Top 5 Most Expensive Table Tennis Racket Reviews in 2021

Most expensive ping pong paddles are things of beauty. The price they have usually matched their quality, which, in turn, set the bar for competition-ready paddles.

Certainly, it is crucial that players have to mind their own budget whenever buying this particular gear. However, if you have the means to get the “cream of the crop,” then do so!

This time, I am going to feature those high-end ping pong paddles that you should check out. Read on!


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The Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddles Review

Speed 100%
Spin 90%
Control 80%
Durability 100%

Editor’s Choice

The Killerspin RTG Diamond is an ITTF-approved ping pong paddle. It has a competition-grade construction that can certainly sweep ordinary paddles with ease.

Here are some specification  features of Killerspin RTG Diamond:

+ Handle – Straight
+ Rubber – Fortissimo Rubber
+ Sponge – 2.0 mm
+ Blade – 7-Ply
+ Weight – 8 ounces

Dissecting the blade of this paddle will undoubtedly awe you. Specifically, the blade is composed of the combination of five premium wood layers and two titanium carbon fiber layers.

The resulting output of this kind of construction is a balance between control and power. It aids in the proper execution of techniques and accurate shot deliveries.

Meanwhile, the Fortissimo rubber of the RTG Diamond has a touch of finesse. It has the right thickness and tackiness to create powerful ball spins.

Moreover, the rubber has been professionally enhanced to guarantee shot accuracy. With constant practice, you will be able to wield this paddle with precision so that you can aim at any trajectory that you want.

Interestingly, the Killerspin RTG Diamond TC Premium Table Tennis Racket comes with a personalized memory book. Aside from being a gift box, this memory book also works as sturdy and reliable storage for the paddle.

The quality of the Killerspin RTG Diamond is certainly a cut above the rest. Make sure that you can check out this ping pong paddle!

Speed 90%
Spin 90%
Control 90%
Durability 80%

Runner up

The Butterfly Pro-Line is an awesome and one-of-a-kind ping pong paddle. This one has been crafted by master artisans, which ensures there’s quality in the paddle every detail.

As a hand-assembled paddle, there’s a guarantee that the Butterfly Pro-Line is tailored for professional use. Its construction easily surpassed the ITTF standards, making it a competition-worthy item.

The paddle is the ideal choice for players who want to feel power and control over their shots. If you excel in those areas, then this paddle can help you dominate each game you play.

Here are some specification features of Butterfly Pro-Line Hand:

+ Handle – Straight
+ Rubber – Tenergy 80 FX 2
+ Sponge – 1.0 mm
+ Blade – 5-Ply
+ Weight – 11 ounces

Check its blade, and you can see that it is using a Balsa wood as its core, which enables it to exercise durability without sacrificing its weight management. Meanwhile, the carbon layers of the blade provide additional power to the paddle.

Keep in mind that the Butterfly Pro-line is perfect for making strong shots at mid-distance. This feat is quite possible, thanks to the proprietary Tenergy 80 FX 2 1-mm rubber.

The rubber enables the balance between heavy spins and quick shots, which are among the necessities of attack-oriented players. Its sponge is noticeably soft, too, which assures optimal control to its users.

The Butterfly Pro-Line is highly preferred by professionals. If you want to step-up your game, get this paddle right away!

Speed 90%
Spin 100%
Control 80%
Durability 80%


I can’t complete this list without including any STIGA paddle. After all, this manufacturer has released a myriad of high-quality ITTF paddles.

The STIGA Raptor is among the premium ones that the brand produced. It features a highly-balanced design that can accommodate the needs of technical players who specialize in spins.

Here are some specification features of STIGA Raptor:

+ Handle – Flared
+ Rubber – S5 Rubber
+ Sponge – 2.0 mm
+ Blade – 7-Ply
+ Weight – 7.5 ounces

Of course, I am quite certain that this paddle lets you experience intense power that is commonly found in rackets that are used by professional players. As a performance-level paddle, this one is equipped with ITTF-approved S5 rubber and 2-mm sponge.

The rubber elevates the speed and impact that the racket can produce. It is tacky, too, which supports different kinds of spins.

Sure enough, the Raptor has a 7-ply blade construction. The premium wood used on it is all lightweight, ensuring that you won’t get burdened by holding it in extensive periods.

Aside from wood, the blade also consists of carbon technology for enhanced speed and control. Meanwhile, the ACS Technology embedded on this paddle provides the desired control of players.

Perhaps the biggest perk of the STIGA Raptor is its moderate pricing. It is not as expensive as some other paddles here.

You should never miss this professional paddle. Feel free to check it!

Speed 90%
Spin 100%
Control 90%
Durability 90%

High-End Pick

Butterfly has another premium ping pong paddle to offer. It comes in the form of the Viscaria Pro-Line.

This particular racket generates a balance in speed, spin, and balance so that you can create looping shots with ease. The FL blade of this racket consists of Arylate carbon and wood, which exhibits flexibility and lightness.

Furthermore, the blade has relentless shock absorption. It can withstand steady shots and return them with ease and precision, making it a tournament-ready paddle.

Here are some specification features of Viscaria Pro-Line:

+ Handle – Flared
+ Rubber – Tenergy 05
+ Sponge – 2.1 mm
+ Blade – 7-Ply
+ Weight – 5 ounces

It pays to know that the Arylate carbon is a special material that specializes in providing exceptional attacking power. It is quite different from the standard carbon that has a limit to the amount of shock that it can absorb.

Also, the Viscaria features the use of Tenergy 05 rubber. The latter is a 2.1-mm rubber and is considered to be the best option among Tenergy rubbers when it comes to the speed department.

This rubber also excels in flexibility and softness, ensuring that your attacks will become powerful and precise. Meanwhile, the sponge underneath the rubber adds to the overall strength of the paddle.

Handling the paddle is definitely a pleasure. It has a flared handle that is extremely polished for slip-free and strain-free performance.

You will never get wrong with the Butterfly Viscaria. If I were you, I’d get this paddle right from the get-go.

Speed 90%
Spin 90%
Control 80%
Durability 90%
Best For Durability

The DHS HURRICANE-II Tournament Ping Pong Paddle is a table tennis racket that can awe its users. It has been built to become a professional-grade arsenal, which is proof of its finesse compared to other run-of-the-mill paddles.

Here are some specification features of DHS HURRICANE-II:

+ Handle – Shakehand
+ Rubber – Hurricane 3/ G555 Rubber
+ Sponge – 2 mm
+ Blade – 5-Ply
+ Weight – 9 ounces

This unit features two rubber designs. The red one is from the Hurricane 3 rubber, while the black is tailored from the Black G555.

Both of these rubbers have a pimples-in design, which is a sign that the ball is meant for creating high-quality spin. Of course, you can guarantee that this unit can also provide power in each of your shots.

When it comes to controlling, DHS Hurricane II is never a shabby one. It provides user-friendly ergonomics so that you can handle this with precision.

With constant practice, you can master this paddle, which, in turn, enables you to outplay your opponents, regardless of their skill level.

The 5-ply blade construction of the DHS Hurricane II has a reliable shock-absorption, too. It can withstand sharp shots while ensuring that it is capable of returning them with precision.

Your ability to play the game will increase as long as you can master the use of this paddle. Make sure that you can try it out!


Who Should Use Expensive Paddles?

Not all are willing to bet their money for sporting equipment. Ping pong players, for instance, usually settle on options that are suitable for their budget.

One should know that there are people who badly need the most expensive table tennis racket. Here are some of them:

Professional Ping Pong Players

tennis racquet amazon

Needless to say, the pros require investing in high-quality gear. The costlier the equipment they have, the more confident they become in the game.

I am not saying that expensive paddles are automatically better than the cheaper ones. However, it is quite notable that most of the professional ping pong paddles are found in the premium category.

Intermediate Ping Pong Players

Once you get better in the sport, you’ll realize that entry-level ping pong utilities are not enough anymore. Sooner or later, you will pursue an upgrade, which is quite understandable when that time comes.

Considerations Before Buying The Most Expensive Table Tennis Racket

most expensive bat

Playing Style

All paddles have different specifications. Each of them is tailored to accommodate different playing styles.

If you are an offensive player, you should get paddles with lighter blades for more attacking power. Or, if you want to play defensively, pick a thick and dense paddle.

Furthermore, power-oriented playing styles require rubbers that are firm. But for technical players, the rubber should be tacky and soft.

Within the high-end price range, you have an unlimited selection when it comes to these paddles. It is up to you to decide which of them will suit your preferences.

Level of Experience

The experience of a ping pong player determines the kind of equipment that he/ she should get. For amateurs and beginners, it is still acceptable to get entry-level paddles.

But once you are familiar with the fundamentals, you will realize that ordinary rackets cannot keep up with you anymore. By that time, an upgrade is a highly welcomed choice.

Check this video and see how you can get better at ping pong:

How To Choose An Expensive Paddle By Material?

Blade and Handle Material

Under the specifications of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), the blade of the paddle must be at 85% wood. Meanwhile, additional materials should only contribute less than 7.5% of the overall thickness of the blade.

ITTF allows the blade to be hybrid. The wood can be combined with other materials such as paper and carbon.

Wood produces a uniform and predictable shots. But once you can learn its intricacy, you will be able to utilize it to generate better spin and control.

Meanwhile, the handle of the paddle is usually crafted from wood. Make sure that the one you get is polished so that it doesn’t hurt your hands.

Rubber and Sponge Material

top 10 table tennis rackets in the world

Another important aspect of these ping pong paddles is their rubber. The rubber actually determines how a racket should be utilized.

Different manufacturers have their respective rubber design. Regardless of that, make sure that the rubber is ITTF-approved.

Meanwhile, the sponge also matters here. Professionals pick paddles with thick sponges if they are into attacking; for those who want more control should pick thin sponges.

How To Choose An Expensive Paddle By Attribute?


If you want a paddle that excels in making great ball spins, pick a unit that has a tacky rubber. The tackier it is, the more spins it can do.

The blade should have a moderate thickness. It should be able to absorb impacts so that you can attain more control over the ball.


most expensive ping pong paddles

As I said, the blade of the paddle determines the latter’s actual power rating. The tougher and lighter the materials used on the paddle, the more you can use it for aggressive playing style.

The blade mustn’t go less than five layers of material before it can be suited for fast-paced plays. Interestingly, wooden blades that incorporate titanium carbon or carbon fiber can provide more speed to the ball.

Meanwhile, the paddle has to possess a thick sponge if you are aiming to perform in fast-paced plays.


When it comes to a control-oriented playing style, a paddle that is heavy with a softer blade can actually help. It would also be great if the paddle has an all-wood construction for better impact absorption.

Meanwhile, a thinner sponge can provide more control to the ball.

Tips To Care Of A Table Tennis Paddles


The most expensive ping pong paddles is an investment that you should look forward to. It will elevate your performance to the next stage, ensuring that you can dominate every ping pong game you play.

Editor's Pick

Speed 100%
Spin 90%
Control 80%
Durability 100%

Among the high-end paddles, I listed here, the Butterfly Viscaria Pro-Line is the one that takes the spotlight. It has a balance between speed, spin, and control, which is a rare thing even among premium paddles.

But of course, every paddle here is worth your attention. You’ll never regret it if you are going to get them.

That’s it for now. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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