Harvard Sports Ping Pong Table Review for 2021

harvard games tables

Harvard Ping Pong Table

Table Surface 80%
Material Quality 70%
Frame And Wheel 70%
Portability 70%
Accessories Set 60%
Assembly 80%
Height Adjustability 60%

The Harvard Ping Pong Table can be considered as a great choice when it comes to a reliable playing platform for ping pong. It is an excellent unit that provides features and functions that could elevate the performance of its users.

See the anatomy of the Harvard Edge Ping Pong Table!

Make sure that you have enough room in your house, apartment, or office for the ping pong table. If the area is limited, I suggest that you just get a compact ping pong table.

Everyone is free to get a ping pong table that suits their taste. However, if you are an experienced player already, you might need to get something that is packed with ITTF-compliant features.

Such a ping pong table can deliver the performance that you need so that you can always stay at the top of your game. For recreations, a standard ping pong table is already enough!

I suggest that you don’t go overboard when it comes to the ping pong table. If you have restricted finances because of the tough economy, just settle on those units that are within the acceptable price range.

Buying something that breaks your bank account is not a good thing at all. It is not a sound investment, even if it is for the sake of your hobby.

Harvard Ping Pong Table: An Overview

harvard games tables

Harvard Edge Ping Pong Table is a budget-friendly ping pong table. It has an entry-level setup but is guaranteed to satisfy the needs of its users.

It is not exactly as great as JOOLA or STIGA tables, but for simple recreations, it can work already. It has decent table construction and stability that you can rely on, especially in indoor settings.

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Harvard Sports Ping Pong Table Review

Table Surface

As I said, the table surface of this ping pong table is its redeeming factor. It is smooth and free from any flaws.

The ball bounces on its surface pretty well. The board has a thickness of 1/2-inch, which is relatively acceptable already, especially if you are just playing for fun.

Moreover, the table is made from medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Which somehow guarantees satisfactory bounce consistency.

harvard games tables

But of course, I would not compare it to the other table boards that have been manufactured by brands like Stiga, Joola, and KillerSpin. I noticed that balls have lower bounce here as compared to other ping pong tables.

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Material Quality

If you are not going to abuse the Harvard Edge Ping Pong Table, then it is possible that you can extend its lifespan.

I am not saying that it is incredibly flimsy. However, if you are going to place it side-by-side with other competition-ready tables, you can easily differentiate them.

The parts and materials used in the construction of this unit are not suited for professional use. They can only accommodate simple applications.

Furthermore, you should not take it outside. It has no defense against the elements!

Frame and Wheel

The reason why I am compelled to label this table on the entry-level category is because of its undercarriage.

If you have seen my other reviews about tournament-grade ping pong tables. Then you are already aware of how thick and sturdy their undercarriages are.

The frame of the Harvard Ping Pong Table is not up to that level. It might not be able to take a beating.

You can see that the legs are thin and distantly placed. Such a construction suggests that it might not provide impregnable stability.

This unit has a set of lockable castor wheels, though. Transporting is pretty convenient, too, because it is significantly lighter than most of its contemporaries.


The good thing about this Harvard Edge Ping Pong Table is that it comes with a folding feature. You can fold the table in half so that you can easily store it in your garage or storage room.

The folding capability of this unit enables you to convert it into playback mode. Even if you don’t have an opponent, you can practice your skills with this gear.

I think that for recreational and practice purposes, this ping pong table is downright suitable. Of course, many of you will agree with that.

harvard gaming tables


The assembly process of the Harvard Edge Ping Pong Table is straightforward. In fairness, most of the parts are already pre-assembled, so only minimal work is left to be done.

The instructions are clear to follow. I assembled it by myself, so I think anyone can go through this procedure even without the assistance of other people.

Height Adjustability

harvard games tables

This ping pong table doesn’t come with a height-adjustment feature. If you are relatively short, you might experience a hard time playing with this one.

Alternative Ping Pong Tables

One of the perfect alternatives for the Harvard Sports Ping Pong Table is Joola Inside. The distance between the qualities of these two is almost lightyears!

Here are some of the major selling points of the Joola Inside:

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Stiga Advantage sits side-by-side with Joola Inside when it comes to quality. It has an alluring construction with a lot of features that you can’t find on most of its counterparts.

Getting this table will give you the following:

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harvard games tables

Harvard Ping Pong Table

Table Surface 80%
Material Quality 70%
Frame And Wheel 70%
Portability 70%
Accessories Set 60%
Assembly 80%
Height Adjustability 60%

As of now, I deem that the Harvard Edge Ping Pong Table is only a good option if you are looking for a recreational platform. It is not suited for high-level plays and extensive rallies.

If you decide to get it, make sure that you have proper storage for it. Invest on table cover, too, so that you can protect it from unwanted damages.

That’s it for now. If you have questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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