Top 7 Best Table Tennis Paddle Case Reviews on 2020

Investing in a high-quality racket with the best ping pong paddle case is quite a harrowing decision. An awesome utility, regardless of how tough and durable it is, will become inherently useless if it is kept exposed to potential causes of damages.

Keep in mind that most of these paddles are made from wood and other composite materials. They are not impervious to the elements, such as the extreme temperature.

If you don’t protect them while they are not in use, except that the constitution of the rubber will degrade. It is the very reason why you need to be adamant about investing in a table tennis paddle case.

Here are some of the paddle cases that you should consider.


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Best Paddle Case For Style
Best Single-Paddle Case
Best Cushioned Paddle Case

Best Ping Pong Paddle Case

Waterproof 90%
Easy to Open/Close 80%
Durability 90%
Material Quality 100%

Editor’s Choice

  • Made from durable vinyl
  • Seamless construction
  • Enables quick and hassle-free access
  • Can hold up to two paddles
  • Lightweight and easy to hold
  • The placement of the zipper forces you to take out the paddle via the blade instead of the handle
  • Doesn't have a carrying loop

The STIGA Table Tennis Racket Cover is a good case for any type of paddle. It is durable and provides ample protection to your racket wherever you go.

Here are some specification features of STIGA Table Tennis Racket Cover:

+ Material – Vinyl
+ Capacity (Rackets and Balls) – Two rackets / N/A for balls
+ Strap – None

This case is made from industrial-grade, heavy-duty vinyl. It ensures that while the paddle is inside the cover, it will resist most physical and chemical-related damages.

It is a useful utility since it ensures that your paddle will not become susceptible to dust build-up. In short, it is an excellent means to prevent regular cleaning and scrubbing.

Furthermore, this cover has an oversized design. It allows you to easily close and open it.

Depending on the size of the paddle, this cover can accommodate up to two units.

Check out this racket cover case now!

Waterproof 100%
Easy to Open/Close 90%
Durability 90%
Material Quality 80%

Runner up’s Pick

  • Interior foams provide shock protection to the rackets
  • Fully spacious
  • The outer case is extremely rugged
  • Includes a carrying handle
  • Waterproof construction
  • Cannot fit large paddles
  • Thickness is an issue

If you want a more comprehensive option, I do suggest that you try the JOOLA Tour Carrying Case. This one explicitly provides a storage system not only for your paddles but for the balls as well.

Here are some specification features of JOOLA Tour Carrying Case:

+ Material – Plastic
+ Capacity (Rackets and Balls) – Two rackets / Eighteen balls
+ Strap – None

Since it is manufactured by JOOLA, you can expect its durability and ruggedness. This portable case features a high-density construction and includes reliable EVA foams to keep your items safe against impact and shock.

Furthermore, the case comes with an easy-to-open snap lock system. This sturdy mechanism guarantees that all the contents of the case are safe, dry, and free from any blemishes.

Overall, the JOOLA Tour Carrying Case can hold up to eighteen balls and two table tennis paddles at the same time. Keep in mind that those ITTF-approved ping pong balls do come along with this storage system.

You should never miss the opportunity to try this wonderful carrying case for your ping pong paddles and balls!

Waterproof 80%
Easy to Open/Close 80%
Durability 70%
Material Quality 80%


  • Comes with a reliable and handy strap
  • Provides sufficient water protection
  • Durability is pretty decent
  • Includes ergonomic external pocket for ping pong balls
  • Interior is roomy
  • Impact absorption is minimal
  • There are noticeable stray fabrics

Of course, we stand by the idea that ping pong should never be a battle of expensive items. Even for storage cases, there should be an affordable but high-quality option.

The SelfTek Table Tennis Bat Bag has a simple design, but it prides itself on being waterproof. You can take it anywhere without the fear that your precious racket gets compromised.

Here are some specification features of SelfTek Table Tennis Bat Bag:

+ Material – Nylon
+ Capacity (Rackets and Balls) – One racket / Three balls
+ Strap – Yes

This case is padded for optimal protection and support. The zip closure is quite reliable and ergonomic; it allows quick access to your paddle.

Moreover, it has an external zip compartment so that you can store at least two ping pong balls.

Meanwhile, the internal coating that is found on this storage case amplifies the protection that your paddle received against heat, cold, and moisture. It is a reliable case for people who are always on the go.

Be sure that you can try this wonderful paddle case!

Waterproof 90%
Easy to Open/Close 80%
Durability 100%
Material Quality 90%
Premium Pick
  • Includes a compartment for ping pong balls
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Seamless and water-resistant
  • Zipper enclosure is durable
  • Spacious enough to hold different paddle sizes
  • Stiff for two rackets
  • It doesn't open all the way

When it comes to ping pong utilities, Killerspin is a brand worth trusting. If a carry case is made by this manufacturer, you can assure that it features an awesome and well-built design.

Here are some specification features of Killerspin Barracuda Ping Pong Paddle Carry Case:

+ Material – Polyester fabric
+ Capacity (Rackets and Balls) – One racket / Three balls
+ Strap – None

Specifically, the Barracuda Ping Pong Paddle Carry Case of Killerspin simply stands out from the competition. It is ergonomic enough to cater to various paddle sizes and shapes.

It also has a striking aesthetics, which indicates that you are a player with professional taste.

This carry case is constructed from heavily reinforced polyester fabric. It has a padded design, too, so that it can offer infallible protection to your ping pong paddle.

Both the main compartment and the side pocket of this case are embedded with a rugged zipper enclosure. It can protect your paddle wherever you go!

If you want no compromises, the Barracuda is definitely the right choice!

Waterproof 70%
Easy to Open/Close 90%
Durability 80%
Material Quality 80%
Best Paddle Case For Style
  • Organized compartments
  • Classy and sleek aesthetics
  • Interior is padded
  • Constructed sturdily
  • The zipper is not quirky
  • Stiff for two rackets
  • No space for ping pong balls

For those who want a fashionable and sleek racket case, the Eastfield Original Table Tennis Racket Case is an excellent unit to try. This one has an appearance that is similar to your ordinary hand-carry bags, which makes it extra appealing.

But don’t fret. This bag is functional as it gets.

Here are some specification features of Eastfield Original Table Tennis Racket Case:

+ Material – Reinforced fabric
+ Capacity (Rackets and Balls) – Two rackets / N/A for balls
+ Strap – None

It is made from high-quality fabrics for guaranteed durability. So, it is surprisingly tough and provides decent protection to your paddles during your travels.

The zipper system is reliable. It operates smoothly and enables the case to open wide so that you can insert or take out your paddle easily.

The main compartment has a divider on it, which means that it can hold up to two paddles simultaneously. Pretty great, right?

Make sure that you don’t miss this wonderful carry case for ping pong paddles!

Waterproof 80%
Easy to Open/Close 90%
Durability 90%
Material Quality 90%
Best Single-Paddle Case
  • Extremely rugged
  • Seamless so that tiny elements can't pass through
  • Front and back panels are padded
  • Offers decent water-resistance
  • Reliable zipper construction
  • No carrying strap
  • Not for those who usually carry two or more paddles

Solo players don’t require too much baggage. A single case paddle should be more than enough for them.

If you are in the same boat, I do recommend that you try the Butterfly Logo Full Paddle Case. Aside from its ergonomics, it comes with a reasonable price, which makes it an excellent pick for anyone.

Here are some specification features of Butterfly Logo Full Paddle Case:

+ Material – Neoprene
+ Capacity (Rackets and Balls) – One racket / N/A for balls
+ Strap – None

This case is quite durable and has been approved by the USA Table Tennis. It is a testament to its tournament-grade performance in protecting your paddle against various types of damages.

Even if it is designed for storing one paddle only, it is still spacious enough. You can feel no clutter whenever you insert or take out your racket.

The interior is well-padded and provides sufficient protection against impact and harmful elements.

Never ignore this Butterfly paddle case at all costs!

Waterproof 80%
Easy to Open/Close 80%
Durability 90%
Material Quality 100%
Best Cushioned Paddle Case
  • Securely holds the paddle
  • Fully cushioned construction
  • Comes with a carrying strap
  • Includes decent waterproofing
  • Can hold up to three ping pong balls
  • It is quite bulky
  • Cannot hold two paddles even if it is big

Now, there’s a need for ping pong players to experience the service of the Duplex Ping Pong Paddle Case. It can work as the perfect storage for your paddle while you are on the go.

Here are some specification features of Duplex Ping Pong Paddle Case:

+ Material – Synthetic
+ Capacity (Rackets and Balls) – One racket / Three balls
+ Strap – Yes

Sure enough, this one is as durable as it gets. All of its panels are padded with foam so that your racket will not get damaged if you bump the case.

This case can only hold a single paddle. But to compensate for that, there’s an external pocket where you can store up to three ping pong balls!

You will be impressed by its accessibility, too. The zipper operates smoothly so that you can open and close the compartment as securely as possible.

With its aesthetics, it is difficult to ignore the Duplex Ping Pong Paddle Case. It is a unit that can appeal to you right off the bat!


Why Do You Need A Table Tennis Paddle Case?

For Protection

As I said earlier, it is important that you can protect your ping pong paddles. Sure, it is tough, but this doesn’t mean that it is invincible.

There are a lot of things that can damage it. For instance, water can be harmful to wooden paddles.

Dust and grime can also compromise the paddle if you let it sit in the open.

Meanwhile, here is a video that shows when and how you should clean your paddle:

Carrying Convenience

Paddle cases enable you to carry your racket as conveniently as possible. Just imagine the hassle of holding the paddle on its handle for extensive periods.

With these storage compartments, you can hop to different locations without feeling any burden at all.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Ping Pong Paddle Cover

Case Shape and Size

Be careful about this! Not all cases are one-size-fits-all!

Before you get a paddle case, make sure that it can accommodate the paddle that you have. As much as possible, you need the case to conform to the shape and size of your paddle.

If it doesn’t, your paddle will not receive the total protection that it deserves.

Ball Storage

ping pong paddle cover

It would really be great if the paddle case includes a separate compartment for your ping pong balls. In this way, you no longer need to acquire a separate bag or storage for them.

Some paddle cases can hold up to three ping pong balls, while others can hold up to a dozen.


There’s no need to worry about the prices of these paddle cases. They are not as expensive as you thought to be.

You can get decent units in the entry-level category. A little higher, and you will get something that can serve your paddles for a lifetime!

How To Choose A Ping Pong Case?


You have two options here: soft cases and hard cases. Soft cases are those cases that were constructed from nylon or PVC.

Meanwhile, hard ping pong cases are constructed from composite material and plastic. Because of their innate rigid construction, hard cases can provide better protection that their soft counterparts.

If you are worried about external damages, I do recommend that you get a hard case. But for simple applications, soft cases can already work.


tennis racket case

Water and precipitation are known enemies for ping pong paddles.

They can compromise the adhesive that holds the sponge and blade. Aside from that, they can deteriorate the entire paddle itself, especially if the body is made out of wood.

You need a case that can provide guaranteed waterproofing. There’s no negotiating that.


Of course, you don’t want constant replacements, right? Therefore, the case you need to invest in is the one that can hold to the test of time and abuse.

If it is not durable, the case is not a right home for your paddle to stay.

Tips On How To Take Care A Ping Pong Case

  • Don't expose it to extreme heat and cold
  • Clean it all the time
  • Do not store anything beyond its capacity
  • Only insert the appropriate paddle on it


Investing in a paddle case is definitely a wise move. Your main weapon in the sport is the paddle; hence, it is just proper that you should take care of it.

Editor's Pick

Waterproof 90%
Easy to Open/Close 80%
Durability 90%
Material Quality 100%

The best ping pong paddle case, like the STIGA Table Tennis Racket Cover, must be sought by ping pong players. It can give your racket ample protection against various factors that could ruin its structure and performance.

That’s it for now. If you have questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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