Top 5 Best Intermediate Ping Pong Paddle Reviews on 2021

Those who have established the fundamentals in ping pong should invest in the best table tennis paddle for intermediate player. These paddles are essential for maintaining their skills and ensuring that they can still improve.

As a sport, ping pong requires the right tools and equipment, too. As you progress on it, you can’t remain shabby at all; otherwise, your performance will be doomed, and other players will start beating you.

Below are some of the intermediate ping pong paddles that players should get. Check them out!


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Best Table Tennis Paddle For Intermediate Player

Speed 90%
Spin 90%
Control 90%
Durability 80%

Editor’s Choice

It is undeniable that the Killerspin JET 600 N1 Table Tennis Paddle is one of the finest choices that we have here. Among the rackets of the Killerspin, the JET 600 possesses extreme balance over its performance.

Here are some specification features of Killerspin JET 600:

+ Handle – Flared
+ Rubber – Nitrx-4z
+ Sponge – 2.0 mm
+ Blade – 5-Ply
+ Weight – 8.8 ounces

The paddle features a blade that has been engineered with premium woods. The five-layer blade ensures a denser base so that the paddle can optimize your force and the precision of your strikes.

Killerspin JET 600 N1 Table Tennis Paddle was really intended for intermediate players. It excels in control, but without compromising its power and speed.

This particular paddle is notable for aggressive playing style, but it can also remain smooth for those players who want to showcase their technical affinity over the game.

The paddle is embedded with a premium Nitrx-4z rubber that generates enough “spring” so that hard hitters can enjoy it. This ITTF-approved rubber has an impressive tension so that it can excel in power and speed. And since the rubber is tacky enough for gripping, it is well-suited for spinning attacks, too.

The 2.0-mm sponge is a perfect couple of the premium rubber and a thin blade of the Killerspin JET 600 N1. It ensures hit accuracy, even if you are returning fast-paced balls.

Make sure that you can check out this fantastic paddle.

Speed 80%
Spin 90%
Control 80%
Durability 90%

Runner up

The STIGA Supreme should never be overlooked. It is a mistake if you just skip it just because you saw something fancy.

You see, STIGA is one of the top producers of high-quality ping pong equipment. Hence, it is not surprising if they have already produced a myriad of paddles that can suit different playing styles and skill levels.

The STIGA Supreme, for instance, is designed for intermediate players and individuals that have know-how in ping pong. This one has an ITTF-approved construction, so you can always take it on competitions.

Here are some specification features of STIGA Supreme:

+ Handle – Anatomical
+ Rubber – Future Inverted
+ Sponge – 2.0 mm
+ Blade – 6-Ply
+ Weight – 4.8 ounces

This paddle comes with a 6-ply blade from premium woods. They are tough, stable, and dense at the same; these three work together to improve the impact that the paddle gives to the ball when you hit it.

Furthermore, the Supreme Paddle features an anatomic Italian composite handle. It is soft to the hands and provides the players a good time handling the paddle for better playing experience.

The handle also has the Shock Dispersion Tube, which effectively absorbs the vibration and disperse it away from your hand. The provides you with added stability and control.

Meanwhile, the future inverted rubber of the STIGA ensures that the Supreme is tacky enough for making impressive spins. It can grip balls so that you can do technical shots at will.

Do you want to experience the prowess of this paddle? Take it now!

Speed 80%
Spin 80%
Control 80%
Durability 90%


Do you want an affordable intermediate-level ping pong paddle? Then I suggest that you get the JOOLA Omega Strata.

The Omega Strata is among the most beautiful creations of JOOLA. It features all the winning elements in the rubber and blade that could help you elevate your playing style.

Here are some specification features of JOOLA Omega Strata:

+ Handle – Flared
+ Rubber – Omega Strata Rubber
+ Sponge – 2.0 mm
+ Blade – 5-Ply
+ Weight – 6.9 ounces

This particular paddle comes with the Riff 34 table tennis rubber, which is far from being ordinary. It provides steady control over the ball and tackiness so that you can grip it for more spins and victories.

It is also equipped with a 2.0 mm sponge so that the paddle can be more responsive when it comes to returning balls. It has a great bounce that ensures that you can aim the ball in the very trajectory that you want.

Of course, as I said, the blade of this paddle is far from being shabby. JOOLA used high-quality wood variants to integrate on the 5-ply blade of the Omega Strata, namely: Kiri, Ayous, and Koto.

The exceptional engineering of these materials made the blade impressively light but extremely rugged. It has the right density to absorb impact and sturdiness to keep your shots strong and steady.

Practicing with this table tennis paddle is definitely advantageous on your part. It excels in both speed, spin, and control, which, in turn, helps you find the ideal playing style that boosts your performance.

You’ll never regret getting this paddle. The JOOLA Omega Strata is definitely one of the best out there, and it is not even expensive.

Speed 90%
Spin 100%
Control 90%
Durability 90%
Premium Pick

The Eastfield Offensive Professional Table Tennis Racket is a prominent option for an intermediate table tennis paddle. It has been embedded with professional construction, ensuring that you can take it on competitions and tournaments.

The quality of this paddle is ideal for offensive and aggressive players. It is a paddle that can improve the impact of your strikes and the speed of your returns.

Here are some Specification features of Eastfield Offensive Professional:

+ Handle – Flared
+ Rubber – A-Pro Rubber
+ Sponge – 2.0 mm
+ Blade – 7-Ply
+ Weight – 10.4 ounces

It features the A-Pro rubber of Eastfield, which is downright innovative. This rubber has been engineered to provide both speed and spin to the ball.

Also, the 2.1-mm rubber is designed to ensure that you have control over the bounce and trajectory of your hits. Coupled with its high-quality sponge, this paddle can ensure that you have accuracy every time you are striking.

Meanwhile, the construction of its blade is extremely adorable. It has a 7-ply blade that has been handcrafted from premium woods for guaranteed durability, shock-absorption, and stability.

The “feel” that you can get from this paddle is definitely off the charts. It gives you better control so that you can hone your skills to a higher level.

Sure enough, the paddle is comfortable to hold. The handle is smooth but provides a grip-free performance so that you can play relentlessly.

This time, you’ll never regret getting the Eastfield Offensive Professional Table Tennis Racket. It is the perfect paddle for those who were able to master the fundamentals of ping pong!

Speed 90%
Spin 90%
Control 70%
Durability 90%
Best Paddle For Aggressive Plays

I know that some of you like to play aggressively. Of course, nobody would ever question if you want to overwhelm your opponent in the table.

If you are an intermediate player and prefers to play offensively, I suggest that you get the Palio Legend 2. It is a paddle designed to produce powerful and speedy strikes, which can essentially dominate unprepared players.

Admittedly, this bat is slightly heavier than most of the paddles that I listed here. However, it is excellent for those individuals that have developed their natural strength already, allowing them to carry out powerful shots.

Here are some specification features of Palio Legend 2:

+ Handle – Flared
+ Rubber – Palio Hado
+ Sponge – 2.0 mm
+ Blade – 5-Ply
+ Weight – 9.1 ounces

This particular paddle includes a Palio Hadou rubber, which is ITTF-approved. The rubber is definitely tough and provides the necessary features that would suit a player who wants to make all-out attacks.

Interestingly, the sponge of this paddle is hard, which is a characteristic of most Chinese paddles. It completes the tough rubber so that the paddle can become arsenal for aggressive players.

At the same time, you can ensure that the paddle still provides control. You can even strike with precision with this unit.

Keep in mind that this item is all-wood–a design that has been made possible due to the partnership of Palio and Expert Table Tennis. It gives you a better feel over the paddle.

See the Palio Legend 2 now!


Why Should Intermediates Buy Specific Paddles?

The paddles that have been listed here are recommended for intermediate players of ping pong. Specifically, they are the individuals that have learned the fundamentals of the game.

If you get that point already, you should realize that ordinary paddles don’t work anymore.

Beginner Paddles Will Not Keep Up With You

pingpong paddle

During the time you are still new to ping pong, any paddle can work with you. It is enjoyable that way, right?

But as you went further, you learned different playing styles and techniques. Not all paddles can accommodate the route that you want to take on this game.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you get a paddle that fits your skills. It matters, especially if you are gearing to win.

Best Table Tennis Racket For Intermediate Player Is Built With Quality

The more you learn ping pong, the more you understand the importance of proper equipment. You would need a good table and paddle to practice.

An experienced player can quickly determine the difference between the quality of entry-level paddles and intermediate table tennis paddles. The former will make you feel limited and restricted.

Eventually, it will be your volition that is going to push you to secure a better paddle. Seek a paddle that has the right specifications that can fit your skills and playing style!

Considerations In Buying The Best Intermediate Ping Pong Paddle

Playing Style Of The Player

best table tennis paddle for intermediate player

Keep in mind that the paddle you should get must fit the way you play. If you are a player that is into aggressive and offensive assaults, you should pick paddles that can provide power and speed to your ball.

The paddle should make you feel its weight so that you can exert the force needed to hit explosive shots.

Defensive and technical players should do the same thing, too. There are paddles suite for them; they should find them and make them their priority investment!


Speaking of investment, I am quite aware that not all of us have the same spending capacity. Some can buy expensive ping pong equipment while others are just playing on the moderately priced options.

I recommend that you don’t push yourself, especially if a particular paddle is too expensive for you. After all, you can always find alternatives that are within the lower price range.

It is okay to stay practical, even with intermediate ping pong paddles. As you can see, most of the options that I’ve listed in this post are not overwhelming to your pocket.

But if you have the budget, then, by all means, get the best paddles for you! Check out my round-up reviews here!

How To Choose The Best Intermediate Paddle By Material?

Blade and Handle

cheap ping pong paddles

Basically, the ideal material that should be used on the blade of an intermediate paddle is wood. It provides the toughness and stability that will benefit experienced players.

It is quite alright if the blade has composite carbon or paper integrated on it. As long as the wood content of the blade is aroundĀ 85% or less, such a setup is acceptable.

The handle should be made of wood as well. It should have a good finish so that it will not hurt your hands.

Don’t forget that you need to pick the handle design that fits your preferences and playing style. You can choose a straight, flared, or anatomical handle.

Rubber and Sponge Material

The rubber and sponge are both essential in the construction of a ping pong paddle. Their specifications should be appropriate to your respective mechanisms of playing.

If you are a technical player who loves to make spins, the rubber should be tacky. At the same time, the sponge should be soft, too, so that it can enhance the grip of the paddle.

If you want power and speed, the rubber and sponge should be hard. They can enable you to hit harder.

How To Choose A Paddle By Attributes?


professional ping pong

If you want a paddle that makes a lot of spins, make sure that the paddle has a tacky rubber. Their surface is smooth but sticky, which, in turn, enables them to provide spin to the ball because of their given tackiness.

The more tacky the surface of the rubber is, the more spin that it can generate. Tacky rubbers are perfect for spinning and looping.

However, keep in mind that you should be able to read the spin of the incoming ball so that you will be able to return it properly. The way you want to spin the ball, and the spin of the ball itself are factors that could affect the accuracy of the shot.


The speed rating of a paddle is also reliant on its rubber and sponge. Basically, you need the right combination to make things faster at your end.

If you want high-speed shots, the rubber should be smooth and tough. Furthermore, the sponge should be thick.

For example, a 2.00-mm sponge can produce faster balls than a sponge with 1.5 mm thickness. The general rule here is that the thicker the sponge, the more it supports the rubber for attacking.


The control of the paddle is also dependent on its sponge. Thinner sponges have medium speed, but at the same time, they provide optimal control to the users.

Meanwhile, the rubber should be reversed (pimples in). It is a good design for players who want to do multiple strokes without restrictions.

Check this video that demonstrates how you can improve your control in ping pong:

How To Take Care Of A Ping Pong Paddle?


People who have learned the ins and outs of ping pong should upgrade their equipment. Specifically, they should invest in paddles that could elevate their playing style.

Editor's Pick

Speed 90%
Spin 90%
Control 90%
Durability 80%

Among the paddles here, the Killerspin JET 600 N1 serves as the best table tennis paddle for intermediate player. Aside from the high-quality materials used on it, this particular paddle provides balance in speed, control, and spin–a rarity in the world of ping pong paddles.

However, you can guarantee that all the units here are worthy of being checked out, too.

That’s it for now. If you have questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below!

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