Top 7 Best Ping Pong Blade Reviews for 2021

If you are trying to make a top-performing custom paddle, you should always prioritize acquiring the best table tennis blade.

The reason for this is simple: the blade serves as the body of the racket. Depending on its quality, it may help you win or lose games.

Fortunately, you will never run out of selection when it comes to a table tennis blade. The list below is proof that you can always get a top-tier blade for your next paddle.

Are you ready to improve your game? Then check the following blades now!


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Best Table Tennis Blade Reviews

Speed 90%
Control 90%
Hardness 90%
Consistency 100%

Editor’s Pick

It is not difficult to see why many paddlers are opting for the Butterfly Timo Boll ALC Blade. It is an excellent blade, given that it has been crafted under the supervision of the craftsmen of Butterfly.

This one is not only durable; it is also sturdy and provides the right kind of “feel” so that you can play with it conveniently. The blade can generate excellent speeds for fast-paced plays.

Here are some specification features of Butterfly Timo Boll ALC Blade:

+ Material – Arylate Carbon / Wood
+ Handle – Flared
+ Blade – 7-Ply
+ Weight – 3.52 ounces

At the same time, it is also capable of making heavy topspins due to the fact that it comes with soft Arylate-Carbon plies. If you are a technical or aggressive player, this blade will suit you.

The quality of this paddle blade has been recognized by professionals around the world. Players in the ITTF World Tour, including Timo Bolo, utilized this blade because of its exceptional performance.

You can maximize the prowess of this blade if you are going to pair it with various Tenergy series rubbers of Butterfly.

Check it out now!

Speed 90%
Control 70%
Hardness 90%
Consistency 90%

Runner up’s Pick

Of course, the Butterfly Viscaria Blade would come next on this list. After all, its quality is quite comparable to the Butterfly Timo Boll ALC Blade, which makes it an excellent alternative for the latter.

Here are some specification features of Butterfly Viscaria Blade:

+ Material – Arylate Carbon / Wood
+ Handle – Flared
+ Blade – 7-Ply
+ Weight – 2.88 ounces

This one is a composite blade, given that it is a combination of wood and Arylate carbon. Despite being light, you can guarantee that it is lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Doing different spin techniques is entirely plausible with this blade. It provides enough sweet spots so that you can do a myriad of skill shots that can help you conquer your opponents.

Because of its unique carbon construction, the blade is capable of making consistent shots and ball placement. Needless to say, it also improves the power output that you generate, enabling you to make explosive strikes.

World champions like Lin Gaoyuan and Zhang Jike are known to use this particular blade. If you want to enter the same league as them, you might want to invest in the Butterfly Viscaria Blade.

Trust me. It is a worth-it move!

Speed 80%
Control 80%
Hardness 90%
Consistency 80%


Fortunately, paddle blades are not that expensive all the time. You can always get a high-quality option, even in the entry-level category.

An excellent example of this is the YASAKA Ma Lin Extra Offensive blade. As you can notice, this blade is named by the legendary Ma Lin, who is the only male that won Olympic gold in singles, doubles, and team categories.

Here are some specification features of YASAKA Ma Lin Extra Offensive:

+ Material – Wood
+ Handle – Straight / Anatomic
+ Blade – 5-Ply
+ Weight – 5.1 ounces

This blade was made under his supervision. He made sure that this unit will possess champion-grade performance.

Specifically, this blade is tailored for offensive players. It is lightweight and features a high-speed rating.

It can make powerful and accurate shots, thanks to its enhanced sweet spots. Moreover, it gives its users a comfortable playing experience due to its ergonomic handle design.

By the way, the YASAKA Ma Lin Extra Offensive is available in both anatomical and straight handles. Now, you have more options in your hand.

Impressed? See this blade now!

Speed 100%
Control 70%
Hardness 90%
Consistency 90%
Premium Pick

The Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC is considered as a premium opus of Butterfly. It is notable because of its professional-grade, competition-ready construction.

Here are some specification features of Butterfly Zhang Jike Super Zlc:

+ Material – Wood / ZL-Carbon
+ Handle – Anatomic
+ Blade – 7-Ply
+ Weight – 3.2 ounces

One could say that this blade is one-of-a-kind. It is the first Butterfly blade that features the use of ZL-Carbon, which is known for its insane responsiveness to impact and strikes.

Furthermore, this composite layer of the blade enables the latter to have a bigger reaction area. This means that wherever you hit the ball, it will undoubtedly go to your intended trajectory.

Of course, the quality of this paddle blade is also seen in its power output. That’s one of the reasons why it is an excellent choice for offensive players.

Keep in mind that this unit is lightweight; therefore, it is highly suitable for quick and intense rallies. Meanwhile, its handling is also superb, enabling anyone to harness their techniques and skills.

The Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC is definitely a magnificent choice for custom paddles. I recommend that you experience its performance first-hand.

Speed 100%
Control 70%
Hardness 80%
Consistency 80%
Best Paddle Blade For Speed

Some players out there have an intense need for speed in their style of play. Sure enough, one’s victory in ping pong is often attributed to how quickly a player can strike and react.

If you are among these paddlers, it would be really great if you can try the Butterfly Primorac Carbon-FL Blade. It has a lightweight yet robust construction that enables its users to keep their high-octane playing style.

Here are some specification features of Butterfly Primorac Carbon-FL Blade:

+ Material – Carbon / Wood
+ Handle – Flared
+ Blade – 7-Ply
+ Weight – 3.1 ounces

In fact, Butterfly itself named it as one of their fastest blades. This statement alone testifies to the kind of speed that the Primorac can generate.

This blade does not lack in the power department either. It comes with a sturdy construction so that it can amplify your output, allowing you to make intense and hard-hitting attacks.

Specifically, the blade features a combination of cypress and carbon fiber. These materials are notable for their ability to make consistent and powerful shots.

The more you use this blade, the more it will impress you. Never forget it in your selection!

Speed 80%
Control 90%
Hardness 80%
Consistency 90%
Best Paddle Blade For Consistency

The Butterfly Petr Korbel Table Tennis Blade is also making a name for itself in the sport. This one is great for players who want to experience efficiency in control and handling.

Here are some specification features of Butterfly Petr Korbel Table Tennis Blade:

+ Material – Wood
+ Handle – Flared
+ Blade – 5-Ply
+ Weight – 3.2 ounces

The blade is originally tailored for aggressive playing style. It is one of the reasons why its construction is quite similar to the Primorac, except that it has a larger head.

However, many noticed that it has excellent handling. It is not that fast as other blades here, but at the same time, it allowed better consistency and control.

If you are planning to make a custom paddle that excels in this area, I suggest that you acquire this blade. It will definitely become a part of your arsenal.

The construction of this paddle is obviously brimming with quality. This unit will not require constant replacement because it has been crafted by experts from Butterly.

Be sure never to miss this incredible table tennis blade!

Speed 70%
Control 90%
Hardness 80%
Consistency 80%
Best Paddle Blade For Looping

Of course, I will never exclude the XIOM Stradivarius ST Blade on this list. It is an excellent blade that specializes in looping and offensive players.

This unit also offers a balance between control, speed, and spin. It is one of those blades that beginners and intermediate players can use conveniently.

Here are some specification features of XIOM Stradivarius ST Blade:

+ Material – Wood / Aramid Carbon
+ Handle – Anatomical
+ Blade – 7-Ply
+ Weight – 3 ounces

The quality of Stradivarius is quite evident in how it is constructed. The materials that were used on its body are exceptionally superior to most of its counterparts.

Specifically, it is a composite paddle blade, as it is made of Novus wood and two layers of aramid carbon mesh sheets. This kind of construction improves the responsiveness and accuracy of the blade.

Moreover, these materials also negate the residual vibration of the ball after impact, allowing you to establish perfect shots whenever you need to. It will let you experience the stability above anything else.

The XIOM Stradivarius ST Blade is definitely something that you shouldn’t ignore.


What Does The Table Tennis Blade Do?

The blade is an essential part of the paddle. It serves as the platform where the ball can land so that you can hit it on your intended trajectory.

Ann awesome paddle blade provides accurate shots and ensures that you can do your desired style of play. Not all blades are designed to do the same thing, after all.

Keep in mind that you need to pick the right one that can suit the way you play.

What To Consider In Choosing The Best Table Tennis Blades?

Playing Style

stiga paddles

If you are an attacking player, you have to look for blades that have been labeled as offensive. Specifically, these blades are semi-rigid, but their outer ply is hard and usually made from wood.

For defensive players, it is recommended that they get blades that are categorized as defensive. Technically, these blades are characterized by their less rigid ply layers, which provide better control in ball handling.

Lastly, an all-rounder should get blades that have hard inner ply (usually made out of wood) and soft outer layers. This particular blade will produce medium speed, which is suitable for both attacking and defending.

Grip Types

There are two gripping styles dominant in ping pong: Shakehand and Penhold.

The Shakehand is common to Western players. The name is derived from the way you are holding the paddle (like shaking hands).

Shakehand grip excels in wrist flexibility, enabling you to perform loops and serves. For beginners, this is the most natural serve.

Meanwhile, the Penhold grip originated in Asia. Specifically, there are three versions of this grip: Chinese, Japanese or Korean, and reverse Penhold backhand.

This grip allows players to do different playing styles without losing control or power.

Handle Type

The flared handle is highly recommended for players that have dominant forehand. It is an excellent choice for all-rounders, too.

If you are watching ping pong competitions, you can see that most Chinese players are using paddles that have flared handles. It is suitable for looping and related style of play.

dhs hurricane 301

Both the Square Straight Handle (SQST) and Round Straight Handle (RST) are exceptionally great for control. They also excel in backhand-forehand transition, making them versatile.

Most European paddlers are a fan of this kind of paddle. Straight paddles can also be versatile, especially if used by proficient players.

When choosing blades, it is crucial that you consider anatomic handles. They are the primary pick for hitters because of their ability to conform to the arms.

Players in the United States highly prefer this kind of handle. It enables deep grip but does not excel in looping.

Table Tennis Blade Review: Choosing The Blade Based On Qualities

Speed and Control

This kind of blade is characterized by having semi-sturdy inner layers and a hard outer ply. It enables the paddle to provide as much speed to the ball so that it can travel fast within your intended trajectory.

A high-quality table tennis racket possesses unrivaled impact and speed generation.

But if you want to control above else, make sure the blade has less rigid ply layers. They can help you manipulate the ball once it gets contact with the paddle.


best penhold paddle

The hardness of the blade determines its performance. For instance, a hard blade is intended for attacking while a soft and semi-rigid one is great for defensive and all-rounder players.


Of course, you would really want the blade to be as consistent and possible. You don’t want to be accurate at one point, then keep on missing on the rest.

A right paddle should have a large sweet spot. The latter refers to the area of the blade where you can hit the ball without the fear of missing your intended trajectory.

How To Customize A Paddle?

tibhar evolution mx-p
Here is an excellent video that shows how you can customize a paddle by yourself:


The best table tennis blade will ensure that your performance is consistent and relentless. Regardless of your style of play, there’s a paddle blade that can accommodate your preferences.

Editor's Pick

Speed 90%
Control 90%
Hardness 90%
Consistency 100%

Among the options, I listed here, the Butterfly Timo Boll ALC Blade serves as the best example of what a high-quality blade looks like. It is made from premium materials and provides sufficient power and versatility to its users.

But of course, all the paddles here are made to satisfy the finicky needs of every ping pong player. Therefore, it would really be great if you can check them out!

That’s it for now. If you have questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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