Butterfly 401 Review: The Ping Pong Racket You Should Buy in 2021

Speed 80%
Spin 90%
Control 90%
Durability 100%

The Butterfly 401 is a superior option for a table tennis racket. Later on, I will discuss the things that make it simply different from the rest.

Of course, I am aware that you are here because you have an insatiable need for a high-performance paddle. The 401 of Butterfly may not be best out there, but I can testify that it is way better than those run-of-the-mill paddles.

Let’s explore the capabilities and features of the ping pong paddle now!

Things To Consider Before Buying A Table Tennis Racket

Before we proceed, allow me to remind you that not all ping pong paddles are the same–or work the same. They are designed for a particular playing style and preference.

Playing Style

Paddles that are tailored for attacking have light and rigid blades. Moreover, their blades usually do not go down to five layers of materials (5-ply to 7-ply is the standard for these blades).

Also, check the rubber. If it is firm, then the paddle is meant for producing strong, straight smashes.

Defensive playing style requires a heavy blade. The materials used on the blade should not be too rigid as well; there should be layers that are slightly softer than the rest.

Since you are aiming for control here, make sure that the rubber is soft and tacky. They allow you to grip the ball and make different spins out of it.

All-rounders can use any paddle that they want. That’s their key advantage over other ping pong players.

Ideally, the racket that they should use must fall “in-between” the offensive and defensive playing style. That’s the balance that they want in the first place.


The majority of the ping pong players today are either using the following grips: Shakehand and Penhold. You can somehow identify the kind of paddle that you need by being familiar with the way you hold the handle.

Shakehand is the type of handling where you hold the handle like you are shaking hands. Meanwhile, the penhold is holding the handle of the racket like you are about to write.

For the shakehand grip, you should get a paddle with a straight or flared handle. For the penhold, it would really be best if the paddle you get has the Chinese Penhold (CPen) handle or an anatomical handle.

Introducing The Butterfly 401 Ping Pong Racket

The 401 is a racket that works best for all-rounders. It is among those few paddles that deliberately excels in giving control, spin, and speed at the same time.

The quality of this paddle enables you to win competitive games. But at the same time, it also excels in practice games and recreational purposes.

401 is a testament of how a table tennis racket should be. From its construction to the materials that have been used on it, it is pretty clear that this one is built to provide steadfast performance.

The handling of this paddle is truly one of a kind; even amateurs will only encounter a small learning curve before they can get used to it. If you are an intermediate or a pro, this racket will give you bliss.

Certainly, acquiring the 401 Ping Pong Paddle of Butterfly is something you’ll never regret

Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Racket Review


Definitely, one of the biggest perks of this paddle is its handle. Specifically, it features a smoothly carved handle, which can greatly improve the affinity of starters toward the game.

The rounded flared design of its handle will enable you to feel relentless comfort every time you grip it. At the same time, it prevents the entire handle from slipping away from your hands, even if the latter is sweaty.

The handle is tailored from premium wood. It is incredibly sturdy but offers a polished surface–perfect for preventing your hands from clutching.


As I said earlier, the 401 is an excellent paddle for making spins and loops. Well, it is all thanks to the presence of the Yuki rubber.

The Yuki rubber is a proprietary rubber design of Butterfly. In this paddle, the said material is attached both on its forehand side and backhand side.

Specifically, the inverted rubber has a thickness of 2.1 mm, which is a standard for competitive paddles. It is suitable for providing extra spin and spring to your shots, enabling you to execute your techniques freely.

Of course, the tackiness of the Yuki rubber is deliberately fantastic. It doesn’t wear off quickly, too, which results in a consistent performance on the table!

You can check this video that elaborates how the thickness of a sponge can affect its performance:


You can never expect the 401 ping pong paddle to work the way it is if it doesn’t have a high-quality sponge. Fortunately, Butterfly exactly knows the importance of sponge in the overall capability of a paddle to conquer the game.

The sponge embedded between the Yuki rubber and blade of this table tennis racket is extra thick. Due to this, it generates an added bounce to the ball, which, in turn, maximizes the quality of loops and spins you make.

I also noticed that the way the sponge is affixed to the entire paddle is taut and compacted. It contributed to the minimal profile of the paddle and its overall durability.


If you want a high-quality paddle, you have to be particularly sophisticated when it comes to the blade. As the main body of the racket, the blade is the one that actually determines the impact and finesse of your playing experience.

While it is true that the wooden blade of this paddle has only a 5-ply construction, it still works better than expected. It can still yield sufficient force so that you can create strong attacks.

But of course, its true gem is the way it produces loop drives and spins. Since it is not fully rigid, it is the perfect choice for making fantastic and unpredictable shots!


The Butterfly is a fine maker of paddles. Therefore, I have no qualms regarding the 401.

As what you have seen, the materials that have been used on this paddle are purely astute and refined. There are no components that would break or get damaged after a few games.

The entire paddle has been furnished and assembled with extra care and precision, ensuring that its quality will not fall to the competitive standards.

Meanwhile, you can check out my top reviews for impressively constructed paddles!


New players might need a little time to get used to the weight of this paddle. 

However, I do believe that weight of roughly 6 ounces, I think that the 401 ping pong paddle would not give newbies a hard time.

It is just a small learning curve. They can deal with it eventually.

Alternatives Table Tennis Rackets

The JOOLA Blizzard & Blackout is one of the first alternatives that I can recommend for the 401 of Butterfly.

Specifically, it is a good choice if you are looking for a paddle that can maximize your power output for delivering impactful shots.

The Killerspin JET 600 Table Tennis Paddle has some similarities with the 401 – Butterfly. It has a 5-ply blade construction and offers reliable tackiness.

However, this paddle is better in making fast and accurate shots. While it can make spins, the value of this paddle is magnified by its power and speed.


Speed 80%
Spin 90%
Control 90%
Durability 100%

The Butterfly 401 is never a bad choice for a ping pong paddle. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

With its given features, it is pretty apparent that this paddle is made to help you win competitions. It has a reliable construction, and the materials used on it are far from being flimsy.

It excels in making spins and creating consistent shots. So, 401 paddle doesn’t get uncomfortable even after several sets.

In short, it is a table tennis racket worth your time and money.

That’s it for now. If you have questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below!

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