Aside from these materials, two layers of IM8-grade Carbon were also embedded on the blade.

With this construction, the blade can receive and return balls efficiently. As long as you are in control, you’ll never miss your intended trajectory.

Meanwhile, the rubber that comes with this paddle is pretty decent. Specifically, the Gambler Zero Professional rubber has a reliable tackiness, which is needed when it comes to making the ball spin.

Furthermore, it is quite interesting that you can replace the rubber of the blade once it is worn already. Of course, you need a compatible rubber before you can do this.

Underneath the rubber is a 2.1-mm mid-soft stacked interactive coil sponge, which is designed to optimize the bounce and speed of the ball after it got hit by the paddle. It is one of the reasons why this paddle is suitable for making heavy and fast spins.

The Gambler Custom Ping Pong Paddle can work for novices and professional players. It has all the qualities that can maximize your techniques and strategies!

Check this paddle right away!


What Are The Differences Between Ping Pong Paddles For Spin To Other Paddles?

The spin of the ball is highly dependent on the surface of the paddle. Not all paddles are designed for technical shots, as some are for direct and confrontational strokes while others excel in control.

Specifically, here are the qualities that ping pong paddles for spin possess:


A paddle cannot make spins if the rubber that is in contact can’t grip the ball. If there’s no grip, then the paddle will not be able to create the necessary motions for the ball to spin.

Specially Designed Rubbers

stiga pro carbon review

There two main designs of rubbers out there: pimples-out and pimples-in. Among these two, you should prefer pimples-in rubbers.

Just as its name suggests, this particular rubber has its pimples facing toward the sponge. This is the reason why it is called a reverse rubber.

Reverse rubbers provide the essential grip so that you can do as many strokes as you want.


Paddles designed for spin have a thick sponge. The thicker the sponge, the more suitable the paddle for offensive and technical plays.

Right now, the top ping pong paddles have an ideal thickness of 2.0 mm.

Meanwhile, here is a video that showcases the tips on how to improve your spin techniques:

Considerations In Buying The Best Table Tennis Paddle For Spin

Playing Style

Players that love to make their balls spin are offensive players. Therefore, the paddle that they should get should offer them with the necessary control and speed output.

It is not enough for the ball to spin, after all. So, it should be able to spin fast with great unpredictability and force.

Level of Experience

best table tennis racket for spin and speed

Some paddles out there are designed for beginners, while others are for intermediate and seasoned players. If you are still new, prioritize a paddle that is easy to control and handle, which suggests that you have to look for a unit that is lightweight and balanced.

For intermediate and professionals, the paddle they should use must be able to accommodate their skills and techniques. The blade, handle, and rubber should have a polished construction–preferably an ITTF-approved unit.


Don’t compromise your budget. When buying ping pong equipment, you mustn’t go overboard with your financial means.

Spending too much in this game will not guarantee that your performance gets better. Just be prudent when it comes to spending.

Choosing The Best Table Tennis Racket For Spin and Speed By Material

Blade and Handle

The standard for the blade and handle remains the same for every high-quality paddle.

For the blade, it should be durable and must be tailored from wood or composite material. Furthermore, it would really be great if the blade has a 5-ply construction at the very least.

Meanwhile, multiple handles are available for your selection. You can opt for a penhold, flared, or straight; you just have to choose which among these designs you are comfortable with.

A straight handle is suitable for those who want to attain control over the paddle. Meanwhile, get an anatomic paddle for a relentless grip.

Rubber and Sponge Material

pingpong paddle

For a paddle that specializes in spin, the rubber for tacky so that it can grip the ball. As I mentioned, the rubber should have a reverse design so that you can control your strokes.

Meanwhile, the sponge should have an average thickness of 2.0-mm. It should not lower than that as it will affect the quality of spin that the paddle can make.

How To Choose The Paddle By Racket Attributes?

pingpong bats


Amateurs out there should pick paddles that have thick rubbers if they wish to practice on ball spins.

The thicker the rubber, the more proficient it is for generating a myriad of spinning styles.

Speed and Control

Coincidentally, the thickness of the rubber affects the overall speed of the ball. If the rubber is thick, the ball will bounce harder and faster on it.

Of course, this feature does not come without a drawback. Paddles with rubbers are more challenging to control than those that have thin rubbers.

Tips To Care Of A Ping Pong Racket


Overall, nobody can undermine the importance of spin when it comes to ping pong. It can improve your winning chances and ability to get better at the sport.

Editor's Pick

Speed 100%
Spin 100%
Control 90%
Durability 90%

Among the units here, the STIGA Evolution proves to be the best ping pong paddle for spin. This paddle generates exceptional spins without sacrificing your control over it.

Moreover, it has an outstanding construction. Even by just holding it, you can immediately feel that it is meant for tournament use.

That’s it for now. If you have questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below!

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