Killerspin Jet800 Ping Pong Racket Review for 2021

Speed 100%
Spin 90%
Control 80%
Durability 90%

The Killerspin Jet 800 is an excellent choice for ping pong players who want to elevate their performance. It excels in providing power and control, enabling its users to unleash their skills with no restrictions.

Surely, most of you are dreaming of a high-quality. With all the numerous options that exist now, it is quite challenging to arrive at the “right one.”

However, this problem will be stashed away in an instant if you have a paddle like the Killerspin Jet 800. Read on and know why it should become your next paddle!

Things To Consider Before Buying A Ping Pong Paddle

Before anything else, it is crucial that you understand what makes a ping pong paddle tick. Practically, some considerations should be taken into account if you really want to get high-quality paddles that can benefit you.

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Playing Style

If you are an offensive player, you need to get a paddle that has an emphasis on power. You can determine if a paddle has this feature by looking at its components.

For instance, the blade of the paddle should be light and thin. The lighter and sturdier the paddle, the more it can excel in generating impactful shots.

Playing defensively requires a paddle that can absorb shock and negate the force of incoming attacks. To do this, you need a paddle that has a thick and heavy blade.

Furthermore, the blade should be a little soft so that it can provide enough impact absorption. It is also ideal for getting a fully wooden paddle because of its insane absorbing capability.

All-rounders can either use any paddle of their choosing. They know how to play defensively and offensively, so any paddle should work for them.


There are two types of grips being used by players: Shakehand and Penhold. By knowing how you hold a paddle, you can determine the kind of paddle you want to get.

By the way, a Shakehand is when you hold the paddle like you are shaking someone’s hands. Obviously, Penhold is the act of holding the paddle’s handle like you are holding a pen.

Both flared and straight handles can be used by players who are doing the Shakehand grip. Meanwhile, if you are using the Penhold, I suggest that you get a paddle with Chinese Penhold (CPen) handle or Anatomic handle (UTCan)

Introducing the Killerspin Jet800

The Jet 800 is a high-grade piece of ping pong equipment. It has a professional design, worthy of being taken to competitions and official games.

This ping pong paddle excels in providing exceptional grip to the ball; this means that it can make a lot of spins and loops. If you are aiming to create heavy and powerful spins, this is the very utility that you need.

Of course, the construction of this paddle is not subpar. The 7-ply blade proves that it a utility for offensive players but leaves a good room for all-rounders and defensive players to maneuver.

You’ll never regret it if this is the next paddle that you are going to use in your games and practices. Sure enough, the Jet 800 of Killerspin is an arsenal that is worth every buck.

Killerspin Jet 800 Review


The Jet 800 features a smoothly carved flared handle. This feature alone proves that this particular racket is excellent for making massive spins.

It allows you to maneuver the ball so that it can spin accurately in the trajectory that you want. Furthermore, this paddle shape suits players who prefer to do the shakehand grip.

Specifically, the handle is made from premium wood. It is hard but fully polished so that it can offer sufficient control and durability.


Another fascinating feature of the Jet 800 is its rubber. Specifically, it utilizes the highly coveted Nitrx-4Z rubber of Killerspin.

Nitrx-4Z will not have reached its popularity if it is just the same with other run-of-the-mill rubbers. This one features a high-tension construction so that it can generate more speed and power.

Furthermore, the rubber has a grip that doesn’t succumb to the test of time. It has a top sheet that clutches your ball adequately, allowing you to have the upper hand when you are making massive spins while serving.

Just like I said earlier, this paddle is really constructed for players who want to excel in the offensive player. The tacky inverted rubber simply proves that.


What is a good rubber if it is not coupled with a high-quality sponge? Killerspin exactly knows the interaction between the sponge and rubber–as proven on how the Jet 800 is constructed.

The anatomy of the rubber is designed explicitly for attacking. It is thick, having a measurement of 2.00 mm, which is a standard in the game.

You can also notice that the sponge sits well between the rubber and the blade of the paddle. It ensures that the force that you pour into it will be maximized with precision and power.

Of course, it does not wear off easily, too, making it a great addition to the overall structure of the Jet 800.


One of the fantastic aspects of the Jet 800 ping pong paddle is its blade. There’s no arguing about that.

If there’s one thing that this paddle can be proud of, it is how its blade was tailored and materialized. There’s nothing shabby about it; it is just pure power and finesse.

The Speed N1 blade of the Jet 800 can pack a lot of power because of its 7-ply construction. The rule of the thumb is when the blade has more layers, the faster it can shoot the ball.

Of course, that’s the intention of Killerspin right from the start. After all, it combined high-quality wooden layers with two sheets of carbon fiber.

The result of the combination is an ideal blade for offensive players. You’ll know I’m not bluffing once you have tried this paddle.


Again, let me emphasize that this paddle is durable. It has been crafted by experienced ping pong paddle makers of Killerspin to ensure that it can sustain its quality and performance.

As long as you take care of it properly, this paddle will serve you for a couple of years. It doesn’t require too much replacement, given that the materials used on it are all premium.

One of the good ways to maintain a paddle is by cleaning it. In the video below, it shows how you can do paddle cleaning properly:


The weight of this paddle is not something that should bother you.

More or less, it weighs roughly 9 ounces, which is pretty decent already. Especially if you have a lot of experience when it comes to handling slightly weighted paddles.

Alternatives Ping Pong Rackets

One of the closest match-ups for the Jet 800 is the Stiga Pro Carbon. This paddle is also designed for offensive players since it has great leverage in responsiveness and control.

Here are some of the key advantages of this Stiga paddle over its competitors:

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Another alternative for the Jet 800 that you should check out is the Butterfly 401. This one might not excel in other areas like power or speed, but it is quite great when it comes to ergonomics.

In short, you can trust this table tennis racket if you are a beginner and you want a paddle that you can control easily. Also, check some of its cool features:

There’s nothing wrong if you are going to see the Butterfly 401!


Speed 100%
Spin 90%
Control 80%
Durability 90%

As you have seen, the overall specifications of the Killerspin Jet 800 prove that it is a high-quality ping pong paddle. Specifically, it is designed for aggressive players and fast-paced playing styles.

You can trust that this paddle will become a great asset, especially if you are a serious ping pong player. It can elevate your skills and ensure that you can win games all the time!

That’s it for now. If you have questions or suggestions, drop them in the comment section below.

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