Top 3 Secret Tips on How to Clean Table Tennis Paddle for 2021

How to clean ping pong paddle? Do you need to do this process regularly?

Well, a ping pong paddle is always on its optimal performance when it is on its top condition. And to achieve this, the paddle doesn’t have to be brand new.

It just has to be clean. And that’s the very reason why you need your racket to be properly cleaned and maintained.

Here are some of the methods that you can follow.

Method 1: Cleaning A Ping Pong Paddle With Solutions

Many deem that this is the most effective approach, considering that solutions are designed to eradicate the grime and dust build-up in rackets. Some brands can even offer a hands-free cleaning procedure.

Overall, it is deemed that these ping pong paddle cleaners can provide effective cleaning results, especially if your paddle is already too dirty. They are effective enough to eradicate those deep-seated dirt and stains.

Moreover, these sprays can be carried anywhere. You can bring them wherever you are to ensure that the rubber and blade of the paddle will be clean afterward.

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What you need:

  • Commercial cleaning solution for ping pong paddles
  • Cleaning cloth (optional)
  • Brush (optional)


1. The only thing you need to do here is to follow the procedures indicated in the cleaning solution label. Being too careless can cause damages to the rubber or adhesive of the paddle.

Keep in mind that these solutions can be strong sometimes. As much as possible, you need to recommend the amount of spray or cleaner that should be applied to your paddle.

2. Also, don’t forget to bring your cleaning cloth or brush. While they are no longer necessary, these tools can help in vanquishing those deep-seated stains and rooted grime on the surface of the paddle.

3. After cleaning, wipe the rubber gently and let it be air-dried for better results.

Here’s a video that shows how a cleaner can instantly restore the cleanliness of a paddle.

Method 2: How To Clean A Ping Pong Paddle With Water And Sponge

Interestingly, there are some people out there who are not really dependent on commercial cleaning solutions. For them, these sprays can actually compromise the quality of the rubber.

Of course, I cannot refute their stand. After all, I have seen some cleaning solutions that caused deterioration in the overall construction of the rubber of the racket.

But just like I said earlier, it is better that you do the procedures stated in the label of the cleaning agent. In this way, you can avoid potential damages.

If you are really hesitant to use commercial products, then it is time that you get a bucket of water and sponge. They are the duo that can help address the dirt in your bat.

What you need:


1. First things first. You need to ensure that the sponge is not thoroughly drenched in the water.

Ideally, the sponge should only be wet, not sagging with water. If you choose the latter, it will cause a mess in your cleaning procedure, which, in turn, prevents the effective cleaning procedure.

2. Once the sponge is already soaked and squeezed from water, you can already use it to wipe the rubber of the paddle. Focus on the sponge, specifically on the areas that have been affected by dirt accumulation.

3. Wipe gently, but be thorough enough to guarantee that no dust or grime is left.

4. After this, you can already wipe the paddle with a clean cloth. Alternatively, you can also let it be air-dried.

5. You are going to need a toothbrush if your paddle has pimpled rubber. The toothbrush’s bristles are necessary for capturing the dirt that is hiding in the corners and edges of the crevices.

I need to remind you that when you choose a toothbrush, go for the one with soft bristles. Tough and hard bristles are good, but they actually damage the rubber, especially if they are sharp.

6. When you are done brushing, gently wipe the rubber with the sponge. Dry it afterward.

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Method 3: How To Clean Table Tennis Rubber With Water And Dishwashing Liquid

Some are just stuck in a dilemma between water and cleaning solutions. They think that water is too weak, and a cleaning solution is just too harsh for their paddles.

Well, if you are one of them, I do suggest that you combine water with dishwashing liquid. Trust me, this one works and has been approved by professional players in cleaning dirty paddles.

A dishwashing liquid has the strength to eradicate the dirt that has accumulated in the paddle. At the same time, it has the qualities to vanquish the bacteria and germs that are dwelling secretly in the rubber.

Personally, I am more inclined to do this cleaning method than the rest of the techniques that I listed. But that’s just my preference.

What you need:

  • A bucket of water
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Clean sponge
  • Clean cloth
  • Toothbrush
  • Small bowl


1. Once you have gathered all the necessities in this procedure, the first thing that you need to do is to mix water and dishwashing liquid in a small bowl. Stir them thoroughly until such time you will be able to create a consistent yet bubbly solution.

2. Next, dip the sponge in the bowl and squeeze it so that the excess will be taken away.

As I said, the sponge should never be too wet; otherwise, it will not become an effective medium for cleaning purposes.

3. Just like the second method, use the sponge to clean the surface of the rubber. You might want to start from the top to the bottom.

You can also clean the edges of the paddle, especially if you see a build-up there.

4. After cleaning, you can already wipe the paddle dry. You can also let it be air-dried.

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Tips In Maintaining The Cleanliness And Quality Of A Ping Pong Paddle

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These are the things that you need to learn to ensure that your ping pong paddle is squeaky clean all the time.

Right now, you are already aware of the difference in the performance of a well-maintained racket from a degraded one.

Of course, doing these maintenance regimens should never be a burden on your part. If you don’t want a high-quality bat to be put into waste, you better learn how to clean them regularly.

Do you know other ways on how to clean ping pong paddle? Share it with us in the comment section below.

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